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  • Video Branded Content
    Branded video is marketing content that’s sponsored or created by a brand that — while sharing in the brand’s values — does not directly advertise or promote the brand. It aims to monetize on positive association, rather than self-promotion. So, while branded video is not a traditional ad or marketing promo, it often shares the… Continue reading Video Branded Content
  • Web Payments Standards
    Abstract This roadmap document outlines the proposed technology stack and development timeline for the set of technologies being worked on by the Web Payments Community Group. Status of This Document This specification was published by the W3C Web Payments Community Group. It is not a W3C Standard nor is it on the W3C Standards Track. Please… Continue reading Web Payments Standards
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  • Bambi Honor For Samuel Jackson
    Bambi Honor For Samuel Jackson Actor Samuel L Jackson has been among the esteemed celebrities who’ve been honoured at the Bambi awards.It’s Germany’s most prestigious media accolade that celebrates stars from the world of entertainment, culture, sports and politics.Celebrities and guests attended the ceremony at Stuttgart’s Mercedes museum.Samuel L. Jackson won in the Film International… Continue reading Bambi Honor For Samuel Jackson

Residential interiors

Our latest lookbook shines a light on residential loft and mezzanine conversions from our archive, including rooftop extensions on existing dwellings and apartments built in underused attics.

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Commercial interiors

A well-designed commercial space has become a necessity in recent times. Be it the workspace or retail stores, proper space planning plays a significant role in employee and customer satisfaction. A warm and welcoming office space imparts positive vibes, while a busy, cacophonic, and cold ambiance can lead to irritation and impatience.

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A mezzanine storey is a great design solution for a room with a double height ceiling or loft space above. It provides additional valuable floor area, together with the impressive sense of volume created by a high ceiling. 

Adding a mezzanine is usually done as part of a conversion, renovation or extension – think two storey extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions with a room in the roof or as part of barn, or school conversion.