About Us And Who Is Responsible for This Website

Our Mission Statement

At Blinkx (LON:BLNX) (LSE AIM: BLNX), our mission is to empower corporations and startups by providing them business and financial services, along with transparent, comprehensive, and unbiased analysis of enterprise application software. In an era where software drives companies, we are dedicated to ensuring that businesses have the insights they need to choose the best tools for their unique needs and the provision of business and financial services during all their operations lifecycle.

Our EvolutionAdapting to the Times

From our inception, Blinkx has been committed to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of the corporate world.

Recognizing the pivotal role that software plays in today’s business operations, we have pivoted our focus to evaluating and reviewing corporate software. We understand that the right software can be the driving force behind a company’s success, and we’re here to guide businesses in making informed decisions.

Commitment to Transparency

Our Review Process

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. Our reviews are conducted by a team of experts who delve deep into each software’s features, usability, scalability, and support. We engage with real users, gather feedback, and test the software in real-world scenarios. Every review is backed by data, user testimonials, and hands-on experience.

Affiliate and Advertising Policies

While Blinkx maintains affiliate relationships and hosts advertisements, our commitment to transparency and integrity remains unwavering. Advertisers and affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial policies, review processes, or recommendations. We do not accept financial incentives to favorably review or promote any company or product. Our primary responsibility is to our readers, ensuring that every review is unbiased, genuine, and free from external pressures.

Affiliate Partnerships

  1. Nature of Affiliation: Blinkx may enter into affiliate partnerships with some of the software companies we review. This means we may receive a commission if our readers click through to a software provider’s website from our links and make a purchase.
  2. No Influence on Content: Our affiliate relationships do not influence the content of our reviews. We strive to provide unbiased, accurate, and comprehensive information irrespective of any affiliate partnerships.
  3. Full Disclosure: Any content that includes affiliate links will be clearly marked, ensuring our readers are always informed.

Advertising Practices

  1. Ad Placement: Blinkx may host advertisements on our platform. These ads are clearly distinguishable from our editorial content.
  2. Selection of Advertisers: While we maintain relationships with advertisers, we ensure that these relationships do not compromise the integrity of our content. Advertisers have no say in our editorial decisions.
  3. No Paid Positive Reviews: We do not accept payment or other incentives in exchange for positive reviews or endorsements. All our reviews are based on our team’s independent analysis and research.

Our Promise to Readers

  1. Trustworthiness: Our readers’ trust is paramount. We commit to maintaining this trust by ensuring complete transparency in our affiliate and advertising practices.
  2. Open Communication: We encourage our readers to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate and advertising practices. We are here to provide clarity and maintain an open dialogue.

By being upfront about our affiliate and advertising practices, Blinkx aims to foster a relationship of trust and reliability with our readers, ensuring they can confidently use our platform for informed decision-making.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Blinkx, we believe that diversity is our strength. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every team member, regardless of their background, can thrive and bring unique perspectives to the table. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion not only enriches our company culture but also enhances the quality and breadth of our software reviews.

Join Our Team: Career Prospects at Blinkx

Blinkx isn’t just a platform for software reviews; it’s a growing community of professionals passionate about technology and business. We offer a range of career opportunities for individuals eager to make an impact in the corporate software review industry. With a focus on continuous learning, professional development, and innovation, Blinkx is the ideal place to grow your career.

As the corporate landscape continues to evolve, so will Blinkx. We are committed to staying at the forefront of software trends, ensuring that our reviews remain relevant, insightful, and valuable to businesses of all sizes. Join us on this journey as we continue to shed light on the software that drives success in the corporate world.

Blinkx Is Editorial Guidelines

At Blinkx, our reputation is built on the trust and confidence of our readers. To maintain this trust, we adhere to the following editorial guidelines:

Comprehensive Research

  1. Software Analysis: Before reviewing, our team spends ample time understanding and using the software to provide a hands-on, informed perspective.
  2. Business Lifecycle Analysis: We delve deep into various business lifecycle processes, ensuring that the software aligns with different stages of business growth and needs.

Unbiased Reporting

  1. No Favoritism: Our reviews are based on merit, performance, and relevance. We do not favor any software due to commercial relationships.
  2. Full Disclosure: Any potential conflict of interest is disclosed to ensure our readers are fully informed.

Accuracy and Updates

  1. Fact-Checking: Every piece of information is cross-checked for accuracy before publishing.
  2. Regular Updates: Software and business landscapes evolve. We periodically update our reviews to reflect the latest changes and developments.

Reader Feedback

  1. Open Channels: We encourage our readers to share feedback, which helps us refine our reviews and analyses.
  2. Transparency in Corrections: If errors are identified, we promptly correct them and communicate the changes to our readers.

Ethical Considerations

  1. Respect for Privacy: We respect the privacy of software vendors and businesses. Any proprietary or sensitive information shared with us remains confidential.
  2. Constructive Criticism: While our reviews are honest, we ensure that any criticism is constructive and backed by facts.

By adhering to these guidelines, Blinkx ensures that our content remains trustworthy, relevant, and beneficial for our readers as they navigate the complex landscape of corporate software and business lifecycle processes.

Statement Against Modern Slavery

Our Commitment Against Slavery

At Blinkx, we vehemently oppose all forms of modern slavery, including forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor. We recognize the grave implications of these practices on individuals and societies and are committed to ensuring that they find no place within our operations or supply chains.

Due Diligence and Monitoring

  1. Supplier Vetting: Before entering into any business relationship, we rigorously vet suppliers and partners to ensure they share our values and commitment against modern slavery.
  2. Regular Audits: We conduct periodic audits of our operations and supply chains to identify and address any potential risks related to modern slavery.
  3. Training and Awareness: All our employees undergo training to recognize signs of modern slavery and are equipped with channels to report any suspicions or concerns.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Any partner, supplier, or employee found to be involved in or supporting practices related to modern slavery will face immediate termination of their relationship with Blinkx. We are committed to taking all necessary actions to eradicate such practices from our business sphere.

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap

Our Stance: Equal Pay For Equal Work

Blinkx believes in the principle of equal pay for equal work. We are committed to ensuring that all our employees, irrespective of their gender, receive fair compensation for their contributions to our company.

Proactive Measures

  1. Regular Pay Audits: We conduct regular pay audits to identify any discrepancies in pay based on gender. Any identified gaps are promptly addressed and rectified.
  2. Transparent Pay Structures: Our pay scales and structures are transparent, ensuring that all employees understand how their compensation is determined.
  3. Promotion of Women in Leadership: We actively work to promote women to leadership positions, ensuring a balanced representation at all levels of our organization.

Continuous Education

We provide training and workshops for our managers and employees to raise awareness about the gender pay gap and its implications. By fostering an environment of understanding and awareness, we aim to eliminate unconscious biases that might contribute to pay disparities.

Open Dialogue

Blinkx encourages open discussions about pay and is committed to addressing any concerns raised by employees regarding pay equity. We believe that through continuous dialogue and proactive measures, we can achieve a workplace that is truly equitable and free from the gender pay gap.

By taking a firm stance against modern slavery and the gender pay gap, Blinkx aims to set a standard for ethical and equitable business practices in our industry.

Our Commitment to Investors

Prioritizing Investor Interests

At Blinkx, our investors are not just financial backers; they are integral partners in our journey. We deeply value the trust and confidence they place in us, and in return, we prioritize their interests in every decision we make. As a startup, we understand the risks and rewards associated with early-stage investments, and we are committed to ensuring that our investors see a return on their belief in us.

Transparency and Open Communication

  1. Regular Updates: We believe in keeping our investors informed at every step. Whether it’s a significant milestone, a new partnership, or a challenge we’re facing, our investors are the first to know.
  2. Open Channels: We maintain open channels of communication, ensuring that our investors can reach out to us with questions, feedback, or concerns at any time.
  3. Financial Reporting: We are committed to transparent financial reporting. Our investors receive regular financial statements, ensuring they have a clear understanding of our financial health and growth trajectory.

Being a Startup: Our Journey

As a startup, we are in the dynamic phase of rapid growth, innovation, and evolution. This stage is characterized by agility, adaptability, and a relentless drive to achieve our vision. While this journey is exciting, it also comes with its set of challenges. Our commitment to our investors is to navigate these challenges with integrity, transparency, and a focus on long-term success.

Startup Funding Stages

Pre-seed Funding

This is the initial stage where founders invest their own money or obtain funds from close friends and family to bring their idea to life. It’s typically used to build a prototype or conduct market research.

Seed Funding

Once the concept is proven, startups seek seed funding to further develop their product and initiate operations. This funding often comes from angel investors or early-stage venture capitalists.

Series A

At this stage, startups have a working product and a clear business model. Series A funding is used to optimize the product and scale operations. It’s typically sourced from venture capital firms.

Series B

Startups that reach this stage are ready to expand, whether it’s entering new markets or diversifying the product range. Series B funding supports these growth initiatives.

Series C & Beyond

By Series C, startups are well-established and are looking for funding to develop new products, acquire other businesses, or expand globally. Subsequent rounds (Series D, E, and so on) might follow based on the company’s needs and growth trajectory.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

An IPO represents a significant milestone where the company goes public, allowing the general public to buy its shares. It provides substantial capital for the company and allows early investors to sell their shares and realize their returns.

At Blinkx, we are committed to guiding our investors through each of these stages, ensuring they are well-informed and confident in the growth and direction of our startup. Our promise is to remain transparent, accountable, and dedicated to delivering value at every step of our journey together.

Sustainability Inside Blinkx

Embracing a Paperless Ethos

At Blinkx, we recognize the environmental impact of paper consumption, both in terms of deforestation and the energy-intensive process of paper production. As part of our commitment to sustainability:

  1. Digital Operations: We have transitioned to fully digital operations, eliminating the need for paper in our day-to-day activities. From internal communications to external client interactions, everything is conducted electronically.
  2. Virtual Meetings: Instead of in-person meetings that might require printed materials, we utilize virtual meeting platforms, ensuring that information sharing remains digital.
  3. Electronic Documentation: All our documentation, from contracts to reports, is stored and shared electronically, reducing the need for physical storage and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Striving for Carbon Neutrality

Being carbon neutral means balancing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted with an equivalent amount offset or absorbed from the atmosphere. At Blinkx, we are actively working towards this goal:

  1. Energy Efficiency: We invest in energy-efficient equipment and practices, reducing our overall energy consumption. This includes using energy-efficient servers, lighting, and other office equipment.
  2. Renewable Energy: Where possible, we source our energy from renewable sources such as wind or solar, further reducing our carbon emissions.
  3. Carbon Offsetting: For the emissions we cannot eliminate, we invest in carbon offset projects. These projects might include reforestation or supporting renewable energy initiatives in communities.
  4. Regular Audits: We conduct periodic environmental audits to assess our carbon footprint and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Employee Education: Our team is educated about the importance of carbon neutrality and is empowered with strategies to reduce their personal carbon footprints, both in the workplace and at home.

Achieving carbon neutrality is a continuous process. As we grow and evolve, we remain committed to assessing, adapting, and improving our sustainability practices. We are also exploring partnerships with environmental organizations and experts to guide us on this journey.

At Blinkx, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s an integral part of our ethos. We believe that by taking these proactive measures, we can make a positive impact on the environment and set a standard for responsible business practices in our industry.

Certainly. Here’s a detailed explanation addressing Blinkx’s commitment to a responsible cookie policy and a robust privacy policy:

Responsible Cookie Policy And Privacy For Users

Cookie Policies In Blinkx

  1. Informed Consent: Before placing any cookies on a user’s device, we seek explicit consent. A clear and easily accessible cookie banner informs users about the types of cookies we use and their purposes.
  2. Choice and Control: Users have the option to accept or decline cookies. They can also choose which types of cookies they want to allow, giving them control over their data.
  3. Regular Review: We periodically review the cookies we use to ensure they are necessary and serve a legitimate purpose. Any redundant or unnecessary cookies are promptly removed.
  4. Transparency: Our cookie policy provides detailed information about the cookies we use, their lifespan, and their purpose, ensuring users are fully informed.

Data Collection and Use

  1. Minimal Data Collection: We only collect data that is essential for providing our services or enhancing user experience. We avoid collecting any unnecessary personal information.
  2. Purpose Specification: When collecting data, we clearly specify the purpose for which it is being collected, ensuring users are informed about how their data will be used.

Data Protection and Security

  1. Robust Security Measures: We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure.
  2. Data Retention: Personal data is retained only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. After that, it is securely deleted.

User Rights and Control

  1. Access and Correction: Users have the right to access their personal data and request corrections if the data is inaccurate.
  2. Data Portability: Upon request, users can receive their personal data in a structured, commonly used format.
  3. Right to Erasure: Users can request the deletion of their personal data from our systems.

Third-Party Sharing

  1. Limited Sharing: We do not sell or rent user data. Any sharing with third parties is done for specific purposes, such as service provision, and only with user consent.
  2. Third-Party Vetting: We ensure that any third parties with whom we share data have robust privacy and security measures in place.
  3. Policy Updates: As regulations and best practices evolve, we periodically review and update our privacy policy, ensuring it remains compliant and robust.
  4. User Notification: Any significant changes to our privacy policy are communicated to users, ensuring they are always informed about how their data is being handled.

At Blinkx, we understand the importance of user trust. Our responsible cookie policy and commitment to privacy are reflections of our dedication to building and maintaining this trust. We believe that by being transparent, giving users control, and continuously reviewing our practices, we can provide a safe and respectful digital environment for our users.

Certainly. Here’s a detailed explanation addressing Blinkx’s commitment to a “No Gift Policy” with an exception for small and symbolic gifts:

No Gift Policy

Our Commitment to Integrity and Impartiality

At Blinkx, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and impartiality in all our business interactions. To safeguard these values and prevent any potential conflicts of interest or perceptions of impropriety, we have implemented a strict “No Gift Policy.”

  1. Prohibition of Material Gifts: Employees and representatives of Blinkx are prohibited from accepting any gifts, favors, or hospitality that have a significant monetary value or could be perceived as an attempt to influence business decisions.
  2. Exception for Symbolic Gifts: Recognizing that gift-giving can be a customary way of expressing appreciation or marking special occasions, we permit the acceptance of small, symbolic gifts. These are gifts that hold sentimental value rather than material worth.
  3. Clear Definition: A symbolic gift is typically one that carries a company logo, represents cultural or local traditions, or is given as a token of appreciation during public events. Examples might include branded stationery, local handicrafts, or commemorative items from conferences.
  4. Monetary Threshold: To provide clarity, we have set a modest monetary threshold for acceptable gifts. Any gift exceeding this value is considered a material gift and should not be accepted.
  5. Mandatory Reporting: If an employee or representative is offered or receives a gift, they are required to report it to their immediate supervisor or the designated compliance officer. This ensures transparency and allows for an assessment of the gift’s appropriateness.
  6. Return of Inappropriate Gifts: In situations where a gift exceeds our defined threshold or is deemed inappropriate, the gift will be returned with a polite explanation about our company’s policy.

Rationale Behind the Policy

  1. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: By limiting gift acceptance, we ensure that our business decisions remain unbiased and are not influenced by external factors.
  2. Maintaining Trust: Our stakeholders, partners, and clients can trust that our interactions are genuine and not swayed by gifts or favors.
  3. Promoting a Culture of Integrity: The policy reinforces a culture where integrity and ethical behavior are paramount.

Continuous Education and Awareness

  1. Training: All Blinkx employees and representatives undergo regular training on our “No Gift Policy” to ensure they understand its importance and how to adhere to it.
  2. Open Communication: We encourage open dialogue about the policy, allowing team members to seek clarification or guidance when faced with potential gift-related dilemmas.

At Blinkx, our “No Gift Policy” is more than just a set of rules; it’s a reflection of our commitment to ethical business practices. By setting clear boundaries and promoting a culture of transparency and integrity, we aim to build and maintain trust with all our stakeholders.

Certainly. Here’s the information about Blinkx organized into tables for clarity:

About Blinkx

Core BusinessSoftware Reviews & Analysis of Business Lifecycle Processes
SubsidiaryHome Services Blinkx at this site.

Company Policies & Commitments

Cookie PolicyResponsible use of cookies with user consent, prioritizing transparency and user control.
Privacy PolicyRespect user privacy, minimal data collection, robust security measures, and user rights prioritization.
No Gift PolicyProhibition of material gifts, allowing only small symbolic gifts, with mandatory reporting.
SustainabilityPaperless operations, striving for carbon neutrality, and continuous efforts towards environmental responsibility.
Affiliate & Advertising DisclosureTransparent about affiliate relationships and advertising. Advertisers and affiliate relationships do not influence company policies.
Modern Slavery StanceStrong stance against modern slavery, ensuring no involvement in the supply chain.
Gender Pay GapCommitment to equal pay irrespective of gender, promoting gender equality in all operations.
Investor RelationsPrioritizing investor interests, transparency in operations, and guiding investors through startup funding stages.

Editorial & Review Guidelines

TransparencyReviews are conducted transparently, with clear criteria and without external influence.
Diversity & InclusionEmphasis on diverse perspectives in reviews, ensuring inclusivity in the review process.
Career ProspectsBlinkx offers growth opportunities, emphasizing employee development and career progression.
Software Review ProcessComprehensive evaluation of software, considering functionality, user-friendliness, support, and more.
Business Lifecycle AnalysisIn-depth analysis of business processes, ensuring software aligns with business needs.

Who Is Responsible For The Website And Our Mission Statement

Blinkx is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers while also making a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to become the leading provider of innovative and sustainable products and services in our industry. Our core values are Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Sustainability, and Community. We are also committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain or in any part of our business. We expect our suppliers to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to implement and maintain effective systems and controls to ensure that slavery and human trafficking do not take place.

Our mission statement states that our goal is to give players the information, expertise, and knowledge they need to feel confident about entertainment and gaming sites. We produce our own reviews, and we gather votes and comments from our readers. We update our information frequently.

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

About Us: Mission Statement

We are Blinkx. We conduct research with sellers, service providers, and vendors to find out the total costs and marginal costs of goods and services for business owners and homeowners.

Blinkx’s mission statement is to bring well-informed customers and sellers together at the precise moment when both parties are prepared to accomplish business. Because of this formula, we have a bit more than one hundred different product and service categories.

These suppliers and vendors of goods and services for homeowners and business owners are standing by to assist the dozens of prospective buyers and consumers who utilize our service each day in the hopes of reducing the amount of time and money they spend on their significant business procurement or selection of home improvement services.

You will be matched with up to six suppliers in your zip-code area who can provide quotations for your specific business or home improvement requirements. Costs of products and services for businesses and homeowners.

Blinkx has done the research, the email communications, and the phone calls for you when it comes to essential purchasing decisions for your business. Our thorough buyer’s guides and a plethora of informative articles educate you before you make choices that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

You can use our free quote request tool to answer a few simple questions about the purchase you are thinking about. Then, you can sit back and wait for reputable vendors to get in touch with price quotes that you can compare. You save time since you only have to discuss your requirements once, and you save money by comparing and picking the best price.

Blinkx Is Also For Homeowners

Blinkx provides homeowners, through Home Services Blinkx, which is a freelance marketplace for home improvement, with the tools and resources they need to complete their home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. With Home Services Blinkx, homeowners can see average project costs, find local pre-vetted professionals on-site, and book appointments online instantly if they choose to do so.

Loans By Blinkx

Personal loans and business loans are available in Loans Blinkx. This includes short term loans and installment loans. The idea of obtaining a loan through Loans Blinkx is just to cover an unexpected necessity for your business or, of course unexpected needs at home.

Complete a Form With Some Information

  • Select a project category that best suits your repair or renovation needs
  • We’ll ask you a few key questions to ensure we can match you with the right professional for your needs.

Be compared with pre-selected do-it-yourself professionals

  • You will receive information from several pre-vetted, local home improvement professionals
  • Their matching professionals provide the specific service you need and are available to you immediately.

Get in touch with the professionals to discuss your requirements

  • Once your request has been processed, your form with the information is sent to the appropriate professionals, up to six
  • Shortly after receiving your service request, you will be contacted to discuss your project
  • If you prefer, you can contact them at will, or reject them all.
  • These specialists, when they receive the quotation request, know they are in competition with others, so you can get the best price and terms to complete your project.

Gambling For Fun And For Money

Our site has several articles discussing online casinos, through Casino Blinkx, the RTP coefficients in different slots, casino licensing, and all types of related gambling content.

We have the mission to help hardcore players with the following

Trust: We verify the registration of online casinos and analyze if there is an established support service and payment processing. We also test the activation of games inside gaming platforms to detect possible scams or misleading advertisements. User reviews, surveys, and user votes integrate with our independent analysis and field testing as users to identify key information and provide an encompassing analysis of online gaming platforms and online betting and casino organizations.

Experience: From our writers and reviewers to discuss gaming platforms, software providers, payment processors, and withdrawal times.

Knowledge: We provide free expertise and analysis about topics that will help players to perform better decisions, such as analysis of the return-to-player coefficient ratios, and codes for non-gambling games.

Protection From Addiction: We have verified gambling addiction content and we always provide links that encourage players to obtain protection from addictions.

Our Content Is Free

When it comes to selecting the online casino that is most suitable for them, we think that all players must have exposure to guidance that is both trustworthy and expert-level. For this reason, our visitors will never be required to pay in order for using Blinkx.

Our ability to provide our services without charging a charge is made possible by the fact that some of the casinos that we feature pay us a commission whenever their customers come to them through our website.

This enables us to engage top experts in the field who are always contributing to our collection of over three hundred casino evaluations and provides support for the massive infrastructure that is necessary for our website. In addition, each month we invest hundreds of hours into bringing you the most comprehensive guides, news pieces, tools, and exclusive games possible.

Casinos have no say in the creation of our material, and our suggestions are unbiased and based on research, all to ensure that you get the most out of your time spent gambling. Notwithstanding the fact that a fee was paid to us by any of the casinos included on our website, each one was subjected to a comprehensive evaluation in accordance with our tough methodology.

When it comes to quality, we are completely rigid, even going so far as to compile a blacklist of online casinos that do not meet our requirements and do not serve the best interests of their customer base.

Gambling Legislation

The laws governing gambling are evolving all the time on a global scale, and our devoted Newscast is here to keep you up to date on all the most recent developments. You can play with complete peace of mind knowing that every online casino we offer to you, no matter where in the globe it is located, has a valid license from a recognized government agency. In order to protect you, if we discover that any casinos have violated any compliance rules, we will add those casinos to our blacklist of websites that you should steer clear of.

Responsible Gaming

More than two billion individuals throughout the globe participate in gambling activities, with the vast majority of us seeing it as nothing more than a source of amusement. On the other hand, gambling may become more than just an innocuous kind of entertainment for some individuals and instead lead to serious issues, which may be an indication of an addiction to gambling.

Do you have more money riding on this than you can manage to lose? Are you trying to get back your economic loss? Are you feeling stressed and anxious as a result of your gambling? The organizations that are mentioned below may provide assistance and guidance for you. You may also learn more about this topic by visiting our section dedicated to Responsible Gambling.

Our Travel Guidance Properties

Travel Blinkx is a large travel guidance platform for honeymoon trips, travel bookings, and holiday experiences, which helps thousands of people each month* ** to become better travelers, from planning trips to booking flights and hotels to taking tours. Travelers in the United States use the Travel Blinkx site and app to discover where to stay, what to do and where to eat based on guidance from those who have been there before. With hundreds of reviews and opinions, American travelers turn to Travel Blinkx to find deals on honeymoon, accommodations, book experiences, reserve tables at delicious restaurants and discover great places nearby.

As a travel guidance company available in 6 markets and two languages, Travel Blinkx makes planning easy no matter the trip type. Travel Blinkx is a parent company of Blinkx (BLNX).

*  Source: SimilarWeb, unique users de-duplicated monthly, January 2024

** Source: Travel Blinkx internal log files

Contact Us

We would love to hear your feedback about Blinkx. If you have any suggestions for improvements, corrections, or any other comments, you are welcome to get in touch. For general inquiries, you can email, post, phone, or use our contact form. For specific inquiries, see our Contact page.



We are in 3600 136TH Pl SE Ste 400 Bellevue, WA, 98006-1468 United States. Customer support in 1 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105, and European office located in Taunusstraße 33-35, Burö 506, Frankfurt am Main .

Meet Our Team

Mrs. J Konrath

Software testing

I am a sales strategist and I write for other blogs about logistics and POS systems.

Here I review SaaS platforms according to a specific template of topics that have to be covered.

After the review, I have to give my personal opinion and also the readers can provide their opinion and vote.

Mr. S. Krone

Online casino platforms and RTP coefficients

I review online casino platforms. An online casino is also a SaaS platform and I test if they are trustable, how is the user interface, how to withdraw your money, and how to deposit.

After my review is published, the users can also vote on the casino and leave comments.

I also write about technical topics such as the RTP coefficients.

This is one of the most important discussions and I see that some reviewers overlook it.

For example, which slot offers the highest RTP coefficient in this casino? I want to know so I play on that slot, right?

Mr. M Kogan

Home Services, Home Improvement.

Hello, I am Marcio. You can find me in my author page. I am an architect and designer, alma mater is Mackenzie. Retired in theory, but an architect never retires completely. Along with architectural projects, I am a filmmaker and have completed some short documentaries. Filmmaking and design are my passions. In Home Blinkx I write about home decoration and foundations. The goal is to teach homeowners to DYI as much as possible, and when this is not possible, enable them through knowledge, to evaluate service quotations and choose the best service technicians.

John Bond

J. Bond

Writer and General Content Editor.

I am a gambler, an attorney, a poker player, and a father of two princesses. I started at the beginning of the century with the first online casinos. I am also a gambling writer, and poker player, as I said, something different from just being a gambler. In Blinkx, I review online casinos, a task in which I am very experienced.I study their pros and cons, their payment and withdrawal options, their look and feel, and check their licenses. I am a Microgaming fan, but very objective here in my articles. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and these articles too.