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Soccer Grannies In South Africa

Soccer Grannies: In an effort to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, a group of elderly South African women decided to take up football. Now they have their own team, uniform and coach, and are loving every minute.

They are between 40 and 83 years old. They train twice a week to “exercise”. They are 35 women and play football together in northern South Africa.

“We went to the playing ground”, remembers Mama Beka, “only to find that there were boys playing soccer down there. They passed the ball to us.” The rest is history. The grannies practice twice a week, train every morning, and have never felt better. They now hope to get other nations involved and host an Africa Grannies’ Cup.

They are planning it for 2024

Vakhegula Vakhegula is South Africa’s very own team of grannies who are making headlines all around the world because of their soccer skills.

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