OptimizePress Review

OptimizePress Review

In this OptimizePress review we will see that this software, one of the best funnel builders, serves as a versatile WordPress plugin that boosts your ability to craft sales pages, landing pages, and complete sales funnels without any need for coding. This tool is particularly handy if your objective includes building an extensive sales funnel.


  • Ease of use: OptimizePress offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, facilitating effortless design of pages, even for those with no technical background.
  • Customizable templates: A vast library of templates accelerates the creation process, letting you focus on content instead of design intricacies.
  • Sales funnel functionality: Complete sales funnels can be structured with dedicated pages for upsells, downsells, and checkouts.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may experience an initial learning phase to fully utilize all features offered.
  • Plugin Compatibility: There may be occasional compatibility issues with other WordPress plugins.

When you are managing your GDPR compliance, OptimizePress steers clear of adding complexity, ensuring that your sales pages don’t just look good, but they are also in line with legal requirements.

Given the impact of a properly constructed sales funnel on your online business success, OptimizePress delivers a suite of features aimed to optimize each stage of the funnel from the lead capture to the final sale, thus being a potentially valuable addition to your marketing toolbox.

FeatureDescriptionImpact on Funnel Creation
Drag-and-Drop EditorHelps in crafting custom pages with minimal effort.Simplifies page construction
Customizable TemplatesWide selection available to jumpstart design process.Reduces time to market
Sales Funnel DesignTools for creating upsells, downsells, and order bumps.Enhances conversion potential
GDPR ComplianceKeeps your pages compliant with EU data protection regulations.Ensures legal compliance

By understanding the strengths and potential drawbacks of OptimizePress, you can better assess its fit for your sales funnel requirements.

Ease of Use and Interface

A person effortlessly navigates the sleek, user-friendly interface of OptimizePress, creating a seamless experience

When you start using OptimizePress, you’re greeted with a user interface designed to take the complexity out of creating web pages. The drag-and-drop functionality stands out, allowing you to place elements exactly where you want them on your page without needing to know a single line of code.

The dashboard is streamlined and intuitive, organized in such a way that finding the tools needed for your project is straightforward. New users typically find the learning curve to be minimal, due in large part to the platform’s logical layout and the inclusion of pre-built templates. These templates serve as a starting point for your designs and can be easily customized to fit your branding and content needs.

Features Overview:

InterfaceUser-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality
TemplatesVariety of pre-built options for rapid page creation
Learning CurveMinimal, suitable for beginners and experienced users alike

If you’re looking to customize a landing page or sales funnel, the tools and options are readily accessible. The elements you can add are clearly labeled and offer a good degree of customization to ensure that the end result aligns with your vision.

OptimizePress emphasizes a balance between flexibility and ease of use, so whether you’re aiming to create simple landing pages or complex sales funnels, the process remains uncomplicated. The platform supports various third-party integrations, enhancing its capability as a comprehensive tool for online marketing and sales lead generation.

Funnel Building Features

When you use OptimizePress for funnel building, you benefit from a variety of features designed to enhance your sales process with efficiency and ease. Here’s a breakdown of the key functionalities:

  • Visual Funnel Building Experience: Customize the look and feel of your funnels with a user-friendly visual editor.
  • Complete Control of Steps: Sequence your funnel steps and tailor them to match your specific sales strategy.
  • Ease of Scaling: Leverage built-in tools to grow your funnels in alignment with your business needs.

Detailed Features

TemplatesPre-designed funnel templates simplify the creation process.
IntegrationSeamless integration with WordPress allows you to manage your funnels directly within your website.
AnalyticsTrack funnel performance with key metrics to measure conversion rates and overall success.
Membership CapabilitiesIncorporate membership elements into your funnels to generate recurring revenue.
Page Linking WizardAn intuitive tool for connecting various steps within your funnel.
A/B TestingTest different versions of your funnel pages to optimize conversion rates.

You can also expect a level of utility that complements WordPress’s robust ecosystem. Given that OptimizePress is exclusively a WordPress plugin, it operates within that environment with high compatibility. Utilize these features to maximize your sales funnels’ potential and oversee their evolution alongside your digital marketing endeavors.

Remember, the effectiveness of your funnels hinges on both their design and functionality. With OptimizePress, you harness tools that empower you to craft a funnel that not only looks professional but also performs to high standards.

Price And Value For Money: Availability Of Free Trials And Yearly Subscriptions

When you examine OptimizePress for its price and value for money, the availability of free trials and the option for yearly subscriptions are significant considerations in your decision-making process. Free trials allow you to test the platform’s features without any immediate financial commitment, while yearly subscriptions often provide a cost-saving measure over monthly billing cycles.

Free Trials

Typically, a free trial period enables you to explore the functionalities of OptimizePress and gauge whether it fits your needs. During this trial, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Create test pages
  • Explore the library of templates
  • Assess the ease of use

However, it’s imperative to stay aware of the trial’s duration and what features are available during this period. Additionally, some trials might require your payment details upfront, so ensure you understand the cancellation policy to avoid unwanted charges.

Yearly Subscriptions

OptimizePress usually offers a discount to users who choose a yearly subscription model over monthly payments. With yearly billing, you not only save money but also secure your access for a longer term with a single transaction. Consider the following when evaluating yearly options:

  • Total cost compared to monthly payments
  • Commitment period
  • Potential savings

Here’s a table summarizing the key aspects of free trials and yearly subscriptions for OptimizePress:

AspectFree TrialsYearly Subscriptions
DurationDefined trial period (e.g., 14 days)12 months
Payment DetailsMay be required upfrontFull payment upfront
Access to FeaturesFull or limited depending on trialFull access
SavingsNo immediate costDiscounted rate over monthly plan

Your decision should weigh the immediate financial savings against the value of the services provided. The long-term benefits of a yearly plan often appeal to those confident in the sustained use of OptimizePress for their business needs.

Availability Of Templates And Drag And Drop Features

OptimizePress provides you with a comprehensive set of templates to assist in the creation of web pages that suit your marketing needs. You have access to over 40 templates specifically designed for landing pages, offering a variety to choose from to best match your campaign objectives. These templates cater to different purposes, ensuring that whether you’re setting up a sales page, a webinar page, or a thank you page, you have a professional starting point.

The Drag and Drop Editor, known as OptimizeBuilder, is a critical feature that enables you to customize pages with ease. Without needing technical skills, you can select elements and position them exactly where you want them on the page. The intuitive interface provides a live preview, allowing you to see the changes as your customers would. The editor is not only user-friendly but also ensures that your pages are responsive, adapting seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes.

Here’s a succinct breakdown of the features:

TemplatesOver 40 professionally designed landing page templates.
CustomizationTemplates are fully customizable through the page builder.
Live PreviewSee changes in real-time as you edit your page.
Drag and DropEasy-to-use interface for dragging and dropping elements.
Responsive DesignPages automatically adjust to fit all device screens.

The drag-and-drop feature also presents a practical live preview component. This ensures that as you work on the page layout and add various elements, you can get immediate feedback on how it will look live, which significantly accelerates the design process.

The template library is not static; it’s designed to expand, with OptimizePress frequently adding new templates that reflect the latest design trends and conversion principles. This ongoing addition ensures that your content remains fresh and engages your audience effectively.

Funnel Building PreBuilt Templates

OptimizePress provides you with several pre-built templates specifically designed to enhance your funnel building process. These templates serve as a starting point and are aimed at giving you high conversion rates for your landing pages. The templates cover a variety of funnel types, each tailored to different stages of your sales process, from lead capture to sales pages.

You’ll find templates with a focus on:

  • Lead Magnet Funnels: Aimed at capturing email addresses in exchange for a free offer.
  • Webinar Funnels: Designed to drive sign-ups for your webinars.
  • Sales Page Funnels: Crafted to showcase your products and lead customers towards making a purchase.

Each template is easily customizable using OptimizePress’s drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of your funnels to match your brand’s aesthetic. The responsive design ensures that your pages perform well on any device, be it desktop or mobile.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from funnel templates in OptimizePress:

Funnel TypeCustomization LevelResponsivenessIntegration Support
Lead Magnet FunnelHighYesEmail Marketing Tools
Webinar FunnelHighYesWebinar Platforms
Sales Page FunnelHighYesVarious Checkout Options

Remember that while OptimizePress helps you create the structure of your funnels, your content’s quality and relevance to your audience are crucial in achieving the conversion rates you desire.

A/B testing features

Your experience with OptimizePress will be complemented by its A/B testing features, which are critical for optimizing your landing pages and increasing conversion rates. These features allow you to create variants of your pages (A and B) to test different elements such as headlines, images, calls to action, and overall layout. You get to make data-driven decisions based on user interactions.

Key Features of A/B testing with OptimizePress:

  • Strong Offer Creation: Craft different versions of your offer to find out what resonates best with your audience.
  • Hypothesis Development: Set up a hypothesis for each A/B test to understand the impact of the changes you’re testing.
  • Testing Elements: Test various elements on your pages, including but not limited to calls to action, color schemes, and page copy.
  • Goal Focus: Each test focuses on a clear and precise goal, such as increasing click-through rates or improving sign-ups.
  • Test Duration: Run tests for an appropriate period to collect sufficient data and make informed optimization decisions.

Here’s a table that summarizes the A/B testing process with OptimizePress:

1. OfferTest different offers to determine what attracts your audience most effectively.
2. HypothesisCreate hypotheses for each test to predict the outcomes and measure results against them.
3. ElementsTest headlines, images, CTAs, and more to find out which variations perform the best.
4. GoalsDefine clear goals for each test to ensure focused results that are aligned with your objectives.
5. DurationRun each test for a set duration to accumulate actionable data and draw meaningful conclusions.

By utilizing these features, your ability to fine-tune the elements of your marketing campaigns can significantly improve user response and conversion rates. Remember, the key to successful A/B testing lies in iterating different versions and letting real user behavior guide your webpage optimizations.

Integration With Third Party Software

OptimizePress exhibits a strength in its capability to integrate with a variety of third-party software. Below is a table detailing the categories and examples of such integrations:

Email Marketing SoftwareBirdSend, Campaign Monitor
CRM SystemsTo be researched and included
Content Management SystemsWordPress
Payment GatewaysTo be researched and included

Your experience with email marketing is enhanced through seamless connections with platforms like BirdSend and Campaign Monitor. By integrating these services, you can directly send leads from your OptimizePress opt-in forms to your chosen email marketing software. This integration streamlines your marketing efforts by automatically populating your email sequences with new leads.

When managing content, you’ll appreciate OptimizePress’s native WordPress functionality. This integration allows you to utilize their drag-and-drop editor within the familiar WordPress environment, linking your crafted pages to your existing content management system efficiently.

The provided list above is not exhaustive. You may find additional integrations with CRM systems and payment gateways. These integrations aim to provide you with comprehensive tools to handle customer relationships and process financial transactions smoothly, creating a coherent ecosystem within your marketing and sales funnel.

For precise integration instructions with each service, you typically have access to detailed documentation and support resources. OptimizePress ensures that the process is user-friendly and accessible, allowing you to leverage the full potential of both their platform and your preferred third-party applications.

APIs available for Custom Integrations

If your goal is to integrate third-party services with OptimizePress that aren’t directly supported through its native integrations, you can make use of their Custom HTML form integration feature. This utility enables you to connect practically any service that generates HTML form code. Below, you’ll find details about using the APIs for custom integrations:

Custom HTML FormsInsert HTML code provided by external services to create custom integrations.
ActiveCampaign IntegrationDirectly link ActiveCampaign with OptimizePress using API keys.

With the Custom HTML Forms, you must usually copy the HTML form code from your third-party service and paste it into the specified area within OptimizePress. It’s necessary to ensure that the HTML code from your external service is compatible and designed to work with web forms.

For services like ActiveCampaign, OptimizePress offers a more streamlined integration process. You need to follow the platform’s instructions to obtain API keys, and then populate the relevant fields within OptimizePress.

Remember that successful API integration hinges on accurate API key entry and adherence to third-party integration instructions. Ensure that the API keys are kept confidential, as these are sensitive pieces of information that control access to your external services.

By effectively utilizing these APIs and HTML form integrations, you can significantly broaden the functionality of your OptimizePress-powered website, tailoring it to your specific business needs.

Automation Features For Email Marketing within The Funnel And AutoResponder Capabilities

Email marketing within your funnel is pivotal for nurturing leads and guiding them to conversion. OptimizePress provides robust automation tools that streamline this process.

Segmentation and Personalization

  • You can segment your email list based on user behavior or demographic information.
  • Personalization tokens in OptimizePress allow for customized content in emails, increasing relevance and engagement.

Autoresponder Sequences

  • Set up a series of emails that automatically send based on predefined triggers, such as a new sign-up or a particular date.
  • These sequences save time and maintain consistent communication with your subscribers.

Behavioral Triggers and Actions

  • Trigger emails or a series of emails based on user interactions with previous emails or your site content.
  • These actions increase the effectiveness of your funnel by responding to user engagement in real-time.

A/B Testing

  • Test different elements of your emails, such as subject lines or content, to optimize open rates and conversions.
  • A/B testing features ensure you can continuously improve your email strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Detailed reports let you track the success of your email automation, giving insight into opens, clicks, and conversion rates.
  • Use these analytics to refine your approach and make data-driven decisions for better results.

Below is a summarizing table for quick reference:

List SegmentationCategorize subscribers based on criteria.Targeted communications.
Personalization TokensInsert subscriber-specific content into emails.Increased email relevance.
Autoresponder SequencesAutomated email sending at intervals post-signup.Timely follow-ups.
Behavioral TriggersInitiates emails based on user actions.Enhanced user engagement.
A/B TestingComparative testing of email components.Improved email efficacy.
Analytics and ReportingTracks and analyzes email campaign performance.Informed strategic adjustments.

By leveraging these automation features, you can effectively nurture your leads through personalized and targeted email campaigns without the need for constant manual intervention.

Segmentation Options For Emails Based On User Actions Within The Funnel

When crafting email strategies as part of your OptimizePress campaigns, segmenting your audience based on their interactions within the funnel allows for more targeted and effective communications. By leveraging user actions, you can send tailored messages that resonate with subscribers at various stages of their journey.

1. Prospecting Stage: At the top of the funnel, user actions such as page visits or initial sign-ups indicate interest. Segmentation here could involve sending a welcome series or informational content to nurture leads.

2. Consideration Stage: When users download guides or attend webinars, they are considering their options. Segment these users to receive comparison content or deeper insights into your offerings.

3. Decision Stage: Actions such as utilizing a trial or placing items in a shopping cart signal readiness to purchase. Send targeted offers or reminders to convert these leads into customers.

4. Retention Stage: Post-purchase actions like product usage patterns and support inquiries suggest user satisfaction levels. Tailor your emails for cross-selling, upselling, or educating users on product features.

User ActionSegmentEmail Content
Page visit, Sign-upProspectingWelcome series, product overviews
Guide download, Webinar attendanceConsiderationComparison guides, expert insights
Trial usage, Cart additionDecisionExclusive offers, purchase nudges
Product use, Support interactionRetentionUsage tips, related products

By analyzing each action, you can deliver content that is significant to your subscribers’ current status within the funnel, enhancing their experience and your conversion rates. Implementing segmentation will help you foster a more personalized interaction with your audience, setting the stage for increased engagement and loyalty.

Analytics And Reporting

OptimizePress equips you with analytics and reporting features that allow you to track the performance of your pages and funnels. With these tools, you can gather data on page visits, conversion rates, and other crucial metrics that assist in understanding your audience and refining your marketing strategies.

Features of OptimizePress Analytics:

  • Conversion Rate Tracking: Monitor the effectiveness of each landing page in your campaign.
  • Page Views Count: Keep track of the number of visitors for each page.
  • A/B Testing Results: Compare different versions of a page to optimize for conversions.

Usage Insights: By utilizing the analytics dashboard, you can identify which pages are performing well and areas where improvement is necessary. Use A/B testing results to make data-driven decisions for content placement, design tweaks, and calls-to-action.

Additional Benefits:

  • Interpret user behavior and traffic sources
  • Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • Improve upon funnel stages with the least performance

Limitations: While robust, the reporting tools may not be as in-depth as some dedicated analytics platforms. For advanced requirements, integrating with third-party tools can supplement OptimizePress capabilities.

Reporting Tables Example:

Page ViewsTotal number of page visitsGauge overall traffic and page popularity
Unique VisitorsIndividual visitor countUnderstand the reach of your pages
Bounce RatePercentage of single-page visitsAssess page engagement and relevance
Conversion RatePercentage of visitors who convertEvaluate the success of call-to-action
A/B Test OutcomeComparison of variant performanceMake informed adjustments to increase conversions

Regularly reviewing your analytics is essential for making informed decisions about content and design. This ultimately leads to improved user experiences and higher conversion rates.

Customer Support And Active User Community

When you engage with OptimizePress, your experience is supported by a robust customer service system. You have access to a comprehensive knowledge base and timely support. Should you encounter any issues or have queries regarding the software, the support team is responsive and offers practical solutions to ensure a seamless experience.

Ease of access to support is a priority for OptimizePress, offering multiple channels such as email and a ticketing system to address your needs effectively. The ticketing system, in particular, is straightforward—allowing you to track the progress of your inquiries.

Beyond direct support, there’s an active community of users. Here, you can benefit from peer-to-peer advice, share experiences, or find creative inspirations for your use of OptimizePress. This community acts as an extended source of support, often providing rapid responses to questions new users might have.

Below is a table detailing the support and community aspects of OptimizePress:

FeatureDescriptionAccess Method
Knowledge BaseA detailed repository of guides and how-to articles.Accessible via website
Support TeamA dedicated team for troubleshooting and assistance.Email, ticket system
User CommunityAn active platform for user interaction, knowledge sharing, and networking.Forums, social media groups

Note: Regular updates and interactions within the community signal an ongoing commitment to user engagement and satisfaction.

Each of these components ensures that you are not alone in your journey with OptimizePress. There is a structure in place to support you and an active community ready to engage. This dual approach increases the value of the service and enhances your overall experience.

Security With SSL certificates and data encryption

When using OptimizePress or any other website building platform, securing your website with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is essential. An SSL certificate encrypts the data exchanged between your visitor’s browser and your website, ensuring that sensitive information like personal details and payment information remains private.

SSL Certificate Installation

To begin, you must install an SSL certificate. Your web host typically provides this service. Once installed, confirm that your website loads correctly using https:// in your site’s URL. A warning may appear until the SSL certificate is fully configured, which is standard.

Data Encryption Mechanism

SSL certificates use a combination of asymmetric (public-key) and symmetric (session-key) cryptography. Asymmetric encryption involves a public key for encryption and a private key for decryption. Symmetric encryption uses a unique key for both encryption and decryption shared during the secure session.

Maintaining SSL Certification

To maintain security, regularly update and manage your SSL certificates. Creating an inventory of certificates can help you track and renew them before they expire.

SSL Security ComponentDescription
SSL Certificate InstallationConfirm installation and HTTPS loading of your website.
Data Encryption MechanismUtilize asymmetric and symmetric cryptography for secure data transfer.
Certificate and Key ManagementRegularly update and track SSL certificates inventory.

Remember, SSL encryption not only protects data but also contributes to your website’s trustworthiness and search engine ranking.

Compliance With GDPR, California, And Other Regulations

When you’re using OptimizePress to create and manage your websites, understanding your legal obligations concerning user data is crucial. You must comply with the GDPR if your audience includes users from the European Union, and with the CCPA and CPRA if dealing with residents of California. These regulations have been enforced to protect consumers’ personal data privacy.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • Scope: Applies to all entities processing EU citizens’ personal data.
  • Rights: Includes rights to access, rectify, erase data, and withdraw consent.
  • Obligations: Requires clear consent for data processing and notification within 72 hours of a data breach.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA):

  • Effective Dates: CCPA since January 1, 2020, and CPRA enhances CCPA from January 1, 2023.
  • Consumer Rights: Similar to GDPR with additions like opt-out of sale of personal information.
  • Business Duties: Includes risk assessments and regular audits for businesses processing large amounts of data.

Below is a summary table of regulatory requirements for OptimizePress:

RegulationEffective DateKey Consumer RightsBusiness Responsibilities
GDPRMay 25, 2018Access, rectification, erasure, data portability, object to processingObtain clear consent, breach notification, Data Protection Officer appointment if necessary
CCPAJanuary 1, 2020Notice at collection, access, opt-out of salePrivacy policy updates, respond to consumer requests, annual audits
CPRAJanuary 1, 2023Correction, limit use of sensitive personal informationConduct risk assessments, regular audits, and ensure contractual guarantees from third parties handling personal data

Ensure your OptimizePress sites are configured to meet these regulatory standards. Include clear privacy policies, implement systems for responding to user requests, and maintain transparency about how you collect, use, and share personal data. Regularly revisit your compliance strategies as regulations evolve.

Possibility To Import Data from Other Sales Funnels Software Or To Export Data

When you’re transitioning between sales funnel software, the ability to move your data effortlessly is crucial. OptimizePress recognizes this need and offers functionalities to both import data from other sales funnel builders and to export data for use in other systems.

When importing, your existing sales funnel data can be integrated into OptimizePress, saving you time. This includes contacts, landing pages, and any automations you’ve set up elsewhere. To import data, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the OptimizePress dashboard.
  2. Select the Import option.
  3. Upload your data file (usually CSV or XML format).

Ensure your data file complies with OptimizePress formatting standards for a smooth transition.

For exporting, OptimizePress provides you with the flexibility to secure your data or move it to another platform as your business grows or needs change. Export data by:

  1. Accessing OptimizePress Export Tools.
  2. Selecting the data types you wish to export, such as subscribers or funnel pages.
  3. Downloading the file, which is typically in CSV format.

Here is a summary of key import and export features:

FunctionImport CapabilitiesExport Capabilities
Contact ImportImport contacts via CSV/XMLExport contacts to CSV
Page ImportImport landing pages with easeExport landing page templates
Data ComplianceStandard formatting requiredStandard CSV file output
Automation SetupImport existing automationsExport automations for other applications

Remember to consider data privacy regulations when transferring customer information. OptimizePress provides support documentation and assistance to ensure compliance during the import and export process.

CMS Capabilities: Possibility to Build a Fully Fledged Website

When selecting OptimizePress, you have a robust Content Management System (CMS) at your disposal that facilitates the creation and management of a comprehensive website. This platform provides the necessary tools for a seamless build – from the foundational layout to the final touches of design.

Key Features

  • Ease of Use: Utilize drag-and-drop editors for swift page construction.
  • Templates: Access over 300 templates tailored for various page types and industries.
  • Customization: Modify the templates to match your brand identity and specific needs.

Advanced Functionality

  • Membership Sites: Create a gated community with subscription access.
  • Marketing Tools: Leverage built-in features for lead generation and sales conversion.

Expansion and Integration

  • Integrate with popular marketing and analytics services, broadening your site’s capabilities.
  • Add a variety of elements, such as opt-in forms, pricing tables, and social media links, enhancing user engagement.
FeatureDescriptionBenefit for You
Drag-and-Drop EditorSimplifies the webpage building process, no coding knowledge required.Reduces the time and effort to launch your site.
TemplatesPre-designed pages for all needs, from homepages to sales pages.Gives you a professional starting point quickly.
Custom ElementsAdd elements like testimonial blocks and countdown timers.Enhances user interaction on your site.
IntegrationConnects with mailing services, CRMs, payment gateways, etc.Streamlines your digital marketing efforts.
Responsive DesignAutomatically adjusts to fit any device screen.Ensures a good user experience on all devices.

With OptimizePress, you’re empowered to craft a dynamic website tailored to your goals. Its CMS capabilities enable you to build not just a website, but a powerful online presence geared for growth.

E-commerce Capabilities

When leveraging OptimizePress for your online business, you are equipped with a variety of e-commerce capabilities that enhance your sales strategy. Your ability to create custom product pages positions you to showcase your offerings attractively.

Custom Order Forms: You can generate tailored order forms that improve your conversion rates by matching the style and feel of your brand.

Sell Products & Services: Whether digital or physical products, OptimizePress allows you to design product pages that focus on highlighting key benefits to your potential customers.

Upsells & One-Time Offers: After the initial purchase, you have the option to introduce upsells or one-time offers to increase order value.

Membership Access: OptimizePress facilitates the creation of membership levels, giving you the option to sell subscription-based products and grant access accordingly.

Here’s a brief overview structured in a table to provide clarity on e-commerce functionalities within OptimizePress:

FeatureDescriptionRelevance to E-Commerce
Custom Order FormsCreate tailor-made forms that align with your brand identity to facilitate customer purchases.Directly impacts conversion rates
Sell ProductsDedicate pages with detailed descriptions and images of products, helping users make informed decisions.Essential for showcasing products
UpsellsIntroduce additional offers post-purchase to increase overall sales.Increases average order value
Membership FeaturesEstablish protected content areas for paid members, useful for subscription-based business models.Secures recurring revenue

By embedding these e-commerce functions into your website, you create a streamlined shopping experience that can lead to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction. OptimizePress stands as a resource that empowers you to manage and augment your e-commerce presence effectively.


When you consider building landing pages, sales pages, or membership sites, OptimizePress is one option, yet numerous alternatives might suit your specific needs better.

Unbounce – A powerful platform for creating custom landing pages. It offers a wide range of templates and has A/B testing capabilities.

  • Features: Drag-and-drop editor, A/B testing, Dynamic Text Replacement.
  • Pricing: Starts from $80/month.

Thrive Architect – This is a WordPress plugin that comes with a strong focus on conversion-focused page building.

  • Features: Conversion elements, prebuilt landing page templates.
  • Pricing: One-time fee starting at $67.

ClickFunnels – An all-in-one solution that not only helps with page building but also assists in email marketing and sales funnel creation.

  • Features: Funnel templates, follow-up funnels, smart shopping cart with upsells.
  • Pricing: Starts from $97/month.

LeadPages – A reliable tool for small businesses looking to create landing pages and connect with their audience.

  • Features: Code-free website building, high-converting templates, real-time analytics.
  • Pricing: Starts from $37/month.

Mailchimp – Known mainly for its email marketing services, it also provides landing page creation tools.

  • Features: Integrated email marketing, basic landing page builder.
  • Pricing: Free tier available, paid plans start at $9.99/month.

Below is a summary table comparing these alternatives based on their key features and starting price points:

SoftwareKey Feature(s)Starting Price
UnbounceDrag-and-drop editor, A/B testing$80/month
Thrive ArchitectConversion elements, landing page templates$67 (one-time)
ClickFunnelsFunnel templates, email marketing$97/month
LeadPagesHigh-converting templates, analytics$37/month
MailchimpEmail marketing integration, simple builderFree, then $9.99/month

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