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pool opening cost

Opening a pool back up after closing and winterizing it isn’t difficult, though you will have to prepare a budget for your pool opening. Depending on the season and what kind of pool you have, the pool opening process can be complex or straightforward.

The price range is anywhere from $90 to $450 to open a swimming pool.

But, of course, those numbers only scratch the surface. So come with us as we explore the average pool opening cost for different kinds of pools.

Opening Cost Based On Pool Type

Cost Of Opening an In-Ground Pool

Pool owners could spend anywhere from $90 to $330 to open an in-ground pool.

You will likely have to skim or broom debris off the top of the pool cover before carefully removing it and checking for holes and rips. 

We recommend using a skimmer net for this process.

NOTE: People with mesh covers must only remove debris, as mesh covers don’t hold standing water like average pool covers.

After that, you may add your accessories and refill your pool so the water level is back to standard, and remove any winter plugs that you installed before winter.

Lastly, you will need to turn the pump and filter back on before adding your pool chemicals.

The cost will rise if your pool has been closed for a long while, as dirt tends to build up over time.

Cost Of Opening an Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground pools typically cost anywhere from $90-$450 to open.

The entire process is very similar to that of an in-ground pool, from cleaning the cover to cleaning the interior to adding chemical treatments.

However, with an above-ground pool, you will likely have to spend more time cleaning the outside pool walls as they tend to get dirtier with exposure to the surrounding air.

Cost Of Opening a Saltwater Pool

The average pool owner will spend anywhere from $100 to $400 to open up a saltwater swimming pool.

The majority of the saltwater pool opening process is similar to the two above, though a few significant differences increase the cost.

Saltwater pools run using salt water generators. You must ensure that your saltwater generator is working and use a test kit to check your pH levels. Lastly, you will have to pay for a shock treatment that is saltwater-friendly.

Cost of a Pool Opening Service

Most pool maintenance companies will charge based on the size of the pool and the amount of cleaning required.

People often pay anywhere from $175 to $300 for a pool opening service. There are a few things that can increase the cost of this pool opening service, including:

  • Algae growth
  • Additional chemicals
  • Deep cleaning

On the high end, many people end up spending close to $400 for a pool opening service.

If you have your own swimming pool chemicals and only plan to pay for labor, you can expect to pay anywhere from $160-$200.


What’s Included In a Pool Opening Service?

For basic pool service, you can expect:

  • Pool cover cleaning, removal, and storage
  • Water level top-off
  • Pool skimming
  • Water testing
  • Adding chemicals
  • Winterizing plugs removal
  • Filter, Pump, and Heater testing
  • Heater startup
  • Ladder, diving board, and light installation
  • Swimming pool brushing and vacuuming

What Month Should I Open My Pool?

Depending on where you live, the month in which you can open your swimming pool will change. Most people feel that their swimming pools are ready by May or June.

What Month Should I Winterize My Pool?

Pool closing must be done before the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means you may need to winterize it as early as October, or as late as mid November. Our How Much Does It Cost To Winterize A Pool guide goes into further detail. 

Should I Hire Someone To Open My Pool?

Hiring a pool opening pro is the best way to ensure your pool opening is done correctly, without any mistakes. If you’ve never opened a pool before, we recommend watching their process so you can do it the next time if you choose.

Not only can a quality pool service perform all of the necessary swimming pool opening steps listed above, but they’ll be able to do it much more efficiently than you could.

What Kinds Of Chemicals Do I Need To Open My Swimming Pool?

To get your pool ready, you’ll likely need a variety of swimming pool chemicals. One of the best ways to determine all the chemicals you need is by testing your pool water with a test kit. For a frame of reference, here are all the chemicals most homeowners use to get their pool water ready:

  • pH Balancer
  • Shock
  • Scale Remover
  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Algaecides
  • Stabilizers

Adding chemicals is necessary to kill bacteria and keep your pool clean over time.

Final Thoughts – Is Opening A Pool Difficult?

The pool opening process is not complicated by any means, and you can absolutely do it yourself if you choose.

However, the pool opening process can be quite time-consuming, which is why so many people turn to professional services to get the job done. If you choose to go with a local service for your swimming pool opening, make sure to call around and compare quotes before finalizing.

Comparing quotes is the best way to get average prices and save money on the cost of hiring a pro.

Happy swimming!