Things To Do In Bucharest For Couples

Things To Do In Bucharest For Couples

There are many things to do in Bucharest for couples, almost of all of them located in the Old Town (Centrul Vechi). Most of those things to do are quite cheap as Bucharest is a budget destination for a honeymoon or for dating.

Explore The Historic Charm

Old Town: Meander through the cobblestone streets of Bucharest’s Old Town to revel in its historical ambiance. Time-honored buildings and a variety of cafes make it a romantic spot.

Relaxing Outdoor Environments

  • Cismigiu Gardens: Enjoy a leisurely stroll or a boat ride in the oldest public garden in Bucharest, perfect for peaceful moments together.
  • Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden: Traverse varied plant life and thematic gardens, a serene backdrop for a couple’s walk.

Culinary Delights

  • The ARTIST Restaurant: Experience the fusion of creativity and gastronomy in one of Bucharest’s top dining establishments, ideal for an intimate evening.
  • Poesia, Italian Restaurant: Savor authentic Italian cuisine in a setting that exudes romance, appropriate for a memorable date night.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Romanian Athenaeum: Submerge in cultural sophistication, with classical music performances that provide a grand experience for the two of you.
  • Odeon Theatre: Immerse yourselves in the arts with a wide selection of theatrical productions.

Unique Escapes

  • Macca-Villacrosse Passage: Wander through the glass-covered arcade that offers cozy cafes and an alluring atmosphere.

Urban Parks and Social Hubs

  • Carol I Park: Meander around the lake and historical monuments; a verdant oasis set in the urban landscape, promising tranquility for couples.
  • Unirii Square Fountain Show: In the evening, witness the spectacular fountain show, offering a visually stunning experience.
Romantic ActivityVenueAtmosphere
Stroll & SightseeingOld Town, Cismigiu GardensHistorical, Serene
DiningThe ARTIST, PoesiaCreative, Intimate
Cultural ExperienceRomanian Athenaeum, Odeon TheatreSophisticated, Captivating
Unique AtmosphereMacca-Villacrosse PassageEnchanting
Outdoor LeisureCarol I Park, Unirii Square Fountain ShowPeaceful, Vibrant

Whether it’s your first date or a special occasion, Bucharest offers a myriad of activities that cater to romance and shared experiences. From the allure of the Old Town to the tranquility of its parks and the cultural splendor of its theatres, you’ll find myriad ways to create memorable moments together in the city’s unique and diverse settings.

Explore the Old Town (Centrul Vechi)

Amidst Bucharest’s heart, Old Town invites couples seeking a romantic stroll through cobbled streets lined with historical charm. Experience the intertwining of old and new as you discover centuries-old buildings and modern establishments side by side.

Stavropoleos Monastery is an architectural gem that dates back nearly 300 years. With its intricate carvings and peaceful courtyard, you can enjoy a quiet moment together, appreciating the beauty and tranquility.

Wander the former merchant streets, where the energy is palpable. These arteries of commerce have transformed into bustling venues filled with bars and restaurants that offer the perfect backdrop for a date night, brimming with opportunities to taste local cuisine or enjoy a cocktail.

For entertainment, venues like Private Hell Club and The Vintage Pub ensure a lively night out with live music that sets the stage for creating memorable experiences together.

Below is a table summarizing key spots in Old Town for you and your partner to explore:

LocationActivity TypeDescription
Stavropoleos MonasteryCultural SightseeingOne of Bucharest’s oldest and most beautiful churches, ideal for quiet reflection.
Old Merchant StreetsDining & EntertainmentThe heart of the city’s nightlife, offering a variety of dining and live music options.
Private Hell ClubNightlifeA popular club to experience Bucharest’s vibrant evening scene.
The Vintage PubNightlifeAn establishment offering a mix of good music and a selection of drinks for a night to remember.

Remember that Old Town is not just a place, but an experience that couples can share, immersing yourselves in a city that has been a crossroads of history and culture. Whether it’s your first date or a recurring rendezvous, the charm and history of Centrul Vechi create the perfect setting to strengthen your bond.

Cismigiu Gardens

Cismigiu Gardens offers a serene and romantic setting for couples in the heart of Bucharest. Established in 1847, this historical park is ideal for various couple activities.

Stroll Hand-in-Hand: The winding pathways and lush green spaces invite you to take a leisurely walk amidst nature. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and discover the garden’s hidden spots.

Boating on the Lake: You and your significant other can rent a boat and glide across the tranquil lake, a perfect opportunity for intimate conversations.

Picnic for Two: Find a shaded spot and have a romantic picnic. The ample greenery provides a picturesque backdrop for a quiet meal.

Photography Opportunities: Capture your memories together with the garden’s monuments and vibrant flora as your canvas.

Cultural Monuments: Explore the garden’s cultural sites, such as the Roman-inspired ruins, adding an element of historical charm to your visit.

Table: Romantic Activities for Couples in Cismigiu Gardens

ActivityDescriptionNoteworthy Spots
Leisurely WalksDiscover secluded paths and ornate bridges.The winding pathways.
BoatingRent rowboats or paddleboats on the lake.The central lake.
Romantic PicnicShare a meal amid nature’s beauty.The green lawns.
PhotographyCapture the garden’s beauty together.Near monuments and seasonal plants.
Exploring Cultural SitesVisit historic ruins and sculptures.Roman-inspired ruins.

Wildlife Watching: Cismigiu is also home to a variety of birds and other wildlife, adding an element of surprise to your visit.

For a first date, Cismigiu Gardens provides an enchanting and pressure-free environment. The garden’s natural beauty and calm setting are conducive to conversation and getting to know each other. It’s a place where you can connect, surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft murmur of the city beyond.

Bucharest Pub Crawl

Embark on a memorable journey with your significant other through Bucharest’s vibrant Old Town nightlife. As you weave through the heart of the city’s social scene, enjoy a selection of bars and clubs curated to provide an eclectic mix of atmospheres tailored just for couples.

Venue TypeInclusionsAtmosphere NotesSpecial Note
Bars & ClubsWelcome shotVaried themes for a unique experience
Local guide serviceExpert photography included
Alcoholic BeveragesWelcoming setting ideal for new connectionsTable bookings possible
Social GamesEngagement through fun activities & karaokeDesigned for safe interactions
Group PhotosKeepsake of your night together

Starting at Strada Lipscani, you’ll be introduced to a circuit of four or five destinations, each offering a complimentary welcome shot to kick off your evening. Revel in the tapestry of Bucharest’s social fabric with your guide’s invaluable local recommendations, ensuring an authentic and lively experience.

You won’t need to worry about logistics as all details, from table bookings to karaoke slots, are arranged for you. This is a splendid way to engage with the city’s pulse, dance to the rhythms, and share laughs amidst the backdrop of Old Town’s historic charm.

If you and your partner fancy capturing memories, rest assured that the evening’s highlights will be snapped for posterity. Keep in mind that this experience is usually vibrant; hence, be prepared for the buzz of the crowd as you’re taken from one bar to the next, making it an excellent choice for sociable couples looking to immerse in local revelry.

To ensure everything goes seamlessly, a few tips: dress appropriately for the weather and the venues, be informed of any dietary restrictions you might have ahead of time, and make use of public transportation to ease your way around. Enjoy responsibly and make the most of this opportunity to connect with each other and with the lively heart of Bucharest.

Krishna Caffe

When you and your significant other are exploring the vibrant city of Bucharest and seeking a blend of aromatic flavors and cozy ambience, Krishna Caffe is a destination to consider. This café caters to a variety of tastes with offerings that compass both Indian cuisine and Middle Eastern flavors, adeptly complementing any date itinerary with its eclectic menu.

The setting of Krishna Caffe provides an intimate atmosphere with its warm lighting and comfortable seating. You’ll find it suitable for engaging conversations or simply unwinding together amidst the hustle of the city. The café serves a range of shisha flavors, allowing couples to relax and enjoy a laid-back experience.

With regard to refreshments, Krishna Caffe doesn’t shy from variety. They offer a selection of beverages— from traditional Indian chai to modern drinks, full bar service to a variety of wines and beers, complementing any meal or serving as a standalone treat.

Should your visit coincide with meal times, lunch, and dinner services are available. The diverse menu includes options to cater to different dietary preferences, ensuring that you’ll find something to suit both your palates.

Below is a summary of Krishna Caffe’s offerings:

CuisinesIndian, Café, Middle Eastern
MealsLunch, Dinner, Drinks
SpecialtiesShisha, variety of beverages (including alcohol)
AtmosphereCozy, ideal for couples
ServicesFree Wifi, Reservations, Accepts credit cards, Table service

While here, take advantage of the serene environment to foster a deeper connection. Whether it’s a casual outing or a momentous occasion, Krishna Caffe adds a burst of culture and relaxation to your collective experiences in Bucharest.

Experience Therme Bucharest (Therme București)

At Therme Bucharest, you and your partner can immerse yourselves in a luxurious wellness escape, renowned as the largest such center in Europe. This relaxation haven offers a unique combination of wellness facilities enveloped within a vast botanical garden, housing over 800,000 plants.

Activities and Facilities:

  • Pools: Choose from nine diverse pools, each offering a distinct experience from serene to social.
  • Saunas & Steam Rooms: With six saunas and four steam rooms, detoxify and relax as a pair.
  • Water Slides: Add a dash of excitement with sixteen water slides to choose from.
  • Botanical Garden: Stroll hand in hand among the vibrant collection of palm trees, orchids, and rare plant species.

Benefits for Couples:

  • Relaxation: Share tranquil moments together in a calming environment.
  • Intimacy: The cozy atmosphere is ideal for nurturing a connection on a first date or as a couple.
  • Adventure: Trying new activities together strengthens bonds and adds an element of fun.

Therme Bucharest by the Numbers:

Steam Rooms4
Water Slides16
Plant Species800,000+

Embrace the therapeutic waters, indulge in body treatments, or participate in wellness water therapies. Remember, a visit to Therme Bucharest is an opportunity to step away from the bustle of city life to focus on each other’s company and well-being.

Infinitea Teahouse

When you visit Bucharest with your significant other, Infinitea Teahouse in the Cotroceni area is a must-go spot. Tucked away on Dr. Grigore Romniceanu Street, this quaint teahouse is an ideal setting for couples seeking a tranquil date experience.

Ambiance: The serene environment of Infinitea is perfect for fostering intimate conversations. Imagine sitting with your partner in a cozy setup, sipping on a variety of teas surrounded by tasteful decor that exudes European charm.

Tea Variety: Infinitea boasts an extensive selection of teas, from classic flavors to unique blends. You and your loved one can explore the rich tapestry of tastes together, perhaps finding a new favorite.

Dietary Options: For couples with dietary preferences, the teahouse provides vegan options, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Features: Emphasizing convenience and comfort, Infinitea offers features such as outdoor seating, free WiFi, and table service. In the warmer months, outdoor seating adds a delightful element to your visit, allowing you to enjoy the tea amidst gentle breezes.

Here is a breakdown of Infinitea Teahouse offerings for a memorable date:

Locationstr. Dr. Grigore Romniceanu, nr.7 Ap.2, Sector 5
AmbianceQuiet, European café charm
Tea SelectionExtensive, with vegetarian and vegan options
SeatingIndoor and outdoor
AmenitiesFree WiFi, table service
Distance0.8 miles from Palace of Parliament

In conclusion, Infinitea Teahouse in Bucharest provides a blend of sophistication, intimacy, and relaxation for couples exploring the city. With an array of teas and cozy seating, it’s a spot that promises a special experience for you and your partner.

Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden

When you visit the Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden, you’re not just stepping into a green space; you are entering a world of diverse flora that spans across 17.5 hectares. Rich with history and a collection of over 10,000 plant species, your date can be both romantic and educational as you discover the beauty of nature together.

The garden offers a tranquil environment away from the bustling city life of Bucharest. Wander through thematic sections and expansive greenhouses, where you can marvel at exotic plants and well-crafted landscapes. Imagine the intimacy of quiet conversations amidst the backdrop of vibrant flowers and lush foliage, creating a serene setting ideal for strengthening connections.

For a memorable experience, consider planning your visit to align with the blooming seasons, when colors are at their most vivid and the air is filled with the fragrance of blossoms. Make sure to check the timing of your visit; the garden operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., ensuring ample time to enjoy your outing.

Area17.5 hectares
Plant SpeciesOver 10,000
Visiting Hours9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Daily
AttractionsThematic Gardens, Greenhouses
Ideal for CouplesQuiet Walks, Photo Ops

Exploring this botanical treasure offers an escape to connect with nature and with each other, making for an unforgettable date. Whether you’re local to Bucharest or just visiting, the Dimitrie Brândză Botanical Garden is a must-see destination for couples seeking a peaceful and picturesque experience.

Bucharest Markets Tour (Turul Piețelor din București)

Embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Romanian culture and history by exploring Bucharest’s markets. This tour offers a unique experience combining the intimacy of shared tastes and the vibrancy of local commerce – ideal for couples seeking to engage with Bucharest’s authentic charm.

Obor Market Obor Market stands out as the city’s most traditional and bustling marketplace. Among fresh produce stalls, you have the opportunity to interact with local vendors, sample traditional Romanian cheeses, and purchase handmade goods. It’s a lively spot that reflects the city’s spirit, perfect for couples looking to immerse themselves in the everyday life of Bucharest.

Market FeaturesDetails
LocationCentral Bucharest, easily accessible by public transport
ProductsFresh fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, artisanal bread, and local delicacies
Cultural ExperienceHigh, engage with local traditions and vendors
Photography OpportunitiesVivid, with colorful displays and bustling market scenes

Specialty Shops and Cafes After the exuberance of the market, delve into the quaint specialty shops and cafes that encircle the mahallas. These spots offer quieter, more curated experiences. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or taste locally produced liquors, providing a serene backdrop where you can savor personal moments together.

Recommendations for Couples

  • Share a selection of local cheeses and bread for a laid-back yet intimate meal.
  • Select artisanal souvenirs together as mementos of your experience.
  • Capture memories with photographs amid the vibrant market life.

Engaging in the Bucharest Markets Tour invites a deeper connection not only to the city’s culinary diversity but also to each other, as you create shared memories and enjoy the simple, yet profound pleasure of discovery.

Bucharest Bike Tour (Turul cu bicicleta al Bucureștiului)

When in Bucharest, embarking on a bike tour offers an intimate and exciting way to explore the city’s sights with your partner. The guided tours take you through a rich tapestry of historical landmarks, lush parks, and vibrant streets, ideal for couples yearning for both adventure and cultural immersion.

Experience Highlights

  • Old City Center: Start in the heart of Bucharest, where the cobbled streets and historical architecture create a romantic backdrop.
  • Revolution Square (Piața Revoluției): Discover the significant historical events that unfolded in this grand square.

Table 1: Tour Duration and Key Attractions

DurationKey AttractionsAdditional Info
4-4.5 hoursOld City Center, Revolution Square, and moreBike rental included in tours.
2 hoursFocused highlights of Bucharest’s main landmarksIdeal for short, romantic rides.

A bike tour allows you to cover more ground than walking, making it a practical choice if you want to see more of Bucharest’s romantic spots in less time. Additionally, touring on bike injects a sense of fun and excitement, complementing the shared experience with your significant other.

With a knowledgeable guide, you don’t just ride through the city; you gain insights into the birth of Romanian civilization and the stories behind each turning of the pedal. Riding side by side, learn about Bucharest’s past and present, making your journey a shared educational experience.

Being in the open air, away from the confines of a tour bus, gives you the flexibility to stop for spontaneous photos, making it a perfect first-date experience or a memorable adventure for couples. Moreover, the ease of navigating through Bucharest by bike makes it suitable for all fitness levels.

Bucharest’s Prettiest Parks

Herastrau Park Your romantic getaway is incomplete without wandering through the sprawling landscapes of Herastrau Park. Situated around Lake Herastrau, you and your partner can rent a boat and set sail on a serene journey amidst Bucharest’s natural beauty.

Cismigiu Gardens For a leisurely stroll with your loved one, Cismigiu Gardens offers a charming environment with shaded lanes and picturesque bridges. The garden’s timelessness makes it perfect for couples savouring the beauty of each shared moment.

Carol Park Witness the majesty of historical monuments like the Mausoleum while surrounded by lush greenery in Carol Park. The tranquil ambiance serves as an ideal backdrop for deep, intimate conversations.

Tineretului Park Fulfil your desire for fun at Tineretului Park, where amusement park thrills and serene nature coexist. Engage in sporting activities or enjoy a peaceful walk, creating joyful memories.

Park NameFeaturesIdeal For
Herastrau ParkBoat Rentals, Expansive ViewsFirst Dates, Serene walks
Cismigiu GardensShaded Lanes, Scenic BridgesRomantic Strolls, Quiet Time Together
Carol ParkHistorical Monuments, Lush SurroundingsCulture Enthusiasts, Relaxing Visits
Tineretului ParkAmusement Park, Sports FacilitiesActive Couples, Varied Experiences

In each park, you’ll find the perfect spot to connect with your partner, whether it’s a first date or a long-standing tradition of outdoor rendezvous. Bucharest’s parks cater to all manner of romantic excursions, fostering bonds through the beauty of nature and the thrill of shared experiences.

Carol I Park

When planning a romantic outing in Bucharest, Carol I Park is a delightful destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and artistic charm. As you stroll through the park with your partner, you are greeted with the lush greenery, tranquil lake views, and the serene ambiance that make the park an ideal spot for couples.

Key Attractions at Carol I Park

  • The Historical Monuments: Located on a hill, an imposing monument stands as a testament to the park’s historical heritage.
  • Relaxing Lake Views: The lake provides a picturesque setting where you can enjoy a moment of peace with your loved one.
  • The Giants Statues: Encounter the artistic statues known as The Giants, which add a touch of myth and romanticism to your walk.

Experience for Couples Carol I Park offers various experiences that cater to a romantic atmosphere. Here’s what you and your partner can enjoy:

Leisurely WalksMeandering paths ideal for hand-in-hand strolls through nature.
PicnickingSpots by the lake offer a calm area for a private meal.
PhotographyCapture memorable moments with the park’s beauty as your backdrop.
Cultural ExplorationEngage with the historical elements and sculptures around you.

The park’s serene environment supports meaningful conversations, and the shared cultural experiences can strengthen your bond. Its charm is especially beneficial for a first date, as it provides a relaxed setting that can ease the typical tension and allows space for natural interactions. For couples, the beauty and quiet of Carol I Park provide a respite from the bustle of city life, making it an ideal locale for nurturing your relationship.

The ARTIST Restaurant Bucharest

When you visit The ARTIST, your culinary experience is complemented by the serene backdrop of Sala Floreasca, a refined sector in Bucharest. Perfect for couples looking for an intimate dining ambiance, The ARTIST offers you an array of European and contemporary cuisine options.

The menu caters to a variety of dietary preferences, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available, ensuring a seamless dining experience for you and your partner. The price range for an elaborate meal lies between $19 and $44, guaranteeing that you can find something both exquisite and within budget.

Special Diets and Features of The ARTIST:

Special DietsFeatures
VegetarianContemporary European Cuisine
VeganIntimate Atmosphere
Gluten-FreeSuitable for Couples

While the tranquil surroundings enhance your dining experience, it’s not only the atmosphere that stands out. The restaurant is praised for its professional service, and its aesthetic sophistication gives you a blend of beauty and privacy, setting the perfect scene for a romantic encounter or a first date.

Contact Details:

  • Location: Calea Victoriei 147, Sector 1, Bucharest 010072, Romania
  • Phone: +40 728 318 871

Go ahead and indulge in a day to remember with your loved one at The ARTIST, embracing not only the flavors of their carefully curated dishes but also the enchanting environment that surrounds you.

Poesia, Italian Restaurant

When you’re looking to craft the perfect evening in Bucharest, the charm of Poesia stands out as a prime dining venue for couples. Nestled in the Sala Floreasca district and a stone’s throw from Herastrau Park, this Italian gem whisks you away to a world of culinary delight, perfect for a memorable first date or a romantic outing.

Location & Ambience:
Poesia enjoys a scenic location on Bulevardul Aviatorilor, close to Piata Charles de Gaulle. Your experience begins with the welcoming European ambiance, setting the stage for an intimate supper with your loved one.

Menu Highlights:
An assortment of Italian, seafood, and Mediterranean fare means you’re spoilt for choice. Indulge in vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring every dietary need is elegantly met.

Special Features:
To add a personal touch to your romantic evening, the restaurant offers a range of special diets — a testament to their considerate customer service.

Dining Experience for Couples at Poesia:

CuisineItalian, Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Central European
Dietary AccommodationsVegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free options available
Price Range$11 – $38
LocationNear Herastrau Park, Bucharest
Ideal forFirst dates, intimate dinners, anniversaries

Engage in shared moments over a beautifully prepared meal, where the elegant surroundings and prime location close to Herastrau Park enhance the shared experience. The thoughtfully curated ambiance paired with a menu that caters to all preferences solidifies Poesia as a top pick for an evening of connection and gastronomy in the heart of Romania’s vibrant capital.

Unirii Square Fountain Show (Spectacolul Fântânilor din Piața Unirii)

When visiting Bucharest, one of the romantic highlights you can enjoy is the Unirii Square Fountain Show. This attraction is a multimedia water symphony that creates a harmonious blend of music, light, and water movement that can be an enchanting experience for you and your partner.

The show is particularly impressive after its recent reopening in the summer of 2023. It allows you to immerse yourselves in a captivating display within an urban setting.

Show Details

LocationUnirii Square, centrally located near the Old Town
Entertainment44 synchronized fountains producing a captivating water show
ShowtimesFrom Friday to Sunday, starting at 9:00 PM
DurationApprox. 1-2 hours, providing ample time to enjoy and relax with your partner
SeasonThe shows run from May through the beginning of October
ThemesThe repertoire includes a variety of themes, incorporating Romanian cultural elements with modern tunes

As a couple, standing hand in hand as the fountains dance to the rhythm of a beautifully orchestrated harmony provides a sense of connectedness with the city’s pulse. The area surrounding the fountains also serves as a gateway to other romantic spots, such as the Old Town and Manuc’s Inn, enhancing the date with opportunities for further exploration before or after the show.

The Unirii Square Fountain Show can be a perfect setting for a romantic first date as it symbolizes a fresh and dynamic start, much like the beginning of a new relationship. It offers both shared excitement and a chance for contemplative moments as you both absorb the beauty and artistry of the show—a shared experience that can strengthen your bond.

Check Control Club Bucharest

When planning a romantic evening in Bucharest, consider making Control Club part of your itinerary. Recognized as a centerpiece in Bucharest’s nightlife, this venue offers a unique atmosphere beneficial for dates and couple’s experiences.

Location: Strada Constantin Mille, Nr. 4, Bucharest 010142, Romania
Hours: Typically open from early afternoon to the early morning hours, allowing flexibility in planning your visit.

What to Expect at Control Club

  • Music Venue: It’s known for its eclectic music, hosting live performances that can set the mood for your night out.
  • Pub: A well-stocked bar with a selection of local and international drinks.
  • Terrace: A relaxed outdoor space, ideal for intimate conversations.
  • Concert Venue: Regular concerts featuring different music genres.

For Couples and First Dates

  • Atmosphere: The laid-back yet vibrant ambiance of Control Club can make you feel at ease, greasing the wheels of communication.
  • Variety: With a mix of music and art events, you can find a night that specifically caters to your interests as a couple.
FeatureDescriptionBenefit for Couples
AtmosphereEclectic and vibrant, yet relaxedFosters connectivity and shared experiences
Musical DiversityLive performances and concertsTailor the night to your shared music tastes
Bar SelectionWide range of beveragesDiscover new favorites together
TerraceOutdoor space for conversationsPrivacy and ambience for deepening your bond

Engage in the cutting-edge cultural scene together, and let Control Club offer a backdrop that can turn a night out into a cherished memory. Remember to check the specific events schedule to align with your preferences, ensuring a night filled with entertainment and connection.

Romanian Athenaeum

The Romanian Athenaeum, a symbol of national culture in Bucharest, stands with its neoclassical facade and eclectic design as a beacon for arts and romance. Commissioned in the late 19th century and located in the heart of the city at George Enescu Square, this concert hall is not just an architectural marvel; it’s a prime destination for couples seeking a cultured and intimate experience.

As you enter, the Athenaeum’s sumptuous interior, with its opulent frescoes and gilded ornaments, sets the tone for a memorable date. The circular, domed hall engulfs you in an ambiance of historic charm. Perfect for a first date or a special occasion, a concert here allows you to share the enjoyment of classical music, which often connects people on a deeper emotional level.

For couples, the Romanian Athenaeum offers more than just performances; take a leisurely stroll through George Enescu Square before the concert and bask in the grandeur of the building’s exterior. The surrounding gardens provide a picturesque backdrop for intimate conversations and photo opportunities.

Attend a concert or simply visit to admire the building; the experience is enriching and distinctly Bucharest. Relish in the exceptional acoustics of the hall and be swept away by an orchestral performance, creating a shared memory that often strengthens bonds.

Architectural StyleNeoclassical and eclectic
LocationGeorge Enescu Square, opposite the Royal Palace
InteriorFrescoes, gilding, and a majestic dome
AcousticsExceptional, enhancing the experience of concerts
Perfect forFirst dates, cultural experiences, romantic evenings
Additional ActivitiesStrolls in surrounding gardens, photography, attending prestigious events

Remember to check the event schedule in advance to ensure that your visit aligns with a performance, as experiencing the Athenaeum’s main offering will undoubtedly amplify the romantic aspect of your visit.

Kunnai – Cozy & Romantic Place In Bucharest

Kunnai is an exquisite destination for couples seeking a romantic dining experience in Bucharest. Nestled in the Crangasi area, this restaurant offers a serene atmosphere complemented by a blend of Asian and Thai flavors. The intimate setting is perfect for a first date, where you can savor vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring a meal that caters to various dietary preferences.

The ambient lighting and traditional décor create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The menu at Kunnai features a range of delicacies, including Royal shrimp cakes and stir-fried duck or beef in oyster sauce, which comes highly recommended for its rich flavor. The thoughtful arrangement of tables and the attentive service amplify the experience, making it a favorite spot for those who are not only food enthusiasts but also for those cherishing special moments.

Prices at Kunnai are reasonable with a range typically between $20 to $50, which makes it accessible for a special occasion without being prohibitively expensive. Located a short distance from Herastrau Park, the restaurant’s location allows for a leisurely stroll before or after your meal.

AtmosphereCozy, intimate, traditional Asian/Thai décor
CuisineAsian, Thai
Special DietsVegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free
Price Range$20 – $50
LocationStrada Copilului 6-12 Domenii park – Sector 1
Distance1.2 miles from Herastrau Park
Recommended DishStir-fried duck/beef in oyster sauce

Your experience at Kunnai promises to be memorable. With its serene setting, diverse menu, and convenient location, it’s a charming and sophisticated backdrop for deepening your bond with your partner and enjoying a delectable meal together.

SkyBar Dorobanti

At SkyBar Dorobanti, you find not only a place to enjoy a drink but also a panoramic view of Bucharest’s skyline. As a rooftop bar situated on a luxurious building in the upscale Dorobanti area, it offers a cosmopolitan setting that’s ideal for you and your partner to relish a romantic evening.

When you visit, you can expect the following experiences:

FeatureSkyBar Dorobanti
VibeCosmopolitan, upscale rooftop setting
ViewsPanoramic city vistas
ClienteleDiverse, locals and tourists
FacilitiesBar, event venue
Best ForSunset aperitifs, night out
Hours12:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Mon-Sun
Contact+40 724 759 227 or [email protected]

At SkyBar Dorobanti, you have the opportunity to unwind in style, with magnificent views serving as a backdrop to your date. Whether you choose a sunset aperitif or plan a night out, the rooftop bar’s allure is in its ability to create a special atmosphere that’s both memorable and impressive.

Remember to dress appropriately as the venue’s cosmopolitan atmosphere pairs best with smart-casual attire to match its stylish ambiance. The diverse crowd further confirms that this place is suitable for various tastes, ensuring that you both have a sophisticated experience.

To secure the best spot, consider making a reservation, especially if planning your visit for a weekend evening. The friendly staff, elegant design, and the special atmosphere of SkyBar Dorobanti can provide a perfect setting for a first date or to celebrate a special occasion as a couple in Bucharest.

Biutiful Downtown

Biutiful Downtown is an eclectic venue located in the heart of Bucharest, melding a rustic ambiance with a touch of modern design to offer a unique experience. It’s ideal for couples looking for that harmonious blend of relaxed atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by an interior that is a feast for the eyes, with attention to detail in every corner. This establishment provides a quintessential setting for your first date or a memorable evening with your partner.

For couples, the culinary offerings are an exploration of flavors, presenting a mixture of international and local Romanian dishes. Opt for a table with intimate lighting, and let the conversation flow over a perfectly paired bottle of wine. Service here is attentive yet unintrusive, ensuring time spent is focused on each other.

Biutiful Downtown also features a variety of entertainment options. The music is carefully curated to foster a welcoming and romantic vibe. This combination makes it a conducive space for fostering connections, whether it’s your first date or a special occasion.

Your visit to Biutiful Downtown can be summarized as follows:

AtmosphereRustic and Modern Design
CuisineInternational and Romanian Dishes
Ideal forFirst Dates, Romantic Evenings
EntertainmentCurated Music Selection
ServiceAttentive, Unintrusive
SettingIntimate, Welcoming

Whether it’s the start of something new or a time to rekindle, Biutiful Downtown offers the perfect setting to create unforgettable moments for you and your partner.


NOMAD SkyBar nestles on the second floor at Strada Smardan 30, in the heart of Bucharest’s vibrant Old Town. As a couple, you’ll find this destination offers a charming blend of a lively atmosphere with a cozy setting, ideal for a memorable evening out. The European-style bar stands out with its diverse and colorful decor, providing an urban backdrop to your date.

The space features a fusion of furnishings and eclectic decorations, ensuring a visually engaging experience. You can choose to sit beneath the retractable roof of the main bar or opt for the open-air terrace. The latter offers bar stools and a picturesque view of the Old Town rooftops. As an alternative, you can discover the “lush secret garden”, a more intimate setting.

The menu at NOMAD SkyBar includes a variety of options, from dinner meals to an extensive range of drinks. Here’s a concise table detailing what you can expect:

Price RangeApproximately £6 – £43
CuisinePrimarily European-style bar
MealsDinner and drinks available
Special FeaturesRetractable roof, open-air terrace, and secret garden

Sipping a cocktail or enjoying a European meal here promises an enriching experience. With moderate pricing, you can indulge in an assortment of flavors without undue concern for the evening’s budget.

For couples, the ambiance of NOMAD SkyBar with its variety of seating options offers both the comfort to foster intimate conversations and a dynamic environment that can add a spark to a first date. Whether you’re initiating a new romance or nurturing an ongoing one, this place aligns perfectly with the idea of an ideal date spot in Bucharest.

Manufaktura Aviatorilor – Cozy & Romantic Place In Bucharest

Manufaktura Aviatorilor stands out as a prime location for couples seeking a romantic and intimate setting in Bucharest. It is located on Bulevardul Aviatorilor, which positions it as a highly accessible place for a memorable date.

The atmosphere in Manufaktura is one of its most enchanting features. The interior is carefully designed with a lovely aesthetic that couples find appealing. It provides a warm and welcoming ambiance perfectly suited for fostering a sense of connection and intimacy.

The cuisine at Manufaktura is also notable, offering a selection of dishes that can cater to a range of preferences. Their menu is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that you and your loved one can enjoy a delicious meal in a cozy atmosphere.

Adding to the charm, Manufaktura’s reviews suggest a consistent quality of service and an environment that couples cherish for its beauty and calm. It’s the kind of place you can enjoy engaging conversation, share delectable meals, and create moments to remember.

LocationBulevardul Aviatorilor, Bucharest
AtmosphereIntimate, Warm, Aesthetically pleasing
CuisineDiverse Menu, Attention to detail
Recommended for CouplesYes, for its cozy charm and romantic setting

Whether you’re planning a first date or looking to spend quality time with your significant other, Manufaktura Aviatorilor encapsulates the quintessential elements of a cozy and romantic place in Bucharest.

Things To Do In Bucharest At Night

When you and your partner are seeking to experience the nocturnal charm of Bucharest, the vibrant capital city promising romantic and adventurous evenings, you’ll find a variety of activities that cater to all preferences.

Romantic Rooftop Bars:
Enjoy a cocktail while admiring the beautiful skyline. Bucharest’s rooftop bars offer a sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for a date night.

  • Linea – Closer to the Moon: Open roof in summer, igloos in winter.
  • Nomad Skybar: Enjoy music ranging from rock to DJs.
  • 18 Lounge: Classy venue with an impressive city view.
Rooftop BarAtmosphereSpecial Note
Linea – Closer to the MoonVibrantPanoramic views, seasonal experiences
Nomad SkybarTrendyDiverse music, glass roof
18 LoungeElegantDress-up venue, serene ambiance

Old Town Exploration:
The historical core of Bucharest, known for its cobblestone streets, transforms at night. With over 100 pubs, clubs, and bars, it’s perfect for couples to explore and enjoy the local nightlife.

  • Times Cocktail Bar: Intimate space with live music near historic sites.
  • Little Bucharest: A hostel and lounge with global vibes and creative drinks.
  • The Urbanist: Unique experience offering drinks, shopping, tattoos, and haircuts.
VenueExperienceNoteworthy For
Times Cocktail BarLivelyCozy atmosphere, proximity to cultural landmarks
Little BucharestCasualInternational crowd, entertainment
The UrbanistEclecticMulti-functional space with an urban twist

Culinary Delights:

Sample the local Romanian cuisine at a variety of spots, from hidden cafes to top-tier restaurants.

  • Lente: A cozy setting with board games and a home-like vibe.
  • VacaMuuu: For meat lovers, offering premium cuts like Wagyu Beef.
Dining VenueAmbianceCuisine
LenteHomeyDiverse with board games
VacaMuuuUpscaleSpecialty meats

Parks and Gardens by Night:

Bucharest’s parks offer tranquility and refreshing green spaces that stay open till late, providing a serene setting for couples.

  • Cismigiu Park Garden: A picturesque English garden.
  • Herastrau Park: Large park around Herastrau Lake with nighttime activities.
Park NameFeaturesActivities
Cismigiu Park GardenHistoric charmWalks, dining on the lake
Herastrau ParkExpansive green spaceBoating on the lake

Choose these enchanting night spots in Bucharest to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories with your significant other.

Things To Do In Bucharest Old Town

Discover the heart of the city by exploring Bucharest’s Old Town, a vibrant area rich with historical significance and contemporary charm. Navigate through its intricate streets to encounter a broad array of activities suited for couples seeking a romantic journey through time and culture.

Stavropoleos MonasteryHistorical SiteA stunning example of 18th-century architecture and serenity in the heart of the city.
Biserica Sfântul Anton – Curtea VecheReligious SiteVisit the oldest church in Bucharest and appreciate its tranquil ambiance.
Lupa Capitolina MonumentHistorical MonumentAdmire this symbol of Rome and the she-wolf in Romanian heritage.
BNR PalaceArchitectural SiteGaze at the grandeur of the National Bank building and delve into Romania’s financial history.
Cărturești CaruselBookstoreA literary haven within a beautifully restored 19th-century edifice boasting a wide selection of books.
Muzeul Micul ParisMuseumImmerse yourself in the city’s Belle Époque through thoughtfully displayed artifacts.
Communism Museum Bucharest (Undeva in Comunism)MuseumGain insight into the life under the communist era through interactive displays.
Romanian BoutiqueShopTake home traditional Romanian crafts, perfect for mementos or gifts.
Caru’ cu BereDiningEnjoy traditional Romanian cuisine in an ornate, historic setting.
Hanul cu TeiArtIndulge in creative wonder at the galleries within a historical inn.
The TubeNightlifeExperience a modern bar and club atmosphere in this trendy spot.

In the daylight, take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone paths leading to the Stavropoleos Monastery and feel the peace of this religious sanctuary amid the city bustle. Continue to Biserica Sfântul Anton – Curtea Veche, where the oldest church in Bucharest offers a moment of reflection. As the evening sets in, wander past the Lupa Capitolina Monument and immerse in the history surrounding the impressive BNR Palace.

As night falls, the Old Town lights up with opportunities to delve into its vibrant culinary and entertainment scenes. Discover traditional Romanian dishes in the grand setting of Caru’ cu Bere, or opt for a cozy dinner within the walls of historical Hanul cu Tei, known for its art galleries and creative vibe. Explore the trendy side of Bucharest nightlife at The Tube, where music and ambiance combine for a spirited evening.

When planning your visit to the Old Town, you might want to consult additional details on the numerous activities available for couples in this historic and dynamic district at Things to Do in Bucharest Old Town.

We visited a few of the best cities in Romania, cities with a wealth of activities to do. Our favorite city is Bucharest because it has a lot of things to do, some very unusual. Bucharest is cheap, very safe, and has also free activities too.

Most of those best things to do are in the Old Town (Centrul Vechi), at night, and suitable for couples.

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