American Bullion Review

American Bullion Review

Founded: 2009
Specialty: Precious Metals IRA Rollovers
Leadership: Orkan Ozkan (CEO), Nevtan Akcora (Co-Founder and President)

American Bullion, Inc. has positioned itself significantly in the market as a prestigious Gold IRA company since its inception in 2009. Your consideration of this company as a Gold IRA custodian may hinge on its reputation for facilitating ease in precious metals IRA rollovers.

Customer Experience
While considering American Bullion, your interaction with the company may reflect its focus on customer service, as suggested by the available user ratings and reviews that highlight satisfaction from investors like you.


  • BBB Rating: A+
  • BCA Rating: AAA
  • Awards: 2021 Company Of The Year Award

Services and Guarantees:
A hallmark of your interactions with American Bullion could be their offered services, such as free IRA and 401(k) rollovers and their highest buy-back guarantee, which may contribute to your peace of mind.

Here is a brief table touching upon key aspects of American Bullion:

RatingsA+ BBB, AAA BCA
Customer ReviewsReported high satisfaction
IRA and 401(k)Offers FREE and Easy Rollovers
Buy-Back GuaranteePossibly one of the highest in the industry
Award2021 Company Of The Year Award
LeadershipFounders with a background in commodities brokerage

This table serves to provide you with a clear, concise understanding of American Bullion’s offerings and reputation in the market. As you continue your research on this Gold IRA custodian, consider this information as part of your decision-making process.

Pros And Cons

When assessing American Bullion as your potential gold IRA custodian, examining the pros and cons is essential for a well-informed decision.


  • Robust Selection: American Bullion offers a variety of products including Gold IRA, Platinum IRA, and Palladium IRA, catering to diverse investment needs.
  • Knowledge Resources: A knowledge hub is available, providing valuable information that can aid in making educated investment decisions.
  • Customer Service: Customers have reported positive interactions, reflected by thousands of high ratings on review platforms like Trustpilot.
  • Buyback Program: This is an attractive feature, as American Bullion facilitates the liquidation process for its clients if they choose to sell back their precious metals.


  • Minimum Investment: There is a substantial minimum investment required specifically for IRA services, which may be a barrier for some investors.
  • Online Accessibility: No options for online purchasing can be inconvenient for tech-savvy investors who prefer conducting all aspects of their investments online.
  • Fee Transparency: While some reviews highlight competitive fees, there is limited information available publicly on the fee structure, which requires prospective clients to inquire directly for details.

Here’s a distilled summary for your quick reference:

Diverse precious metal IRA optionsHigh minimum for IRA services
Comprehensive knowledge hubNo online purchasing available
Positive customer feedbackFee structure not fully transparent
Offers a buyback program

Your thorough evaluation of these points can significantly impact your investment journey, ensuring your choice in custodian aligns with your individual requirements and expectations.

Main Benefits

Your decision to choose a gold individual retirement account (IRA) custodian like American Bullion can bring several advantages. The key benefits are grounded in the company’s commitment to providing specialized services and a variety of precious metal investment options.

Reputation and Customer Satisfaction: You benefit from engaging with a company that receives high customer ratings, which reflect robust client trust and satisfaction—factors that are crucial when entrusting a company with your retirement investments.

Diverse Selection of Precious Metals: American Bullion offers you access to a range of investment-grade metals, allowing you to diversify your portfolio with eligible coins and bars for precious metals IRAs.

Experienced Leadership: The company is steered by leaders with a solid background in commodities brokerage, offering you insight and experience as you navigate your investment options.

Customer Support: With a focus on customer service, you have the assurance of receiving attentive and knowledgeable assistance throughout your investment process.

Below is a table summarizing these main benefits:

Benefit CategoryExplanation
Reputation and Customer ServiceHigh ratings on TrustLink, BBB, and similar platforms indicate a reliable and trusted service.
Investment OptionsExtensive selection of IRA-eligible gold, silver, and other precious metals.
LeadershipFounders with extensive commodities experience provide informed guidance.
Customer SupportDedicated customer service with prompt processing and attentive agents.

By prioritizing these aspects, American Bullion may position itself as a preferred option for your precious metals IRA needs.

Minimum Requirements To Open a Gold IRA account

To begin investing in a Gold IRA with American Bullion, you must meet specific initial requirements. Minimum Investment: Your opening deposit should be at least $50,000 to establish a Gold IRA. This is a significant amount, ensuring that the service is aimed at serious investors.

Fees: You are required to pay annual custodian fees ranging from $75 to $290. These fees cover the costs associated with account management and secure storage of your physical gold assets.

Note: American Bullion has not listed any promotions tied to opening an account, which could mean the absence of initial incentives compared to other providers.

Below is a table summarizing the basic requirements to open a Gold IRA account with American Bullion:

Minimum Initial Investment$50,000
Custodian Fees$75 – $290 per year
PromotionsNo current promotions
Account ManagementExcellent customer service noted in customer reviews
Online PurchaseNot available

It is important to remember that investing in any kind of IRA, especially a Gold IRA, carries risks. These risks pertain to fluctuating market values and the potential for liquidity challenges. Prior to setting up your account with American Bullion, it’s prudent to assess your financial goals and tolerance for such risks.

Take the time to understand these requirements, considering they are crucial in determining the feasibility of opening a Gold IRA with American Bullion for your investment portfolio.

Fees And Rates Structure

When considering American Bullion as your precious metals investment provider, you should familiarize yourself with its fee structure to assess its cost-effectiveness for your investment strategy. Here, we detail the various fees and associated costs you may incur.

Annual Fees: You’re typically charged an annual fee for the maintenance of your account. While the actual fee can vary, accounts worth less than $100,000 are commonly charged about $90 annually. However, depending on the balance and structure of your account, total annual costs can reach up to $290.

Setup Fees: As a new client, you’ll be required to pay a setup fee for your account. This one-time charge is generally around $50.

Custodial Fees: After the first year, there is a custodial account fee, which is approximately $95 annually, but these rates are subject to change based on the custodian’s policies.

Beware of potential hidden charges. Always ask for a comprehensive breakdown of all costs before opening an account. This ensures transparency and that you’re well-informed of the total financial commitment involved.

Below is a summary table of the fee structure at American Bullion:

Fee TypeAmountFrequency
Annual Account FeeUp to $290Annually
Setup FeeApproximately $50One-time
Custodial FeeAbout $95Annually (after first year)

Note: The above figures are approximate and are subject to change. Always check the latest fee structure directly with American Bullion or your custodian.

Security And IRS Approved Storage

When investing in a Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with American Bullion, your precious metals are required to be stored in a secure location that is in compliance with IRS guidelines. Understanding the security and storage solutions provided is crucial for protecting your investment.

Security Measures American Bullion utilizes state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your assets. These measures include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Continuous surveillance to ensure safekeeping of physical assets.
  • Insurance Protection: Policies that safeguard against potential loss or damage.
  • Restricted Access: Limiting entry solely to authorized personnel.

IRS-Approved Facilities According to IRS regulations, you cannot store IRA precious metals at home or in a standard safety security box. They must be held in approved non-bank trustees or bank facilities. American Bullion partners with IRS-approved facilities, which assures that your investments meet the necessary legal standards.

Your precious metals are stored offsite at these approved storage solutions, typically in vaults that offer a high level of security. The vault services often include:

  • Inventory Controls: Rigorous inventory checks to maintain a verified record of stored assets.
  • Regular Audits: To ensure compliance and the presence of all assets.
Security FeaturesDescription
24/7 MonitoringConstant video surveillance and alarm systems to detect breaches.
Insurance CoverageFinancial protection against theft or damage to the stored metals.
Restricted AccessEntry limited to authorized personnel, ensuring no unauthorized access.
Inventory ManagementPrecise tracking and inventory audits of the stored assets.
Regular AuditsFrequent assessments by third parties to verify asset presence.

When considering an investment with American Bullion, it’s imperative to review their security measures and storage facilities to ensure that your assets are not only IRS compliant but also secured with the utmost care.

Ease Of Transaction

When you consider investing in gold through American Bullion, the ease of the transaction process is a critical factor. Your experience with buying, selling, and managing your gold investments is central to the service provided by the custodian.

Buying Gold To purchase gold, you typically follow a straightforward process:

  1. Account Opening: Set up an account either online or through a representative.
  2. Selection: Choose the type of gold products you want to invest in.
  3. Payment: Complete the transaction with a payment method that suits you.
Account OpeningSimple setup process, assistance available.
SelectionVaried options, personal advice offered.
PaymentMultiple payment methods accepted.

Selling Gold Selling your gold investments is just as important and should be as seamless as buying:

  1. Initiate Sale: Reach out to start the selling process.
  2. Valuation: Have your gold valued by the custodian.
  3. Transaction: Agree to the price and complete the sale.
Initiate SaleCustomer service support for ease.
ValuationTransparent and fair market assessments.
TransactionEfficient and secure transaction process.

Managing Investments Maintaining oversight and control of your investments is facilitated through:

  • Online Dashboard: A user-friendly platform to monitor your investment.
  • Customer Support: Access to knowledgeable staff ready to address concerns.
  • Updates: Proactive communication about buying opportunities.
Online DashboardReal-time tracking of gold value.
Customer SupportReadily available guidance.
UpdatesInformation on when to consider buying or selling.

Managing your gold investments with American Bullion is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring you can buy, sell, and review your portfolio with confidence and convenience. This custodian service aims to provide you with autonomy while offering necessary support when you need it.

Customer Service And Support

When engaging with American Bullion, your experience with their customer service team is a crucial aspect of the service you’ll receive. The company’s representatives are often highlighted as knowledgeable, and patients, and their professionalism is frequently commended. For instance, a new buyer of gold or silver reports a notably satisfactory interaction where the agent provided extensive guidance through the purchase process.

Your inquiries appear to be addressed with considerable attention. Agents such as Phil and Jarred Shiffman are mentioned by name in customer feedback for their patience and market knowledge, suggesting that they assign importance to informed customer interactions.

Support goes beyond simple transactions. Updates on market conditions and advice on the best times to buy are services you might expect based on customer testimonials. You’re likely to appreciate American Bullion’s customer service if you value trust and prefer a personalized approach over a transactional relationship.

Service AspectDetails
Availability & AccessCustomer service accessible for guidance and support from purchase to delivery
ResponsivenessPromptly addresses customer concerns and queries
Knowledge & ExpertiseAgents have market insight, helping you make informed decisions
Personalized AssistanceOffers advice and market updates; demonstrates an understanding of individual customer needs
Trust & ProfessionalismTrust emphasized by customers, professionalism in transactions and communication

Responses to your service interactions with American Bullion are found in their follow-ups, like thanking customers for their reviews, which could indicate a commitment to maintaining an ongoing relationship and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

When you choose a precious metals custodian like American Bullion, understanding how they comply with regulations and maintain transparency in their operations is crucial for your peace of mind. Compliance ensures that the custodian adheres to all legal requirements governing precious metals investments and IRA accounts, maintaining high standards of professional conduct.

American Bullion is subject to various financial and investment regulations. They are required to follow the rules set forth by the IRS concerning precious metals IRAs, which involves the reporting and documentation necessary to maintain the tax-advantaged status of these investment vehicles. They must also adhere to the standards and practices established by industry regulatory bodies.

Key Aspects of Regulatory Compliance and Transparency:

IRS RegulationsAdherence to IRA custodial requirements and tax reporting standards.
Industry StandardsCompliance with practices set by industry regulatory bodies.
Consumer ProtectionMeasures to safeguard your investment from fraud and malpractice.
DisclosureProvision of clear, accurate, and timely information about fees and risks associated with your investment.
AuditingEngaging in regular financial audits to ensure accuracy and transparency of operations.

Maintaining transparency is equally as important as regulatory compliance. This is achieved through clear communication with you about your account and investment holdings, as well as any associated fees or risks. American Bullion aims to provide up-to-date and accessible records, ensuring you have the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding your investment.

It’s also essential for a custodian like American Bullion to undergo regular audits. These audits are critical for verifying the accuracy of financial statements and for providing you with assurance that your investments are being appropriately and legally managed. Moreover, any good custodian will ensure that they have robust consumer protection protocols in place to prevent any mismanagement of funds or fraud.

Liquidity And Buyback Policies

Liquidity and buyback policies are critical factors when you’re considering investing in precious metals through companies like American Bullion. These policies determine how easily you can convert your precious metal investments back to cash and what options you have if you decide to sell back your assets to the company.

Liquidity: Your assets’ liquidity refers to how quickly and easily you can sell them without affecting their market price. Precious metals have historically been considered a liquid asset since they have a global market with constant demand.

Buyback Policies: American Bullion may offer you the option to sell your metals back to them. This policy is vital as it ensures you have a potential buyer when you’re looking to liquidate your investment. Details about pricing and the process should be confirmed directly with the company.

Here is a breakdown of key aspects of liquidity and buyback you should consider:

Market ConditionsAffects liquidity; includes factors like current demand and the market price of precious metals.
Buyback PricesThe price at which American Bullion would be willing to repurchase metals from you. Often linked to market rates but may include a premium or a discount.
ProcessThe steps you need to follow to sell your assets back to American Bullion, which commonly involves communication with the company to lock in rates and handling of logistics.
TimelineHow long the buyback process takes from the initial request to receive funds.
FeesAny potential fees associated with selling your metals back, including shipping or administrative costs.

When you review the fine print of any investment, especially ones concerning physical goods such as precious metals, ensure that you understand how these policies could affect your overall investment strategy and returns. Always confirm the current policies with the company, as they can change based on market conditions and the company’s internal regulations.

Handling of Rollovers From A Traditional IRA or 401(k)

When you opt to rollover your retirement funds from a traditional IRA or 401(k) to a Gold IRA with American Bullion, you’re making the decision to invest in precious metals. A Gold IRA rollover allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and may potentially hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Steps for Rollover:

  1. Eligibility Check: Verify that your current 401(k) plan is eligible for a rollover, keeping in mind that accounts with your present employer may have specific stipulations depending on your age or employment status.
  2. IRA Selection: Decide whether you want to move your funds into a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA.
  3. Custodian Selection: Choose a custodian that specializes in precious metals, like American Bullion, to handle the rollover.
  4. Transfer Funds: Initiate the transfer of funds from your traditional IRA or 401(k) to your new Gold IRA. This typically involves either a direct transfer or an indirect rollover.


  • Direct vs. Indirect Rollover: A direct transfer is often preferred because it doesn’t expose you to the risk of taxes and penalties that come with an indirect rollover.
  • IRS Compliance: Ensure that the rollover complies with IRS regulations to avoid penalties.
  • Financial Advisor Consultation: Consult with a financial advisor to understand the tax implications and make sure a rollover fits within your retirement goals.

Summary Table:

1Check EligibilityMost 401(k)s eligible; restrictions may apply
2Choose IRA TypeTraditional or Roth IRA
3Select CustodianPrefer specialists in precious metals
4Transfer FundsDirect transfer recommended

Rolling over to a Gold IRA may offer a more secure investment backed by physical commodities. While a Gold IRA rollover involves important financial decisions and tax considerations, with American Bullion’s expertise, the process is managed to maintain compliance and secure your investment.

Handling of Withdrawals And Distributions

When you choose to work with American Bullion for handling of withdrawals and distributions from your precious metals IRA, you should be aware of the process and requirements. Withdrawal strategies are an integral aspect of retirement planning and a specialty for many custodians.

Withdrawal Strategy
American Bullion has utilized a strategy in place for nearly 30 years, which simplifies the process of managing retirement withdrawals. This strategy typically involves an incremental increase.

Incremental Withdrawals
Your withdrawals in the second year of retirement would be slightly higher than the first year, accounting for a 2% increase. This increment is designed to cope with inflation and increase your withdrawable amount each subsequent year.

Yearly Adjustments
In the third year and beyond, your withdrawal amount would be the previous year’s figure adjusted by an additional 2%. This method aims to provide a steady and manageable income stream post-retirement.

Below is a breakdown of the increase in withdrawals:

YearWithdrawal AmountPercentage Increase

Please note that the above figures are hypothetical examples based on the provided increment strategy and are not specific to personal investment amounts or actual returns.

Your withdrawals will be subject to standard IRS regulations and tax implications pertaining to retirement accounts. It’s crucial to consider these rules when planning your distributions to avoid penalties.

As you navigate your retirement, confident decision-making around withdrawals and distributions is facilitated by American Bullion’s clear and straightforward approach. Ensure you remain informed about their specific procedures and any potential fees associated with withdrawals from your precious metals IRA.

Online Platform and User Experience

When you visit American Bullion’s online platform, your experience is focused on clarity and ease of use. The website is designed to offer you a straightforward path to obtaining information about investments services, showcasing a clean interface with well-defined sections.

Website Navigation: Navigating their website, you’ll find all essential information readily accessible. The layout prioritizes critical services and product information, helping you to locate necessary data efficiently.

Account Management: American Bullion provides an environment for managing your Gold IRA accounts. You can expect to find an intuitive dashboard where you can track the status of your investments.

Accessibility: The site’s accessibility features are designed to cater to a diverse range of users, which is evident from user reviews noting the website’s user-friendly experience.

Information Availability: Detailed product descriptions are made available to ensure that you’re informed about your potential investment choices. This includes specifics on different types of bullion and their respective benefits.

Customer Support: Should you require assistance, the customer service options are prominently displayed, facilitating easy access to professional support.

Here’s a brief overview of the key aspects of American Bullion’s online platform:

NavigationUser-friendly design with direct access to services and information.
Account ManagementDashboard provided for tracking Gold IRA account status.
AccessibilityInclusive design with tools to aid a variety of users.
InformationComprehensive product details and investment information available.
Customer SupportEasily accessible support for any inquiries.

Through this structured digital experience, you’re equipped with the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions about gold and precious metals investments.

Accreditation And Industry Memberships

When evaluating American Bullion’s credibility, accreditations, and industry memberships serve as key indicators of their commitment to adhering to established standards and best practices within the precious metals industry.

Accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB)

American Bullion is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an endorsement that reflects an organization’s commitment to customer service and business ethics. The company has been awarded an ‘A+’ rating, which is the highest possible BBB rating, signifying trust and reliability.

Other Memberships and Ratings

  • National Ethics Association: Membership here suggests a dedication to ethical business practices.
  • Business Consumer Alliance: American Bullion has earned a Triple A rating, the highest given by this organization, which represents an evaluation of consumer trust in businesses.

Consumer Ratings

  • Trust Link, Trustpilot, and Google Business: High ratings on these platforms reinforce the company’s reputation for quality customer service and support.
Accrediting BodyStatus / Rating
Better Business BureauAccredited, A+ Rating
National Ethics AssociationMember
Business Consumer AllianceTriple A Rating
Trust LinkHigh Ratings
TrustpilotHigh Ratings
Google BusinessHigh Ratings

Note: Accreditations are a testament to a company’s voluntary commitment to abide by industry standards and address customer concerns, enhancing your confidence in their services.

Education Resources

American Bullion offers a variety of educational resources tailored to equip you with knowledge about gold IRAs and precious metals investing. These resources are especially valuable if you consider rolling over an existing retirement account into a precious metals IRA.

Available Educational Resources:

Resource TypeDetails
Articles & GuidesComprehensive guides on the basics of gold and precious metals IRAs, including benefits and processes.
Market AnalysisRegular updates on market trends and insights related to precious metals.
Investment CalculatorTools to help estimate potential growth of a precious metals IRA.
FAQ SectionAnswers to the most commonly asked questions regarding precious metals investing.

Detailed Breakdown:

  • Articles & Guides: Here, you will find in-depth articles that cover a range of topics from the steps to set up a gold IRA to the tax benefits associated with these accounts. These guides are designed to clarify complex processes and ensure you have all the necessary information before you invest.
  • Market Analysis: American Bullion updates you with the latest news, price changes, and economic factors that may influence the metals market, supporting your decision-making with timely information.
  • Investment Calculator: This practical tool can show you the potential growth of your investment based on historical performance and market projections, helping you to plan your investment strategy with more confidence.
  • FAQ Section: To aid in fast understanding and problem-solving, a robust FAQ segment addresses your immediate queries about precious metals, their investment viability, and specifics of IRA management.

These education resources, found on American Bullion’s website, are structured to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge, whether you are new to precious metals investing or looking to expand your existing portfolio.

Comparison And Alternatives

When exploring your options for Gold IRA companies, it’s essential to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of American Bullion against its competitors. This comparison gives you insight into how American Bullion stands among other players in the industry like Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and Birch Gold Group, among others.

American Bullion is known for its specialization in converting existing retirement plans into precious metals, and while it has a solid reputation, there are certain constraints such as the lack of online purchasing options and a $50,000 minimum for IRAs.

Here’s a comparative table for better understanding:

CompanyMinimum InvestmentOnline PurchaseNotable Features
American Bullion$50,000NoSpecializes in IRA rollovers; 10+ years experience
Augusta Precious MetalsVariesYesOffers lifetime customer support; educational resources
GoldcoVariesYesLarge selection of gold and silver; rollover services
Birch Gold Group$10,000YesProvides personalized service; educational focus
Noble Gold$2,000YesOffers rare coins; secure storage options
American Hartford GoldNo minimumYesFamily-owned; price match guarantee

Competitors like Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals are known for their customer-centric approach and extensive educational resources. Birch Gold Group stands out with a lower minimum investment threshold, which might appeal to those starting with a smaller amount. Additionally, Noble Gold allows entry into precious metal investments at an even lower minimum, coupled with an offering of rare coins. Comparatively, American Hartford Gold attracts with no minimum requirement and a family-operated model that emphasizes personal touch.

In contrast, companies like Gold Alliance or Lear Capital have their unique services and products, but specifics regarding their minimum investments or online purchase capabilities will require direct research, as they might fluctuate and depend on current policies and market conditions.

We discuss an instrument for retirement planning, which is the gold IRA, a specific type of investment retirement account, or simply, IRA. While there are much more benefits of gold IRA than disadvantages, it comes also with its pros and cons. There are many differences between having a gold IRA than having physical gold stored.

We have studied the gold Roth IRA and compared a gold IRA versus a Roth IRA.

Moving from an investment portfolio to another has some nuances: so I explain you how to buy gold in IRA, how to go from TSP to gold IRA, and how to do a gold IRA rollover, what is the transfer of funds from a traditional IRA or 401(k) to a self-directed gold IRA.

I explain thoroughly the gold IRA cost, so these are the gold IRA fees for the custodian plus the transportation costs, and any additional cost for an optional withdrawal or distribution.

The silver and gold IRA tax rules are very strict, the gold or any eligible precious metal cannot be stored at home, so you need a gold IRA custodian. For this purpose, we have reviewed the best gold IRA companies and curated them so we have Birch Gold Group review, Augusta Precious Metals review, Silver Gold Bull, Noble Gold, Advantage Gold, American Hartford Gold, American Bullion, Gold Alliance, Goldco, Rosland Capital, Miles Franklin Precious Metals review, RC Bullion, American Coin Co, and Lear Capital.

One of the recent news, is the issue of the prospective capital gains tax on Australian Kangaroo Gold Quarter Ounce coins in an IRA. This will give more confidence to investors.

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