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pros and cons of walk in tubs

When you think of a walk-in tub, images of a relaxing soak in a spa-like environment with steamy hot water and a soft bubbly jet massage come to mind. And you’re 100% correct.
Few of us can deny the therapeutic effects a relaxing bath can hold after a long day at the office. Walk-in tubs elevate the bathing experience to where conventional bathtubs can’t. Regular bathtubs simply haven’t been designed this way.
For the average person, a walk-in tub makes for an exciting addition to the home. Moreover, it’s a solid investment for any home.
However, the average person often overlooks the obvious value a walk-in tub offers anyone suffering from mobility restrictions. Seniors and anyone with a disability can gain back some much-needed independence with the addition of a walk-in tub.
Now that we’ve covered the obvious, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of a walk-in tub:

The Pros of a Walk-in Tub

Let’s consider the top reasons why people buy a walk-in tub and what pros and cons they have.

Luxurious Comfort

At the top of the list for most people, let’s get into the comfort zone.
There’s simply no comparison. The comfort offered by a modern walk-in tub is unparalleled. Some of the most sought after features include:

  • whirlpool jets
  • low threshold step-in
  • hand-held shower spray
  • fast-draining technology
  • chromotherapy capabilities
  • extra wide seat with heated backrest

Safety & Independence

Did you know that the inability to bathe oneself is the biggest determining factor in institutionalization?
For many seniors and others suffering from limited mobility, the threat of having to leave their beloved home and move into a care facility is very real.
However, for some, installing an easy-access walk-in tub is the only option.
With easy access, a walk-in tub comes with many safety features specifically designed to give you back your independence.
If your main focus is safety and independence, here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • safety grab bars
  • low step-in threshold
  • ADA compliant slip-resistant floor & seat
  • temperature control features
  • fast filling and draining technology
  • elbow activated levers for ease-of-use

The Cons of a Walk-in Tub

Before you go ahead and make that all-important decision, you absolutely have to consider the following important factors:

Modern Walk-in Tubs are Not Cheap

Walk-in tubs offer a real solution to seniors and the disabled, but they are not cheap. However, settling for a cheap model is just not worth the gamble and chances are that it’s not American-made. Here are some of the trusted brands that should be on your list of possible walk-in tub suppliers:

  • American Standard
  • Boca
  • Premier Care
  • Kohler
  • Rain
  • Universal Walk-in Tubs
  • Tub King
  • Clarke
  • Hydro Dimensions
  • Safe Step

Professional Installations & Size

There’s no getting around it – modern walk-in tubs are big and require professional installation.
If you thought that you could save a few dollars by installing this one yourself, it’s time to reconsider. Due to the size of the tub, some modifications may have to be made to your bathroom entrance in order to get the tub inside. Also, consider size in terms of a normal tub, which takes an average of 25-45 gallons. Walk-in tubs can take as much as 80 gallons, so they are a bit heavy on water.
On the upside though, professional installations come with a guarantee that ensures your tub is correctly installed and functioning as it should. Moreover, professional installations ensure that you comply with all regulations and building codes.

The Benefit of Walk-in Tubs for Seniors & Those With Mobility Issues

For anyone struggling with mobility, the threat of falling and the inaccessibility of a conventional bathtub can be debilitating. Some may even try to avoid the bathroom out of fear. However, with so many customizable options and features on offer, modern walk-in tubs are a real solution like no other tub can. Anyone can now have the confidence to enjoy an independent, unassisted bathing experience.
If you are unable to bath on your own, afraid of the bathroom, or even facing the threat of having to move due to your bathroom restrictions, a handicapped, easy-access walk-in tub is the solution.

Are You Ready To Install a New Walk-in Tub?

Are you interested in the cost of replacing your bathtub for a walk-in tub? Comparing estimates from the top professionals in your area is the fastest way to figure out how much your installation is going to cost. Let us help you find the best prices on walk-in tubs today.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Tub?

Wondering if a walk-in tub is right for you? A walk-in tub is a great way to upgrade your home for a safer, more comfortable and therapeutic bathing experience. As with any home upgrades, deciding whether or not to get a walk-in tub is a big decision. It’s important to weigh all the pros and cons of a walk-in tub to determine if it is the right choice for you.
When you’re ready, it’s easy to request a free quote from a KOHLER Authorized Dealer to learn more about upgrading your home.

What is a walk-in tub and how does it work?

A walk-in tub is a bathtub with a watertight door and seat that allows the bather to step into the tub over a low threshold. The accessible design makes entering and exiting the tub easier and more secure, helping people of all ages and levels of mobility enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience while remaining independent at home.

What are the pros of a walk-in tub?


Comfort features you can expect from a KOHLER Walk-In Bath include:

  • Whirlpool jets
  • Heated backrest
  • Handshower
  • Fast drain
  • Extra-wide seat

A walk-in tub offers comfort features that are not available in a typical tub or shower. Whirlpool jets, handrails, a handshower and a wide seat allow for a bathing experience that is more comfortable than a traditional bathtub.
Enjoy hydrotherapy for physical wellness, a heated backrest that keeps you warm throughout your soak and whirlpool jets that massage your spine, calves and feet to relieve pain and massage sore muscles. Revel in the soothing benefits of a walk-in tub that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Safety features you can expect from a KOHLER Walk-In Bath include:

  • Low Step-In
  • Handrails
  • Extra-Wide Door
  • Control Panel

A walk-in tub is great for anyone looking to stay in their home longer, making aging in place safer with an independent and convenient bathing experience. When it comes to aging in place, safety is non-negotiable, which makes a walk-in tub an obvious choice.
An ultra-low step-in, handrails and a wide door make it easy to get in and out of the bath with ease. A walk-in tub offers safety and convenience features that your typical bath or shower simply can’t offer.


A walk-in tub combines safety, comfort and peace of mind to offer a complete experience you can’t get from any other bathtub. Being able to independently get in and out of the tub with ease is not a luxury that can be offered from a shower or traditional bath alone.
Upgrading to a walk-in tub elevates your bath time routine to allow ultimate relaxation while also relaxing your mind knowing that you or your loved one can bathe without worries. But that isn’t the only reason to get a walk-in tub—walk-in tubs are also great for anyone who wants a calming, spa-like experience right at home.

A walk-in tub combines safety, comfort and peace of mind to offer a complete experience you can’t get from any other bathtub.

Home Value

In an article by Realtor Magazine®, many home experts recommend that you have at least one tub in your home to increase your ROI if you sell. A walk-in tub can be used by anyone, from children to seniors, making it a smart investment for both resale value and future accessibility.
Walk-in showers are also popular in the real estate market and can help appeal to homebuyers. If you have limited space or want to increase your tub’s versatility, consider a walk-in tub shower combo. KOHLER offers a Shower Package that allows you to enjoy the comfort of a bath and the ease of a shower.
To learn how much a walk-in tub adds to your home’s value within your area, contact a local real estate agent.

What are the cons of a walk-in tub?


If not installed properly, the installation process for a walk-in tub could be a con. It is important that if you purchase a walk-in tub that it is installed by a trained and certified professional to cause the least disturbance in your home and day-to-day life. That is why it is so important to buy a quality product from a company that you can trust.
At KOHLER, your certified installer takes care of all the plumbing and electrical wiring, removes your old tub and tests all the features after the tub is filled to ensure a quick and painless installation process. And most of the time, your KOHLER Authorized Dealer can do it all in as little as one day! Want to know more? Watch our installation video below.


Water Usage

Walk-in tubs hold more water than traditional bathtubs. The exact water capacity depends on the size of the bather and how much water is displaced. Luckily, most new home water heater tanks can easily fill a walk-in tub. Most manufacturers recommend that you have a new 50+ gallon water tank in order to maintain the preferred water temperature in the bath. To learn how to choose the right water heater, check out our Buyer’s Guide.


The costs of a walk-in tub can be higher than the price of a typical bathtub. The good news? A walk-in tub comes with far more features than a normal bathtub, making it well worth the price tag. If you are looking for a bathtub that has easy access, whirlpool jets, a heated backrest, a handshower and so much more, then a walk-in tub is a smart investment.