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Video Technology

blinkx’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the ground-breaking, sophisticated, user-orientated products which it has regularly released since the company launched and which includes blinkx Remote, blinkx it, blinkx Pico, and the blinkx Video Wall.

blinkx takes a holistic approach to video search: the power of its solution lies in using every characteristic of the video itself to understand the content. For example, blinkx listens to the sound track using speech-to-text technology, looks at the images on screen using advanced video analytics, and reads other information embedded into the file by using media-analysis plug-ins to extract, for example, closed captioning. In this way, blinkx is processing as much information as possible to enable both extremely accurate search, and more advanced operations such as automatic hyperlinking of related content or implicit query, which understands the content a user is producing and viewing.

blinkx’s unique, patented and award-winning video and audio analysis technology, which literally watches and listens to rich media content online, has enabled it to build a massively detailed, objective and scalable index. blinkx’s index of over 26 million hours of video is searchable to a much deeper degree than the weak, manually-created, metadata-based approaches to video search of the past.

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