Landingi Review

This Landingi review is very rare because we did not know about this software until now. It is a very good funnel builder. Let´s see.

Landingi Review

Landingi is a robust landing page builder designed for optimizing your sales funnel. Upon examination, users appreciate its intuitive interface and smooth operability. Below is an elaboration on various aspects of the platform.

Ease of Use Starting with this software does not demand extensive technical know-how. Its drag-and-drop editor simplifies page design, making it accessible for those new to building funnels or sales pages.

Features The array of features is generous, including A/B testing and a variety of templates. These tools allow for the creation of multiple variants of a landing page, which is crucial for testing different elements in your marketing campaigns.

Customer Support Customer service feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Support is considered responsive and helpful, enhancing the overall user experience.

Value for Money Your investment in Landingi seems to be justified by its stable pricing model and the feature set relative to cost, being affordably priced when compared with alternatives.

Functionality The platform’s functionality includes essential elements for building effective funnels, such as clear calls-to-action and the ability to quickly create high-quality landing pages.

EditorDrag-and-dropSimplifies page design and modifications
TemplatesVariety of options for various industriesSpeeds up the creation process
A/B TestingCreation of variant copies for experimentationOptimizes elements for better conversion
Customer CareHigh ratings for supportProvides reassurance and assistance
PricingStable and competitiveCost-effective solution

Remember that opting for Landingi provides a stable and smooth experience for marketing teams to establish and test landing page elements effectively within your funnels.

Ease of Use and Interface

When you start with Landingi, you’ll notice the user interface prioritizes intuitiveness. The dashboard is designed logically, so you can find what you need quickly. Notably, for those with limited design experience, Landingi’s interface lowers the learning curve—allowing you to create and publish landing pages without a deep technical background.

Here’s a breakdown of key interface elements:

DashboardCentral hub for navigation. Easy access to templates, landing pages, and integrations.
TemplatesOver 400 ready-to-use templates, customizable to suit various industries and campaigns.
Drag-and-Drop EditorEnables straightforward, visual customization of landing pages without needing to code.
Customization ToolsComprehensive suite of tools to personalize landing pages, including fonts, images, and form fields.

The drag-and-drop editor is a standout for its ability to help you craft an effective landing page quickly. Moreover, the customization tools available ensure that you can tailor each page to match your branding with minimal effort.

It may take a short period to familiarize yourself with all features, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate the editor’s responsiveness and the variety of design options at your disposal. With Landingi, your experience is straightforward: select a template, modify it to your satisfaction, and go live with your campaign.

Funnel Building Features

When utilizing Landingi for your marketing efforts, you’ll find its funnel building features primarily centered around crafting and optimizing your landing pages. Here’s a detailed look at key functionalities offered within this scope:

  • Templates: You have access to over 400 customizable templates, streamlining the process of creating visually appealing landing pages which are conducive to higher conversion rates.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows you to design landing pages without the need for coding knowledge.
  • A/B Testing: This critical feature lets you compare different versions of your landing pages to determine which one performs better with your audience.
  • Pop-up Building: Create targeted pop-ups to enhance engagement and lead capture on your landing pages.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Monitor your funnel’s performance with in-depth analytics and reporting tools, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.

Your landing pages are the foundation of your conversion funnel, and Landingi equips you with a suite of tools to ensure these pages are not only eye-catching but also optimized for conversion.

TemplatesChoose from a large repository of pre-designed layouts.Simplifies the initial creation process and provides a professional look.
Drag-and-Drop BuilderAn intuitive platform for page design.Eliminates the need for technical skills and speeds up the creation process.
A/B TestingTest different landing page variations.Helps in honing in on the most effective elements for conversion improvement.
Pop-up BuilderIntroduce strategic pop-ups into your landing pages.Aids in capturing leads and providing additional conversion opportunities.
Analytics & ReportingGather and analyze data regarding funnel performance.Enables ongoing optimization of the landing pages based on user interactions and conversion data.

Landingi’s funnel building capabilities are designed to assist you in creating landing pages that not only attract attention but also have a higher potential for converting your visitors into leads or customers.

Price And Value For Money: Availability Of Free Trials And Yearly Subscriptions

When assessing the value for money that Landingi offers, you should consider the structure of their pricing plans and the availability of free trials and yearly subscriptions. Landingi may provide several tiers of service, typically catering to different business sizes and needs. This is in line with industry standards, where companies offer a range of options to attract a wide customer base.

Free Trials
A free trial is an opportunity for you to explore the features and capabilities of the platform without committing financially. It’s crucial to see if the platform aligns with your business strategy and offers the user experience you require.

Yearly Subscriptions
Yearly subscriptions generally come with a cost benefit, incentivizing you to commit to a longer-term plan. This upfront commitment often reduces the monthly price, translating to savings over the year.

Here is a breakdown of the factors to consider:

Free Trial AvailabilityLook for an option to test the platform at no cost.
Trial DurationThe length of the trial may vary, often ranging from a week to a month.
Yearly Subscription PerksReduced rates, often resulting in overall savings.
Plan FlexibilityThe ability to upgrade or downgrade plans based on your business needs.
Support and AssistanceConsider the level of support available during your trial and subscription periods.

It’s important to utilize the free trial to gauge the platform’s ease of use, features, and customer support. During this period, evaluate Landingi’s effectiveness in creating and managing landing pages that resonate with your marketing goals.

The yearly subscription should be considered if you find the platform improves your operational efficiency and marketing outcomes. This commitment can be more economical in the long run. Always analyze the terms of service and potential benefits before choosing this option.

Availability Of Templates And Drag And Drop Features

Landingi provides you with a substantial assortment of over 400 landing page templates. These templates cater to a wide range of industries and purposes, ensuring that you find one that suits your specific needs. With such an extensive collection, you can easily select a design that aligns with your campaign’s objective without starting from scratch.

Template QuantityMore than 400 unique templates available.
Industry SpecificityTemplates designed for various industries and purposes.
CustomizationFlexible editing of templates for personalization.
Drag and Drop EditorIntuitive interface for placing elements without coding.

Utilizing the drag and drop editor, you have the capability to customize templates to your preference efficiently. No need for advanced technical skills; the editor is designed for ease of use. You can add, move, and adjust elements on your page, allowing for a high level of personalization.

Landingi’s interface supports a seamless user experience by enabling you to design and publish landing pages promptly. The drag and drop functionality not only simplifies the process but also saves time, making it accessible even for those new to landing page creation.

In addition to templates and editing tools, Landingi also offers an abundant library of assets including over 800 Google fonts and a sizeable collection of free icons and images. This gives you the freedom to create a landing page that is not only functional but also visually appealing.

Consider the features above when you choose your landing page platform to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements and level of expertise.

Funnel Building PreBuilt Templates

Landingi provides you with a collection of pre-built templates designed for funnel building, streamlining the process of creating effective sales and lead generation paths. These templates are crafted to cater to various stages of your marketing and sales funnel, including the initial landing page, the conversion step, and the post-conversion thank you page.

Templates Variety and Customization Templates available in Landingi are not one-size-fits-all; instead, they are diversified to serve different business needs and campaign goals. This variety ensures that you can find a layout that resonates with your brand and your specific offering. Landingi’s editor allows you to customize these templates by simply clicking on elements, which brings up a settings sidebar for easy modifications.

Key Features

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Diverse range of templates
  • Easy customization options
  • Suitable for multiple funnel stages

Using the pre-built templates reduces the time and expertise required to build from scratch, making it approachable even for those with minimal design or technical experience. The settings sidebar provides you with the tools needed to adjust text, images, forms, and other elements to suit your specific needs.

Templates Functionality

Lead GenerationTailored for capturing user information and nurturing leads
Sales ConversionOptimized for presenting offers and guiding to a purchase
Thank You PagesDesigned to confirm transactions and continue customer engagement

The focus on user experience in these templates ensures that the aesthetics do not overtake functionality, maintaining a balance that is critical for conversion optimization. The objective is not just to attract leads but to nurture them through a well-thought-out funnel towards becoming paying customers. Selecting and customizing a template is just the first step—ensuring it aligns with your funnel strategy is paramount to its effectiveness.

A/B testing features

Landingi provides robust A/B testing capabilities that enable you to test different versions of your landing pages to discover which one achieves better conversion rates. When conducting A/B testing in Landingi, you can compare several elements such as headlines, images, call-to-action buttons, and overall layouts.

How to Implement A/B Testing with Landingi:

  • Create Variations: Design two versions of your landing page with variations in elements you want to test.
  • Set Goals: Determine what constitutes a successful outcome, such as increased click-through rate or lead generation.
  • Run Tests: Launch both versions simultaneously to a segment of your audience.
  • Analyze Results: Review performance data to identify which version leads to better engagement and conversion.

Benefits of A/B Testing on Landingi:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed choices based on user behavior and preferences.
  • Improved User Experience: Understand user interactions and refine page elements to enhance usability.
  • Increased Conversions: Optimize your pages based on test outcomes to maximize conversion rates.

Table 1: A/B Testing Feature Breakdown

Variation CreationAllows creation of varied content elements for comparative analysis.
Goal SettingUsers can define specific objectives for their A/B testing campaign.
Test ExecutionFacilitates the simultaneous release of landing page variants to the audience.
Results AnalysisProvides tools to evaluate the performance data and conversion metrics of each variant.

Your ability to conduct A/B tests effectively depends on continuous experimentation and refinement. Leverage Landingi’s intuitive interface to iterate your landing pages and utilize the platform’s analytics to guide your optimization strategies. Remember that the end goal is not just to create a better landing page, but to enhance the overall performance of your digital marketing efforts.

Integration With Third Party Software

Your ability to extend Landingi’s functionality hinges on its integration capabilities with third-party software. With the right integrations, you can streamline your marketing efforts and enhance lead generation and management processes.

Email Marketing Software: You have the option to connect Landingi with various email marketing platforms. This integration allows for seamless synchronization of leads to your email lists, enabling you to kickstart your marketing campaigns almost instantaneously.

CRM Systems: A robust integration with CRM systems means all the information captured through landing pages can be directly funneled into your customer relationship management tools. This ensures that every lead or contact enters into your sales funnel without manual entry, saving time and reducing errors.

Content Management Systems (CMS): Landingi’s ability to work with CMS like WordPress simplifies the process of adding and managing landing pages within your existing website structure.

Payment Gateways: For landing pages that involve transactions, integrating with payment gateways is critical. The ability to connect with trusted payment processors ensures that your customers have a smooth checkout experience.

Below is a summary table detailing the integration categories:

Integration CategoryPurposeBenefit
Email Marketing SoftwareSynchronizes LeadsFacilitates immediate marketing campaign launch
CRM SystemsManages Customer RelationshipsStreamlines sales funnel; reduces manual data entry
Content Management SystemsIntegrates with Website PlatformsSimplifies page management in existing site infrastructure
Payment GatewaysProcesses TransactionsProvides secure and smooth checkout experiences

To utilize these integrations, you typically access them through Landingi’s dashboard or integrate via platforms like Zapier, which acts as a bridge to connect with multiple third-party software tools, such as Google Sheets, text messaging services, and email platforms. This level of integration flexibility ensures you can adapt Landingi to suit your growing business needs efficiently.

APIs available for Custom Integrations

When you use Landingi, you have access to APIs that offer a wide range of custom integration possibilities. These APIs enable you to connect your landing pages with other tools and platforms to streamline your workflow and enhance your marketing efforts. Below is a table summarizing the key APIs available in Landingi and their applications:

API TypeDescriptionCommon Uses
Lead Information APIAllows the transfer of lead data from your landing page to CRM systems or email marketing tools.* Lead management
* Email list building
Webhook APISends real-time data to other platforms whenever a specified event occurs on your landing page.* Real-time notifications
* Data synchronization
Payment Gateway APIIntegrates various payment gateways to facilitate transactions directly on your landing page.* E-commerce processing
* Subscription sign-ups

Lead Information API is invaluable if you need to push lead details directly into your CRM or marketing automation system. You can collect new lead data seamlessly and sync it with the rest of your lead nurturing tools.

With the Webhook API, you can set up custom webhooks to trigger actions on external applications. For example, once someone completes a form on your landing page, a webhook can instantly send this information to your other tools, helping you respond quickly to new leads or customer actions.

The Payment Gateway API is essential for including payment functions on your landing pages. Whether you’re selling a product or collecting subscription fees, this API can help integrate payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, or other gateways to process transactions securely and efficiently.

To utilize these APIs, you typically need some technical proficiency or the support of a developer. They are designed to extend the functionality of your landing pages and connect your marketing ecosystem in ways that pre-built integrations may not cover.

Automation Features For Email Marketing within The Funnel And AutoResponder Capabilities

Email marketing automation plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance of your marketing funnels. With Landini’s features, you have the ability to set up automated workflows that respond to subscriber actions. This capability allows you to guide leads through the conversion process seamlessly.

Automated Workflows

Your email marketing strategies can be significantly enhanced through the use of automated workflows. Once these are configured, they execute based on specific triggers or customer behaviors.

  • Segmentation: Tailor content by segmenting your audience based on their interaction with your emails or website.
  • Personalization: Increase engagement by personalizing emails with content relevant to the recipient’s interests and behaviors.

AutoResponder Capabilities

Landini’s AutoResponder automates email responses to subscriber activities, ensuring timely and relevant engagement with your audience.

  • Timed Sequences: Send a series of emails spread out over days or weeks to nurture prospects.
  • Behavioral Triggers: Deploy emails in response to specific actions such as website visits or past purchases.

Performance Tracking

Monitoring the success of your automations is vital. Landini provides A/B testing and analytics to help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • A/B Testing: Test different versions of your emails to determine what yields the best results.
  • Analytics: Track opens, clicks, and conversions to refine your marketing strategies.
SegmentationCategorize subscribers for tailored communication.
PersonalizationCustomize emails based on user data and behaviors.
Timed SequencesSchedule emails at optimal intervals.
Behavioral TriggersSend emails in response to specific actions.
A/B TestingCompare different email versions to find most effective.
AnalyticsInsight into campaign performance through key metrics.

By leveraging these capabilities, you can create a powerful automated email marketing strategy within your funnels, enhancing your efficiency and effectiveness in reaching your goals.

Segmentation Options For Emails Based On User Actions Within The Funnel

When you’re navigating through the complexities of email marketing within Landingi, segmenting your emails by user actions can profoundly influence your campaign’s success. Here are strategies to segment your communication effectively:

By Engagement Levels:
Distinct levels of engagement can trigger specific emails. For instance, users who have interacted with your content might receive different messages compared to those less active.

By Position in the Sales Funnel:
Behavior indicating progression, such as accessing pricing information, suggests readiness for a sales-focused follow-up, while earlier interactions might call for educational content.

By User Behavior:
Activity such as frequent site visits, webinar attendance, or resource downloads provides actionable data for segmenting and targeting emails.

By Previous Purchases:
Tailoring recommendations based on past purchases can drive repeat business and cross-sell opportunities.

Engagement LevelCommunication Strategy
High EngagementSend advanced content, offers, and loyalty programs
Medium EngagementShare reviews, case studies, and comparisons
Low EngagementInitiate with welcome series, basic guides
Sales Funnel PositionEmail Content Type
Top of Funnel (TOFU)Educational content, blog posts, webinars
Middle of Funnel (MOFU)Solution comparisons, case studies, testimonials
Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)Exclusive offers, demos, free trials
User BehaviorSegmented Email Recommendation
Active UsersEarly access, Beta-testing invites
Event AttendeesSend follow-up content, next event promos
Repeat CustomersLoyalty rewards, personalized discounts

Segmenting your emails by user actions within the funnel increases the relevance of your communications, enhances user experience, and ultimately, boosts your marketing performance. Remember to monitor these behaviors and adjust your strategies to ensure your messages resonate with the recipients’ current position and actions within the funnel.

Analytics And Reporting

In your use of Landingi, you will find analytics and reporting features that allow for a detailed insight into your landing page performance. These tools are crucial for understanding visitor behavior, conversion rates, and the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The analytics component of Landingi includes tracking the number of visitors, the conversion rate, and the source of your traffic.

Key Analytics Metrics:

  • Visitor Tracking: Understand who your visitors are and how they interact with your page.
  • Conversion Tracking: Monitor how many visitors are converted into leads or customers.
  • Traffic Sources: Identify which channels are driving traffic to your landing page, enabling you to optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

A/B Testing: By leveraging A/B testing, you can make data-driven decisions to improve the performance of your landing pages. Test different elements like headlines, images, or call-to-action buttons to see which variation yields better results.

Table 1: Summary of Analytics and Reporting Features in Landingi

Real-Time DataAccess to live data on landing page performance.Make immediate adjustments to improve performance based on current visitor behavior.
Custom DashboardsPersonalize your analytics view to highlight key metrics.Focus on the data that matters most to you to streamline your analysis process.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)Tools for improving the percentage of visitors who take the desired action.Utilize analytics to systematically enhance your landing page’s efficiency in converting visitors into customers.

It is essential for you to invest time in understanding these analytics and reports because they can significantly affect your landing page’s ROI. By examining the analytics, you gain a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive better campaign results.

Customer Support And Active User Community

Customer Support Rating: Users generally regard Landingi’s customer support highly, with particular emphasis on their responsiveness. The ease of access to support and the quality of assistance provided are consistently praised. You’ll find that the support team is acclaimed for their reliability and helpful approach.

User Community Engagement: An active Facebook group serves as a substantial resource for you to engage with other Landingi users. This platform allows for the exchange of advice, tips, and best practices. You can leverage the collective knowledge of this community to optimize your usage of Landingi.

Accessibility: Customer support is known to be easily reachable, which offers peace of mind. Whether you’re a small business owner or an agency, your issues and queries are likely to be handled promptly.

Here’s a summarized table for an at-a-glance overview:

Support RatingHigh; praised for responsiveness and quality.
User CommunityActive; beneficial for sharing tips and best practices.
AccessibilityCustomer support is readily accessible and responsive.

In your interaction with Landingi’s customer support, you’ll find their assistance enhances your experience. Especially worth noting is the stability in user satisfaction regarding the level of service provided.

Security With SSL certificates and data encryption

When you opt for a service from Landingi, SSL certificates ensure that the sensitive data you handle is securely encrypted. Your interactions with Landingi’s platform are protected through the use of this encryption, which essentially scrambles data as it travels between your browser and their servers, making it unreadable to those who are not intended to see it.

SSL Certificates

  • Automatic Installation: Landingi offers a simple process to secure your domain with an SSL certificate, which involves adding your domain and redirecting the necessary DNS records.
  • Encryption Type: Utilizes strong, asymmetric encryption to safeguard data.

Data Encryption

  • Communication Protection: The use of SSL/TLS protocols keeps your data transmissions secure against common cyber threats such as eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Authentication: Digital certificates are used not only to encrypt data but also to verify the identity of the server to which you are connecting.

Table: SSL/TLS Security Features in Landingi

FeatureDescriptionBenefit to You
AutomaticSSL certificates are installed automatically for your domainStreamlines process, no manual setup required
Let’s Encrypt SSLOffers a free, widely trusted certificateCost-effective security solution
Asymmetric EncryptionA more secure form of encryption using two different keysEnsures strong protection against data breaches
ValidationValidates server identityReduces the risk of connecting to fraudulent websites

Remember, these security measures are not a one-time setup. They require ongoing maintenance to ensure that encryption remains robust against evolving threats. Stay vigilant by keeping track of SSL/TLS certificate expiration dates and be proactive in renewing them. Your security on the web is paramount, and with SSL certificates, you can manage your Landingi projects with confidence, knowing your communication is protected.

Compliance With GDPR, California, And Other Regulations

When using Landingi, it’s vital to keep in mind your responsibilities under various data protection and privacy laws, such as the GDPR in the European Union, the CCPA in California, and other relevant regulations depending on your location.

For GDPR compliance, you should ensure that your landing pages have clear consent mechanisms for EU visitors, especially for cookies and data processing. Right to access and right to be forgotten are key concepts here, requiring you to provide users the ability to view and delete their personal data.

Under the CCPA, your landing pages should inform California residents about the data collected and grant them the right to opt-out of data selling. Additionally, provide a transparent privacy policy detailing how you handle personal information.

RegulationKey RequirementsImpact on Your Landing Pages
GDPRConsent, access, portabilityClear consent mechanisms, data access, and deletion options
CCPATransparency, opt-outInform about data collection, opt-out for data selling

Ensure regular audits of your landing pages to verify compliance, and implement features for data access requests and opt-outs promptly. When working with third-party services or integrations within Landingi, confirm their compliance as well to maintain a secure data processing chain.

Your adherence to these regulations will protect not just your users’ privacy, but also fortify your business against potential legal issues. Remember, it’s crucial to stay updated with any changes in these laws to keep your landing pages compliant.

Possibility To Import Data from Other Sales Funnels Software Or To Export Data

When you choose Landingi as your sales funnel software, you gain access to features that allow the importation of data from other platforms and the exportation of your data when needed.

  • Data Import: You may have built sales funnels on other platforms and accumulated valuable customer data. Landingi offers data import capabilities, enabling you to transition smoothly without losing data. Ensure you have your data in commonly accepted formats like .CSV, as this is crucial for compatibility and seamless import.
  • Data Export: As your business grows, the need to analyze data outside of your landing page platform becomes crucial. Landingi allows you to export your collected data—such as leads and analytics—in formats easily readable by spreadsheet software or for integration with CRM systems for further analysis.

Below is a detailed formatting of data importation and exportation capabilities in Landingi:

FeatureDescriptionFormat Supported
Data ImportImport pre-existing customer data and sales funnel structures from other platforms into Landingi..CSV
Data ExportExport data like leads, customer interactions, and funnel performance for analysis or use in other software..CSV, Custom CRMs

Remember that compatibility and ease of data transfer are essential to make the best use of Landingi’s data interchange possibilities. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the format and structure required for the import to avoid discrepancies and data loss. Similarly, when exporting, ascertain the purpose of the data exported and the required format for the intended use.

CMS capabilities: Possibility to build a fully fledged Website

When you choose a CMS for creating a fully fledged website, you’re looking for a platform that provides comprehensive features allowing you to construct and manage your digital presence effectively. The ability to create an entire website as opposed to solely landing pages is critical, as it ensures a scalable and versatile online platform.

Core Features:

  • Design Customization: Your CMS should offer a broad selection of templates and customization options to design your site according to your brand aesthetics.
  • Content Management: An intuitive interface for editing and managing content is vital. You need to be able to easily add, modify, and arrange your website’s content.
  • SEO Tools: Features that support search engine optimization will help your website to achieve higher rankings in search results.
Drag-and-Drop EditorEnables you to build pages without coding knowledge.
Responsive DesignYour website is automatically optimized for all devices.
E-commerce SupportTools to create product listings, manage orders, process payments.
User PermissionsControl access levels for team members to manage the website.
Media LibraryStore and manage media files within the CMS.
Analytics IntegrationTrack visitor behavior to improve the user experience.

Ensure the CMS you select supports e-commerce capabilities if your site requires transaction functionality. This includes shopping carts, secure payment gateways, and customer account creation.

Your CMS should facilitate multi-language content creation if you’re targeting an international audience, enabling you to produce and manage content in various languages from a single interface.

Remember, the CMS you choose directly influences your website’s effectiveness and ability to grow with your business. Consider these capabilities carefully to ensure that the platform you select aligns with your long-term digital strategy.

E-commerce Capabilities

Landingi provides effective e-commerce capabilities tailored to enhance your sales and marketing strategies. Order forms are straightforward to integrate into your landing pages, allowing for seamless purchase processes. These forms can be customized to capture the specific details you require from customers, ensuring a tailored experience.

With Landingi, you can present your products advantageously. Use high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and prices to create an enticing showcase. The platform supports multiple items, giving you the flexibility to sell a range of products from a single landing page.

Incorporate upsells within your customer journey to maximize revenue. Offer additional products or upgrades post-purchase or as part of the checkout process. Landingi’s tools enable you to implement these strategies effectively, potentially increasing your average order value.

Below is a table summarizing some key e-commerce features available in Landingi:

FeatureDescriptionBenefit to You
Custom Order FormsCollect necessary customer information through tailored forms.Streamlines the checkout process for efficiency.
Product ShowcaseDisplay your products with images and descriptions.Attracts customers and boosts sales potential.
UpsellsOffer additional products or upgrades.Increases average order value per customer.

Remember, creating high-converting landing pages is crucial for transforming visitors into leads or customers. Landingi’s tools, such as their landing page editor, are designed to help you build these pages with the goal of maximizing conversions.


When you’re considering a landing page and marketing funnel builder, Landingi is one alternative among many. Each platform has its unique set of features and pricing structures. Below is a concise comparison to help you navigate your options:

SoftwareKey FeaturesUser RatingIdeal For
UnbounceAI-powered optimization, drag-and-drop editor9.8/10Small to medium-sized businesses
LeadpagesConversion-focused tools, unlimited traffic & leadsNot availableBeginners and small businesses
ClickFunnelsFunnel building, upsell and downsell pagesNot availableMarketers focused on conversion funnels
ElementorWordPress integration, responsive designNot availableWordPress users looking for design flexibility
WixWebsite builder with landing page capabilitiesNot availableCreative professionals and entrepreneurs
Instapage (Postclick)Personalized post-click experiences, A/B testingNot availableLarger businesses needing scalability

To ensure you choose the software that best aligns with your business needs, consider a few key aspects:

  • Use Case: Are you primarily focussed on creating landing pages, or do you require a comprehensive funnel building solution?
  • Integration Capability: Does your business rely on integration with other marketing tools or CRM systems?
  • Ease of Use: How steep is the learning curve, and do you have the resources to manage it?
  • A/B Testing: An essential feature for optimizing conversion rates. Does the alternative offer robust testing tools?
  • Scalability: Can the alternative grow with your business and handle increasing traffic?

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