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Blinkx Overview

 blinkx beta program is currently discontinued

A very big thank you to all of you who have downloaded blinkx. Your response has been overwhelming! Please continue to provide your feedback and pass the word onto your friends and family. We’re delighted and very grateful for all of your positive comments and support.A BIG thank you – the blinkx teamblinkx changes the way you find and access all kinds of information, from anywhere in the world, without having to search endlessly. blinkx rapidly links you with the information you need from the web, from online news sources and files on your own PC.Search information from your desktopLink don’t searchIdeas not keywords
And you have to do nothing! Whenever you browse a website, read a news story, check your e-mail or write a document, blinkx automatically delivers suggestions from the Web, news or your local files; which you can view by simply clicking the links or rolling over to get a summary of the information found.If you want to search, blinkx understands your question and presents you with links as you search.In every case, blinkx provides an answer that is appropriate, faster than using a search engine and personalized just for you.

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The blinkx windows client automatically finds web pages, news articles and documents on your machine that are related to the content of your active window. You can also use it to actively search web pages, news articles and documents on your machine that are related to a query you enter.Click here for help

Preview blinkx Broadband

To use the power of blinkx locally, you will need to download our client software mentioned above. For those of you interested in what’s coming in the future from blinkx, here is a chance to preview blinkx BroadBand. Our test index is limited, with all feedback being warmly appreciated, but enough for a tryout while it grows.blinkx Broadband requires Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 6.0 or above
 Optimized for IE & Broadband Users 

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