Best Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

When planning your post-wedding getaway, Europe’s diverse landscapes offer a fusion of history, culture, and romance, perfect for a memorable honeymoon. Below is a curated list of some highly sought-after romantic European destinations.

Top Beachfront Destinations:

DestinationCountryNotable Features
Canary IslandsSpainVolcanic landscapes, lively beaches, and year-round sunshine
SantoriniGreeceDramatic cliffs, sunsets, and unique architecture
Amalfi CoastItalyPicturesque towns, rugged shoreline, and culinary delights

Iconic Romantic Cities:

ParisFranceExceptional cuisine, iconic landmarks
RomeItalyAncient history, vibrant street life
VeniceItalyCanals, Renaissance art

Unique Experiences:

DestinationCountryNotable Activities
Norwegian CruisesNorwayFjord sightseeing, Northern Lights

The Canary Islands: As voted on Honeymoon Destinations, the Canary Islands are a top choice, particularly Gran Canaria and Tenerife. These Spanish islands are not only famous for their beaches but also their unique terrains and pleasant climate.

Greece (Santorini): Visiting Santorini assures you mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea framed by whitewashed buildings. Renowned for its volcanic sands and world-class services, it’s a paradise for newlyweds.

Italy: Journey through Italy’s Amalfi Coast with its dramatic coastlines and indulgent Italian cuisine, or wander the historic streets of Rome. Venice offers a timeless backdrop of intertwined canals and charming gondolas.

France (Paris): Imagine sipping on fine French wine with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop. Paris exudes charm and sophistication, with unmatched opportunities for lovers to explore fine dining and art.

Norway (Cruises): For couples seeking a blend of adventure and intimacy, consider a cruise along the Norwegian coast, where fjords and the aurora borealis create a captivating setting.

Ideal Seasons for Travel:

  • The Canary Islands: Delight in spring or autumn for ideal weather.
  • Santorini: Late spring and early fall offer sunny days with fewer crowds.
  • Amalfi Coast: May through September for warm temperatures and clear skies.
  • Paris, Rome, and Venice: Spring or fall for mild weather and fewer tourists.
  • Norwegian Cruises: Summer for the midnight sun, winter for northern lights.

Each destination presents a unique tapestry of experiences, ensuring your honeymoon is as unforgettable as your wedding day.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, a stunning Mediterranean landscape, offers an array of experiences that cater to romantic, adventurous, and cultural desires. As newlyweds, imagine embarking on picturesque tours and exploring charming towns along Italy’s southwestern shore.

Romantic Experiences:

  • Stroll through Positano’s cliffside villages hand-in-hand
  • Sail into the sunset on a private boat tour along the coast
  • Relax on secluded beaches with crystalline waters

Adventurous Activities:

  • Hike the Path of the Gods for breathtaking views
  • Rent a scooter to wind through the coastal roads
  • Explore the Emerald Grotto by kayak

Cultural Discoveries:

  • Visit historic cathedrals and villas in Ravello
  • Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in Amalfi’s local trattorias
  • Experience vibrant festivals in Sorrento

Luxurious Accommodations:

  • Le Sirenuse, Positano: A classic choice offering sea views and exclusive services
  • Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi: An oceanfront getaway with private beach access
  • Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello: Elevated luxury with an infinity pool overlooking the coast

Honeymoon Packages: While most hotels offer customizable romantic packages, typical inclusions are:

  • Welcoming champagne
  • Couple’s spa treatments
  • Romantic dinners at fine restaurants
Romantic OptionsAdventurous OptionsCultural OpportunitiesSuggested HotelsPackage Highlights
Positano village walksPath of the Gods hikeCathedral tours in RavelloLe Sirenuse, PositanoChampagne on arrival
Sunset boat toursCoastal roads by scooterTrattoria dining in AmalfiHotel Santa Caterina, AmalfiSpa treatments
Secluded beachesEmerald Grotto kayakingSorrento festivalsBelmond Hotel Caruso, RavelloRomantic dinners

As you plan your Amalfi Coast honeymoon, consider your preferred balance of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. The coast offers a tapestry of experiences, each assuring unforgettable moments and exquisite settings ideal for beginning your life together.


Dubrovnik, a stunning city located on the Adriatic Sea of Croatia, is famed for its historic architecture and crystal-clear waters, making it a captivating choice for honeymooners seeking romance and adventure.

Romantic Activities:

  • Stroll through the Old Town with its limestone streets and Baroque buildings.
  • Experience a sunset walk atop the ancient City Walls for breathtaking views.

Adventurous Things to Do:

  • Take a kayak tour around the Lokrum Island.
  • Enjoy a cable car ride up to Mount Srđ.

Day Trips:

  • Elaphiti Islands: A short boat trip for tranquil beaches and charming villages.
  • Pelješac Peninsula: Explore wineries and oyster farms.

Luxurious Accommodations:

  • Historic hotels with sea views
  • Exclusive boutique hotels

Example of All-Inclusive Honeymoon Offer:

  • Accommodation with views of the Medieval Walls
  • Breakfast included, plus romantic dinners
LocationDubrovnik, Croatia
Romantic ActivitiesWalks in Old Town, City Walls
AdventureKayaking, Cable Car
Day TripsElaphiti Islands, Pelješac
HotelsSea view rooms, luxury services
PackagesMeals, exclusive tours

Your stay in Dubrovnik combines the allure of history with the thrill of exploration, ensuring a honeymoon experience that is both luxurious and brimming with discovery.


Spain offers a diversity of romantic landscapes, from golden beaches to historic cities. In the Canary Islands, you’ll find Tenerife, known for its sunny climate and beach resorts, making it superb for a relaxing honeymoon. You might indulge in a cruise around the islands or delight in a candlelit dinner under the starry skies.

San Sebastián, a gem in the Basque Country, is famous for its culinary scene; perfect for food-loving couples seeking a harmonious blend of beach and culture. Explore its historic streets, or enjoy its renowned pintxos—ideal for an intimate gastronomic adventure.

Madrid, the pulsating capital, awaits with cosmopolitan allure. Delve into its treasure trove of art museums, like The Prado, or watch a captivating flamenco performance. Luxury accommodations here are plenty, with options like the Ritz offering sumptuous stays for newlyweds.

In the northern regions like Galicia, you’ll find a more serene environment, conducive to private tours, coastal walks, and hidden coves. Here, boutique hotels cater to romantic experiences, often with sea views and gourmet local cuisine.

The table below summarizes the romantic activities and accommodations found in Spain:

DestinationRomantic ActivitiesLuxurious HotelsAdventurous Excursion
Tenerife, Canary IslandsBeach resorts, Starlit dinners, CruisesIberostar Grand MenceyTeide National Park Tours
San SebastiánCulinary tours, Beach walksHotel de Londres y de InglaterraSailing around the Basque Coast
MadridArt tours, Flamenco showsRitz MadridHot Air Balloon over the city
GaliciaCoastal walks, Private toursParador de Santiago de CompostelaWine Tasting Tours

Exclusive honeymoon packages often bundle luxurious stays with unique experiences like private sunset sailings, tasting menus at high-end restaurants, or couples’ massages. While all-inclusive offers might include dining, activities within the resort, and sometimes even nearby excursions to attractions, ensuring all aspects of your romantic getaway are taken care of.


Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne offers a blend of urban charm and natural splendor, making it a fitting choice for a memorable honeymoon. Surrounded by majestic mountains and the tranquil Lake Lucerne, the city’s scenic beauty provides a backdrop for romance and adventure.

Romantic Activities:

  • Enjoy a serene boat tour of Lake Lucerne, witnessing breathtaking views.
  • Stroll along Chapel Bridge, especially enchanting at sunset.
  • Visit the old town for a leisurely afternoon of exploration and cozy cafés.

Adventurous Pursuits:

  • Take a day trip to Mount Pilatus or Mount Rigi for hiking and panoramic vistas.
  • Experience the thrill of a cable car ride to witness the majesty of the Swiss Alps.

Luxurious Accommodations:
Sample some of the finest stays in Lucerne tailored for romantic getaways.

Hotel NameFeatures
Hotel SchweizerhofGourmet dining, spa services
Palace LuzernLakeside views, historic elegance
The Art Deco Hotel MontanaHillside location, jazz evenings

Tour Options:

  • Book private tours for personalized experiences – from city highlights to remote corners of the countryside.
  • Consider guided cultural tours to embrace the Swiss heritage and Lucerne’s historic sites.

Honeymoon Packages:
Upscale hotels in Lucerne often offer honeymoon packages that may include:

  • Welcome festivities with champagne or gourmet chocolates.
  • Special room decorations to set a romantic ambiance.
  • Couples’ spa treatments tailored to relax and invigorate.

Create treasured memories in Lucerne, as you embark on a new chapter amidst its captivating landscapes and inviting atmosphere.

Venice (Italy)

Location: Venice is a renowned city in northeastern Italy, built on over 100 small islands in the Adriatic Sea, with no roads, just canals.

Romantic Activities:

  • Enjoy a gondola ride along the Grand Canal, passing historic buildings and under famous bridges.
  • Stroll hand-in-hand around vibrant Piazza San Marco and visit the stunning Basilica di San Marco.
  • Watch the sunset from the iconic Rialto Bridge.

Adventure and Fun:

  • Explore the narrow alleyways of Venice and discover hidden treasures and lesser-known canals.
  • Take part in a Venetian mask-making workshop and create your own carnival masks.

Tours and Day Trips:

  • Book a Venetian islands tour, visiting Murano for glass-making, Burano for lace, and Torcello for history.
  • Day trips to nearby cities like Verona, the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, offer a romantic escape.

Hotel Suggestions:

  • Hotel Moresco: Located on the Rio Nuovo canal, this 4-star boutique hotel is close to must-see attractions.
  • Ca Maria Adele: Offers a luxurious stay with its opulent décor, located in the art-rich Dorsoduro district.

Honeymoon Packages:

  • Venice honeymoon experiences often include romantic dinners, spa treatments, and private tours. Many hotels offer packages that cater to honeymooners looking for an all-encompassing romantic experience.
LocationOver 100 islands in the Adriatic Sea, linked by canals
RomanticGondola rides, Piazza San Marco, Sunset at Rialto
AdventureDiscover hidden alleys, Mask-making workshops
ToursVenetian islands, Day trips to Verona
AccommodationsBoutique hotels like Hotel Moresco, Luxurious stays at Ca Maria Adele
PackagesDinners, spa sessions, private tours, tailor-made for romance

When planning your honeymoon, Venice offers a blend of romantic backdrops, cultural experiences, and opulent accommodations, promising to make your post-wedding vacation unforgettable.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer a mix of romantic ambiance, adventure, and relaxation for your honeymoon. Located around 50 miles west of Morocco, these Spanish islands provide a picturesque setting with a comfortable climate year-round, making them a perfect escape for couples.

Romantic Activities:
Enjoy intimate beach strolls on pristine sands or watch the sunset over the Atlantic. Dining under the stars with ocean views adds a touch of romance to the culinary delights of the region.

The varied landscapes from the lunar-like terrain of Lanzarote to the lush forests of La Palma are ideal for couples who love exploration and adventure. Activities such as hiking the volcanic peaks or snorkeling in crystal-clear waters are thrilling experiences to share.

Tours and Day Trips:
Opt for a guided tour or a private cruise to neighboring islands, which can include wine tasting and exploring historical sites.

Luxurious Accommodation:
Choose from a variety of high-end hotels offering romantic packages. Look for amenities such as couple’s massages, private terraces, and infinity pools to enhance your stay.

All-Inclusive Packages:
To simplify your travel experience, consider an all-inclusive honeymoon package that covers meals, accommodations, and some activities.

Location50 miles west of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean
Romantic ActivitiesBeach walks, sunset viewing, starlit dining
AdventureHiking, snorkeling, exploring volcanic landscapes
Tours and Day TripsGuided cultural tours, wine tasting, island-hopping cruises
Luxurious HotelsHotels with couple’s massages, private terraces, infinity pools
Honeymoon PackagesPackages can include meals, accommodation, and select activities


Mallorca, a stunning jewel in the Mediterranean, offers a romantic canvas for your honeymoon. Your time on the island is best spent indulging in the rich Spanish culture, exploring quaint cliffside towns, and relaxing on beautiful sun-kissed beaches.

Romantic activities in Mallorca are abundant—experience a serene boat ride along the crystal-clear waters or enjoy a private sunset dinner overlooking the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana mountains. For a touch of adventure, take a day trip to the Caves of Drach to witness the enchanting underground lakes.

Luxurious hotels in Mallorca cater to romantic getaways with exclusive amenities. Options like Belmond La Residencia in the charming village of Deià or the Cap Rocat, a former military fortress, offer privacy, elegance, and breathtaking views.

Honeymoon packages often include all-inclusive offers, combining stays in high-end resorts with curated experiences, such as wine-tasting tours, couples’ spa treatments, and intimate meals at some of Mallorca’s finest restaurants.

Below is a table summarizing key honeymoon highlights in Mallorca:

LocationMediterranean, Spanish island with diverse landscapes
Romantic ActivitiesBoat rides, sunset dinners, beach lounging
AdventureCaves of Drach exploration
Tours & Day TripsWine-tasting, local food tours, historical sites
Luxury HotelsBelmond La Residencia, Cap Rocat
PackagesAll-inclusive offers with accommodation, dining, and activities

Your honeymoon in Mallorca promises to be a delightful mix of romantic moments, cultural exploration, and leisure in one of Europe’s most enchanting destinations.


Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coast and enchanting old-world charm, stands out as a premier European honeymoon destination. Imagine walking hand in hand through the cobblestone streets of ancient towns or basking in the luxury of a top-rated island resort.

Romantic Accommodations

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik: This 5-star hotel in Dubrovnik is a haven of boutique luxury, offering exceptional privacy and design ideal for honeymooners seeking exclusivity.

Adventure and Relaxation

For the adventurous soul, the remote Palagruža lighthouse promises a unique retreat. Accessible via boat, couples can savor unparalleled solitude while surrounded by the sea. Conversely, the island of Lošinj provides a mix of luxury and wellness, transforming from a family resort to a five-star spa haven.

Culinary Delights

In places like Split and Dubrovnik, romantic dining is effortless. The magic of these ancient towns provides an array of culinary experiences in a setting that inherently sparks romance.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started on planning:

Destination AttributesDetails
LocationCroatian Adriatic Coast
Top Hotel for RomanceHotel Bellevue Dubrovnik
Unique ExperienceOvernight at Palagruža lighthouse
Spa and LuxuryWellness retreats on Lošinj
Romantic Dining LocationsOld towns of Split and Dubrovnik
ActivitiesCity tours, beach outings, boat trips
Honeymoon PackagesTypically include accommodation, dining, and tours

With its exquisite mixture of romantic locations, exhilarating activities, and pampering luxury, Croatia not only meets but exceeds the hopes of those seeking an unforgettable honeymoon experience.


Nestled in the heart of Europe, Prague emerges as a premier honeymoon destination, ideal for couples seeking a blend of romance, history, and culture. Known for its breathtaking architecture, cobblestone streets, and picturesque vistas, Prague offers an intimate escape.

For Romantic Activities: You can explore the enchanting Charles Bridge during the quieter dawn hours or catch the sunset at Prague Castle for a stunning panoramic view of the city. Enjoy moments of leisure in the serene Wallenstein Garden, often adorned with peacocks and classical statues.

Adventurous Outings: Embark on a day trip to the spectacular Bohemian Switzerland national park or engage in a hot air balloon ride over the Czech countryside for an unmatched aerial view of the region.

Hotels for Couples: Consider deluxe accommodations such as the Four Seasons Hotel Prague or the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa, which offer an opulent retreat with couple’s spa services and gourmet dining.

Honeymoon Packages: Many travel experts provide comprehensive packages to Prague, including some that are tailored for romantic getaways. These packages may offer guided tours, romantic dinners, and possibly even photo sessions to immortalize your memories.

Table 1: Prague Honeymoon Overview

LocationCentral Europe, within the Czech Republic
Romantic ActivitiesCharles Bridge at dawn, Sunset at Prague Castle, Relax in Wallenstein Garden
AdventuresDay trips to Bohemian Switzerland, Hot air balloon rides
Recommended HotelsFour Seasons Hotel, Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa
Honeymoon PackagesIncludes tours, meals, photography, accommodation

Prague’s magic lies in its ability to provide a historical backdrop to a modern love story. Its long-standing cultural heritage coupled with modern luxury makes Prague a gem for newlyweds.

Puglia (Italy)

Location: Puglia, also known as Apulia, is situated in the southeast of Italy. It forms the heel of Italy’s “boot” and is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the southeast.

Romantic Activities:

  • Explore the Valle d’Itria, known for its Trulli houses, olive groves, and dry stone walls.
  • Visit the charming town of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and take a stroll among its whitewashed Trulli.
  • Enjoy a sunset cruise along Puglia’s coastline, soaking in the breathtaking views.


  • Cycle through the countryside, passing through historic towns and vineyards.
  • Take a cooking class together and learn how to prepare traditional Puglian cuisine.

Tours and Day Trips:

  • Embark on a wine-tasting tour in Salento, sampling the region’s renowned Primitivo and Negroamaro wines.
  • Visit the Castellana Caves for a guided tour of one of Italy’s most impressive karst cave systems.

Luxurious Hotels:

  • Check in at Masseria Torre Coccaro, an upscale hotel offering a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities.
  • Stay at Borgo Egnazia, known for its luxurious accommodations and world-class spa.
Activity TypeSuggestions
Romantic SpotsValle d’Itria, Alberobello
Fun ExplorationCoastal cruises, Cooking classes
Adventure OptionsCountryside cycling
Cultural TripsWine-tasting in Salento, Castellana Caves
Luxury StaysMasseria Torre Coccaro, Borgo Egnazia

Honeymoon Packages:

  • Local hotels often offer honeymoon packages that include romantic dinners, wellness treatments, and guided tours.
  • All-inclusive offers typically come with meals, tours, and extra services like massages and private transfers.

St Tropez

St Tropez, situated on the French Riviera, is a dazzling honeymoon destination known for its azure waters and luxurious atmosphere. Your romantic getaway here combines the charm of a quaint fishing village with the glamour associated with celebrities and artists.

Romantic Activities:

Explore Quaint Streets: Wander hand in hand through the old La Ponche quarter, discovering hidden boutiques and cafés. Sunset Beach Strolls: Enjoy the serene beauty of Pampelonne Beach as the sun dips below the horizon. Yacht Excursions: Charter a yacht for a day to experience the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea intimately.


Water sports: Indulge in scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the rich marine life. Sailing: Take sailing lessons and set out into the open waters for an exhilarating experience.

Luxury Accommodations:

St Tropez boasts an array of luxurious hotels perfect for honeymooners seeking both comfort and exclusivity.

Hotel NameHighlight Feature
Hotel La PoncheIntimate and historic charm
Hotel ByblosIconic and central location
Chateau de la MessardierePanoramic views

Packages & Offers:

Many hotels in St Tropez offer honeymoon packages which typically include:

  • Welcome champagne
  • Romantic dinners
  • Couple’s spa treatments

Tours & Day Trips:

Wine Tasting Tour: The countryside around St Tropez is dotted with vineyards, perfect for a day tour. Sainte-Maxime: A quick ferry ride away, this town offers a more subdued romantic setting for a day trip.

Choose St Tropez for a honeymoon that perfectly balances relaxation with vibrant cosmopolitan energy in a setting that’s as beautiful as it is exclusive.


Finland offers an extraordinary honeymoon experience combining romance, adventure, and serenity. Kemi lies on the Bothnian Bay, where couples can marvel at the Snow Castle and its frosty architecture, setting a whimsical winter tone for their romantic getaway.

In Porvoo, just outside Helsinki, Haikko Manor and Spa promises a luxurious stay. The regal manor house, coupled with premium spa services, provides the perfect setting for you to relax and connect.

In the north, Lapland invites adventure seekers with activities like sledding and the chance to witness the magical Northern Lights. Here, you can choose from several indulgent honeymoon packages that often include these unique experiences.

For day excursions, consider a visit to Helsinki Cathedral in the capital city, an iconic landmark against the cityscape. As Finland embraces its natural beauty and historical splendor, your honeymoon can be as laid-back or as thrilling as your hearts desire.

Below is a detailed breakdown of Finland’s offerings for you, highlighting locations, romantic activities, and luxury accommodation.

LocationRomantic ActivitiesLuxury AccommodationAdventure OptionsTours/Day Trips
KemiVisit the Snow CastleN/AN/AN/A
PorvooEnjoy spa services at Haikko ManorHaikko Manor and SpaN/AExplore the historical city
LaplandNorthern Lights viewingsVarious luxury lodges and resortsSledding, SkiingSnowmobile and husky tours
HelsinkiVisit the Helsinki Cathedral, Take a walk in the old townHotel Kämp, Lilla RobertsN/AHistorical city tours

Remember to check for honeymoon packages, as many locations offer tailored experiences that bundle together accommodation, dining, and activities for couples, ensuring a stress-free, enchanting escape.


Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean, strikes a balance between historical intrigue and contemporary leisure, making it an ideal European honeymoon destination. You can immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of cultures that have left their mark on this island nation.

Romantic Activities:

  • Stroll through the fortified city of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Enjoy a sunset dinner on the seafront promenade of St. Julian’s.
  • Take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon on Comino for its azure waters.

Adventure and Fun:

  • Explore underwater wrecks on a scuba diving expedition.
  • Go kayaking around the dramatic coastline.
  • Take a jeep tour of Gozo, known for its rugged landscape and ancient ruins.

Accommodation: Choose from luxurious boutique hotels or traditional farmhouse stays. The Coleridge Boutique Hotel in Valletta offers a mix of classic and modern elegance, while the Sant Anton Farmhouse on Gozo gives you a taste of serene rural life.

Honeymoon Packages: Many hotels and resorts offer honeymoon packages, which may include welcome drinks, a romantic dinner for two, spa treatments, and room upgrades.

LocationCentral Mediterranean, between Sicily and the North African coast
Romantic ActivitiesSunset dinners, ancient city tours, boat trips
Adventure and FunScuba diving, kayaking, off-road tours
Luxurious HotelsThe Coleridge Boutique Hotel, Sant Anton Farmhouse
All-inclusive OffersRomantic dinners, spa treatments, room upgrades

Discover the mosaic of different beaches, from sandy shores to rocky inlets. Each day can end with a different stunning view, allowing you to weave together an unforgettable start to your marriage journey.

Florence And Tuscany

Florence, the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, offers romantic, fun, and adventurous activities for honeymooners. Stroll hand-in-hand across the Ponte Vecchio, a medieval stone bridge housing a variety of jewelers, art dealers, and souvenir shops. Visit the Uffizi Gallery to admire some of the world’s most treasured Renaissance art together, fostering a deeper connection through shared cultural experiences.

For a blend of romance and adventure, take a day trip to the Tuscan countryside, renowned for its rolling hills, vineyards, and timeless charm. Experience a winery tour in Chianti, engaging in wine tastings and learning about local wine production—a quintessentially Tuscan activity that combines relaxation with new experiences.

Suggested Luxurious Hotels:

  • Hotel Romance: Nestled in Florence’s historical center, offering premium suites with stunning city views.
  • Villa Dreams: A countryside escape in Tuscany, featuring private pools and an intimate atmosphere.

Honeymoon packages in these hotels typically include romantic dinners, spa treatments, and sometimes personalized tours to nearby attractions. All-inclusive offers might encompass accommodations, meals, and experiences designed to create unforgettable memories.

Romantic WalksExplore the iconic Ponte Vecchio and historical streets.Florence
Art GalleriesVisit the Uffizi Gallery for a cultural experience.Florence
Countryside Winery ToursEnjoy exploring wineries and vineyards in Chianti.Tuscany
Luxurious AccommodationsStay in premier hotels with exclusive amenities.Florence & Tuscany Region

For an added touch of adventure, try a hot air balloon ride over the Tuscan landscape, offering panoramic views and a thrilling experience that you’ll remember for years to come. Whether seeking the bustling culture of Florence or the serene beauty of the Tuscan countryside, this destination caters to all aspects of an idyllic honeymoon.


When planning your romantic getaway in Europe, Greece stands out with its azure seas, picturesque villages, ancient history, and sumptuous cuisine. It’s a destination that uniquely blends romance with adventure.

Athens, the capital, gives you a taste of history and urban elegance with options to explore famous sites such as the Acropolis. For a view that pairs well with fine dining, consider staying at Divani Palace Acropolis which offers a special suite with an Acropolis view and private hot tub.

Escape to the famed Santorini, where the backdrop is as romantic as it gets. Stay at a luxury hotel perched on the caldera edge, offering unrivaled views of the sea. Dine al fresco in a restaurant overlooking Santorini’s famed sunsets, renowned for their striking colors.

For beach lovers, Crete offers a blend of adventure and relaxation. From sun-soaked beaches to ancient ruins, you can partake in hikes, cultural tours, or simply unwind in a seaside resort.

Greece’s popularity has given rise to a variety of honeymoon packages. These often include accommodations, romantic dinners, and tours. All-inclusive offers might consist of spa sessions, private excursions, or wine tastings, perfect for couples seeking a mix of discovery and relaxation.

Greek Honeymoon HighpointsDescription
Athens – Urban CharmAcropolis views, luxury suites, rich history.
Santorini – Sunset ParadiseClifftop hotels, candlelit dinners, iconic scenery.
Crete – Adventure & SerenityPristine beaches, archeological sites, luxury resorts.
Honeymoon PackagesIncludes special tours, couples’ spa treatments, gourmet experiences.

Create lasting memories by immersing in the local cultures through island-hopping tours, savoring Greek gastronomy with a seaside view, and soaking in the warmth of Greek hospitality. Each island tells its own story, with leisure and adventure interwoven with the romance inherently found in the Greek landscape.


Scotland offers you a mix of romantic, adventurous, and culturally rich experiences for your honeymoon. With its stunning landscapes and historic sites, Scotland is a captivating destination for couples seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Luxury Accommodations: For a lavish stay, choose from historic hotels, like the Dunkeld House Hotel in Perthshire, surrounded by 280 acres of woodland. Expect sumptuous décor, often with stunning views, and amenities such as hot tubs and private terraces.

Romantic Activities:

  • Stroll alongside serene lochs or through ancient castles.
  • Relax in honeymoon suites offering romantic extras like wine and chocolates.
  • Take in the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands or the peaceful ambiance of the glens.

Adventurous Outings: Engage in outdoor activities such as hiking in the Highlands or exploring the rugged coastlines. Scotland’s natural beauty provides a perfect backdrop for adventure.

Tours and Day Trips: Consider guided tours to historical sites like Edinburgh Castle, or enjoy the vibrant city life in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Day trips to Scottish isles or scenic countryside locations are abundant.

All-Inclusive Offers: Honeymoon packages often include accommodations, meals, and activities planned out to provide a seamless romantic experience.

LocationScottish countryside, historic cities, Highlands, and islands.
AccommodationsLuxury hotels with historic charm, suites with majestic views, and romantic extras for couples.
ActivitiesLoch-side strolls, castle explorations, city tours, and Highland adventures.
ToursDay trips to castles, cities, and remote isles, often with a focus on Scottish history and natural landscapes.
PackagesHoneymoon packages typically include various romantic enhancements tailored to create memorable experiences.

Choose Scotland for an unforgettable blend of scenic beauty, historical exploration, and luxurious relaxation that’s certain to make your honeymoon as enchanting as the country itself.


Located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, offering a blend of exciting adventures and romantic experiences for honeymooners. Your time on the island can be as laid-back or as active as you wish, with its picturesque beaches, historic sites, and stunning landscapes.

Romantic Experiences:

  • Enjoy the sunset at the Venetian Harbor of Chania.
  • Have a dinner for two with sea views in Elounda.
  • Walk hand in hand through the cobblestone streets of Rethymnon Old Town.

Adventurous Activities:

  • Hike the Samaria Gorge, a major attraction for nature lovers.
  • Explore the underwater world with a scuba diving session.
  • Take a jeep safari to off-the-beaten-path villages and landscapes.

Tours and Day Trips:

  • A wine tasting tour through Crete’s vineyards.
  • A boat trip to the secluded Balos Lagoon.
  • Visit the Palace of Knossos, the heart of the Minoan civilization.

Luxurious Accommodation:

  • Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Elounda.
  • Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection.
  • Elounda Gulf Villas.

Honeymoon Packages:

  • Typically, local hotels offer packages including
    • Welcome champagne and flowers.
    • Special room decorations.
    • Couples spa treatments.
Honeymoon Highlights in CreteDetails
SightsVenetian Harbor, Rethymnon Old Town, Palace of Knossos
Romantic SpotsElounda sea views, Samaria Gorge sunset
Adventurous ExcursionsScuba diving, jeep safaris
Luxury StaysBlue Palace Resort, Domes of Elounda
All-Inclusive ExtrasChampagne, couples’ spa, special dining experiences

Indulging in Crete’s offerings will create memorable and romantic experiences, all while enjoying the luxurious comforts and unique adventures that this Greek paradise offers.

Seville (Spain)

Seville, the charismatic capital of the Andalusia region, offers a quintessentially Spanish honeymoon experience. Your romantic getaway can be filled with the seductive arts of flamenco dancing, especially prevalent in the historic Triana neighborhood.

Surround yourself with the legacy of the Moorish Almohad dynasty as you explore the Alcázar castle, a masterpiece of cultural synthesis and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For those seeking a brush with traditional spectacle, the iconic Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza awaits, inviting you to experience the grandeur of Spanish bullfighting.

Seville’s proximity to other jewels of Andalusia, such as Cadíz and Granada, makes it an excellent hub for day trips. Each nearby city offers its unique spin on Andalusian charm and romantic settings, be it through their historical streets or vibrant culinary scenes.

The city caters to romantic sojourns with an array of luxurious hotels. Consider staying in places offering honeymoon packages that might include special room decorations, welcome gifts, and couple’s spa treatments.

Below is a concise guide to planning your honeymoon in Seville:

AttractionsAlcázar castle: Historic royal palace
Triana neighborhood: Flamenco shows and ambience
Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza: Traditional bullring
Day TripsCadíz: Historic port city
Granada: The Alhambra palace and Genralife gardens
Córdoba: Grand Mosque-Cathedral (Mezquita)
AccommodationPackages: Look for honeymoon specials
Luxury: Upscale amenities like spas, fine dining
Romantic Activities– Tapas tours
– Evening river cruises
– Intimate flamenco performances

In Seville, embrace the enchantment of Spain’s passionate culture, refined history, and lush comforts, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The Azores

Located 900 miles off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores archipelago consists of nine volcanic islands, making it a unique and picturesque option for your honeymoon. Not only are the islands a part of Europe, which can add to the convenience of travel for many, but they are also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, hinting at their unspoiled beauty and ecological importance.

When visiting the Azores, you can indulge in romantic activities such as stargazing due to the clear skies, or enjoying thermal baths in a natural setting. For adventurous experiences, consider hiking to the stunning crater lakes, like the twin lakes of Sete Cidades, or exploring the local flora at the Terra Nostra Park.

The available tours and day trips offer immersive experiences into the islands’ natural beauties and cultural attractions—visiting a pineapple plantation or observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat are just a few options.

Luxurious accommodations suited for romantic couples are available throughout the Azores. Quinta do Mar in Caloura, for example, presents a serene getaway with views of the southern coast, perfectly complementing a romantic honeymoon.

If seeking a more structured holiday, honeymoon packages often include stays at such impressive hotels, tours around the scenic points of interest, as well as dining experiences that feature the rich gastronomy of the islands.

Location9 islands, 900 miles off the coast of Portugal
Romantic ActivitiesStargazing, thermal baths
AdventureHiking, exploring natural flora
Tours & Day TripsWhale watching, cultural experiences
HotelsQuinta do Mar, other luxurious hotels
Honeymoon PackagesInclusive of accommodation, tours, dining


Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a picturesque Greek island perfect for honeymooners seeking a blend of romance, history, and natural beauty. With a rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, Corfu offers an array of activities for couples.

Imagine wandering through the narrow alleys of Corfu Town, hand in hand, as you explore historic sites like the Old Fortress. Indulge in local cuisine at a seaside taverna, or embark on a sunset cruise along the island’s emerald coastline for a touch of adventure and romance.

For a personalized experience, consider booking a private tour. A day trip to the Achilleion Palace, once the retreat for royalty, can be a highlight, offering breathtaking views and lush gardens.

Regarding accommodation, Corfu boasts a selection of luxurious hotels and resorts designed with couples in mind. Opt for a sea view room to enjoy the serene views as you wake up each morning. Some top-end hotels offer all-inclusive packages, which may include spa treatments, romantic dinners, and other exclusive amenities to enhance your stay.

Below is a curated table of features and experiences to consider when planning your honeymoon in Corfu:

LocationCorfu, Ionian Sea, Greece. Picturesque island with a mix of sandy beaches and lush greenery.
Romantic ActivitiesStrolls through Corfu Town, sunset cruises, intimate dinners at local tavernas.
AdventureWater sports, hiking in Corfu’s scenic landscapes, private tours to historic sites.
Luxury HotelsSea view rooms, honeymoon suites, all-inclusive offers with spa access and private dining.
Tours & Day TripsVisit to the Achilleion Palace, exploring secluded beaches, guided historical tours.

When in Corfu, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of love and tranquility, making it a supreme destination for celebrating the beginning of your married life together.


Santorini, a crescent-shaped island in the Aegean Sea, is one of Europe’s premier honeymoon destinations. Its breathtaking caldera views, crystal-clear waters, and white-washed villages offer a unique and romantic backdrop for couples.

Luxurious Accommodations

Santorini boasts numerous high-end hotels that cater specifically to honeymooners. Most notable are:

  • Canaves Oia Suites: Offering luxurious suites with views of the Aegean Sea and the Caldera.
  • De Sol Hotel & Spa: Features facilities like private pools, and jetted tubs perfect for a relaxing retreat.
  • Aenaon Villas & Andronis Luxury Suites: Both have received high praise for their travelers’ ratings and exceptional services.

Romantic Experiences

Engage in unforgettable experiences that heighten the romance of your trip:

  • Sunset Watching: Oia is famed for its stunning sunsets; find a quiet spot to enjoy the view.
  • Wine Tasting Tours: Explore local vineyards and taste the unique volcanic wines of the region.

Adventure and Exploration

For the adventurous spirit, you can:

  • Sailing Day Trips: Discover the surrounding islands and hidden coves by boat.
  • Hiking to Skaros Rock: Embark on a trek for panoramic views and a touch of adventure.

Tailored Tours

Private local guides are available to help you steer away from crowds and explore Santorini’s lesser-known gems.

Honeymoon Packages

Look for all-inclusive offers that often include dining, spa treatments, and private tours.

Summary Table

AccommodationsCanaves Oia, De Sol Spa, Aenaon Villas, Andronis Suites
Romantic ExperiencesSunset watching in Oia, Wine tasting tours
AdventureSailing day trips, Hiking to Skaros Rock
Tailored ToursPrivate guides for bespoke experiences
Honeymoon PackagesInclude meals, spa, tours within all-inclusive deals

Your days in Santorini will be marked by the beauty of its sunsets, the taste of its unique cuisine, and the luxury of your accommodations, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

Paris, France

When you choose Paris for your honeymoon, you indulge in a classic romance infused with the cultural richness of the “City of Love”. Renowned landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower offer an iconic setting for love to bloom. You can toast to your new life together with a glass of champagne on its viewing platforms, enveloped by panoramic views of the city.

Luxurious Stays:

  • Hôtel Le Milie Rose: Cozy and chic, located in the vibrant 10th district.
  • Le Bristol Paris: Offers discreet luxury and timeless elegance since 1925.
  • Maison Breguet: For a modern yet intimate experience.
  • Hotel Le Littre: Balances Parisian charm with comfort.

Table 1: Accommodation and Features

HotelDistinct Features
Hôtel Le Milie RoseIntimate atmosphere, ideal for honeymooners.
Le Bristol ParisHistoric luxury, renowned savoir-faire.
Maison BreguetContemporary design, intimate setting.
Hotel Le LittreTraditional charm, comfort, central location.

Paris bursts with activities that are ideal for couples. Stroll hand-in-hand through the art-lined corridors of the Louvre or enjoy a romantic dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Visit charming neighborhoods such as Montmartre; its cobblestone streets and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica offer a perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway.

Adventurous Experiences:

  • A night cruise along the River Seine.
  • Hot air balloon rides with breathtaking views of Versailles.
  • Exploring the Parisian catacombs for the thrill-seeking couple.

Your honeymoon in Paris offers a blend of leisure and exploration. For those yearning for day trips, the opulent Palace of Versailles lies just a short train ride away, and the vineyards of Champagne beckon for those willing to venture further.

Table 2: Romantic Activities

Eiffel Tower VisitChampagne toast and panoramic city views.
Louvre MuseumArt appreciation in an iconic setting.
Michelin-starred DiningGourmet experiences with Parisian flair.
River Seine CruiseNight-time views of illuminated landmarks.
Montmartre ExplorationArtistic district with basilica views.

It’s prudent to consider the time of year for your visit. The summertime, from June to August, presents Paris in full vivacity, though spring and fall also offer milder weather coupled with fewer tourists.

Honeymoon Packages:

Many luxury hotels in Paris provide exclusive honeymoon packages which can include welcome champagne, romantic room decorations, and special couples’ spa treatments, adding an all-inclusive serenity to your stay.

Plan your stay with the understanding that the average budget for a non-summer honeymoon begins at $3500, exclusive of flights; this allows for a leisurely and comprehensive Parisian experience.

Nice, France

Nice is a captivating honeymoon destination on the French Riviera, boasting a perfect blend of cosmopolitan energy and relaxed seaside charm. Your romantic getaway can begin with a stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais, where you’ll be greeted by picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Romantic Attractions

  • Old Town (Vieux Nice): Wander hand-in-hand through narrow, meandering streets and explore the local markets.
  • Castle Hill (Colline du Château): Offers panoramic views of the city, perfect for a sunset outing.

Adventure and Fun

  • Water Sports: Try parasailing or jet skiing on the bay for an adrenaline boost.
  • Day Trips: Consider a tour to nearby Eze or Monaco for a day of exploration.

Luxurious Accommodations

Le Negresco: This iconic hotel provides a sumptuous stay, complete with artful decor and sea views.

All-Inclusive Offers

Honeymoon packages in Nice often feature complementary champagne, romantic dinners, and spa services, ensuring a memorable experience.

Honeymoon in Nice: At a Glance

Activity TypeSuggestions
Romantic SpotsOld Town, Castle Hill
Adventure and FunParasailing, Jet skiing
ToursEze, Monaco
Luxurious HotelsLe Negresco
Package HighlightsChampagne, Romantic Dinners, Spa Services

Your honeymoon in Nice promises a unique blend of culture, relaxation, and adventure in one of Europe’s most beautiful coastal cities.

Bordeaux, France

Nestled in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is a sanctuary for lovers seeking a blend of culture, history, and romance. Your honeymoon in Bordeaux can be both enchanting and invigorating, with a plethora of activities that cater to a range of desires.

Romantic Experiences:

  • Marvel at the 18th-century architecture while strolling through the city’s historic quarter.
  • Take an evening walk along the Garonne River and witness the lights shimmering on the water.
  • Enjoy a performance at the impressive Grand Theatre.
  • Visit the colossal Gothic Cathedral for its stunning architecture.

Adventure & Fun:

  • Cycle across the picturesque Pont de Pierre bridge.
  • Embark on a wine-tasting tour through the renowned Bordeaux vineyards.

Luxurious Stay: Bordeaux offers high-end accommodations that can enhance your romantic experience. Look for hotels that provide honeymoon suites with views of the city or river, ensuring a private and luxurious stay.

Exclusive Offers: Some hotels and tours offer special honeymoon packages which may include welcome champagne, romantic dinners, or private city tours, adding a personalized touch to your trip.

Activity TypeSuggestions
Romantic SitesGothic Cathedral, Grand Theatre
Scenic WalksGaronne River, Historic Quarter
Cultural ToursWine Tasting, Historical Landmarks
Luxurious HotelsHotels with honeymoon suites/views
Honeymoon OffersPackages with exclusive experiences

Your honeymoon in Bordeaux promises a harmonious blend of sophistication and adventure, set amidst a backdrop of historic grandeur and modern indulgence. Whether you’re basking in the luxury of your hotel or exploring the rich culture and stunning landscapes, Bordeaux stands as an idyllic destination for your romantic getaway.


Location: Iceland captures the essence of a unique honeymoon destination with its otherworldly landscapes and natural wonders. It’s a country that famously combines fiery volcanoes with icy glaciers and is easily accessible with flights from Europe and North America.

Romantic Activities: Your romantic experience can include watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky, relaxing in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, or exploring the dramatic landscapes of the Golden Circle.

  • Northern Lights: Seek out a secluded spot for just the two of you.
  • Blue Lagoon: Indulge in a couple’s silica mud mask and soak in the healing waters.
  • Golden Circle: Marvel at natural spectacles like Gullfoss Waterfall and Geysir Geothermal Area.

Accommodations: For lavish accommodations, consider places such as the Apotek Hotel in historic Reykjavík, or the remote Hotel Búðir in western Iceland’s Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

Tours and Day Trips: Embark on personalized tours, such as private Super Jeep excursions or guided glacier hikes, which can offer both adventure and privacy.

Honeymoon Packages: Honeymoon packages in Iceland often cover airfare, luxury accommodation, and daily expenses for activities, meals, and transport. Expect to budget accordingly for a well-rounded experience that can include cultural highlights and intimate moments in nature.

Iceland Honeymoon FeaturesDetails
LocationAccessible from Europe/North America, known for unique landscapes
Activities-Watching Northern Lights
– Blue Lagoon visit
– Golden Circle tour
Hotels-Apotek Hotel
-Hotel Búðir
Tours-Private Super Jeep tours
– Guided glacier hikes
PackagesInclusive of airfare, accommodation, daily expenses


Cyprus is a prime honeymoon destination in Europe, promising an enchanting blend of romance, history, and adventure. Located at the crossroads of three continents—Europe, Asia, and Africa—it offers a unique cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes to explore.

Romantic Activities: Cyprus is renowned for its picturesque beaches. You can bask on the sun-kissed shores of Nissi Beach or enjoy the seclusion of Fig Tree Bay. The vibrant seafront and warm Mediterranean waters make for an ideal romantic setting, especially during sunset.

Adventurous Itineraries: The island beckons adventurous couples with activities such as hikes in the Troodos Mountains or exploring the Akamas Peninsula. Scuba diving in crystal-clear waters to discover underwater marvels adds an exciting dimension to your romantic getaway.

Luxury Accommodations: Cyprus offers an array of luxurious hotels. Consider stays that cater to couples, with amenities like spa services, private balconies, and gourmet dining options.

Honeymoon Packages: Many Cypriot resorts offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages, ensuring stress-free planning. Packages often include romantic dinners, spa treatments, and day trips.

Day Trips and Tours: Indulge in wine tours through the Troodos Mountains or visit the ancient city-kingdoms and harbors for a touch of culture and history. In Paphos, you can find UNESCO sites like the Tombs of the Kings that add an element of grandeur to your honeymoon experience.

LocationCyprus, intersecting Europe, Asia, Africa
Romantic ActivitiesSunset beaches, intimate dinners, spa services
AdventureHiking, scuba diving, nature exploration
Luxurious HotelsSpa, sea views, gourmet dining
Honeymoon PackagesAll-inclusive with tours and romantic extras
Cultural Day TripsWine tours, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Your honeymoon in Cyprus will be a journey through ancient history, stunning landscapes, and serene moments shared in the Mediterranean embrace.

Rome (Italy)

Location: Rome, the capital city of Italy, offers a blend of history, art, and culture creating an ideal romantic setting for your honeymoon. Famed for its ancient ruins and Baroque fountains, the city exudes romance and charm.

Romantic Activities:

  • Visit the iconic Colosseum and imagine the glory of ancient Rome.
  • Toss a coin and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain.
  • Enjoy a sunset view at the Spanish Steps and explore the surrounding chic boutiques.
  • Stroll through the Villa Borghese gardens for intimate moments.

Adventure and Fun:

  • Go on a Vespa tour to navigate Rome’s cobblestone streets like a local.
  • Take a cooking class to master the quintessential Italian pizza or pasta.

Luxury Accommodations:

Hotel NameFeatures
Singer Palace HotelBoutique charm, historic setting
Hotel ArtemideRooftop restaurant, spa, free minibar in rooms
The Inn at the Roman ForumProximity to ancient sites, luxury amenities


  • Many hotels offer honeymoon packages including spa treatments, romantic dinners, and room upgrades.

Day Trips:

  • Visit the Vatican City to see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.
  • Explore the ruins of Pompeii or the gardens of Tivoli on day trips.

Madeira (Portugal)

Madeira, an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal, is a tapestry of natural beauty and romantic escapades, ideal for your honeymoon. The island’s subtropical climate ensures year-round appeal, while its rugged landscapes present both adventure and tranquility.

Romantic Activities:

  • Ponta de São Lourenço: Take a stroll hand in hand along the striking cliffs, or enjoy a picnic with panoramic ocean views.
  • Funchal: Explore the charming capital’s quaint streets, and indulge in a wine tasting session of the renowned Madeira wine.

Adventure and Tours:

  • Guided Tours: Navigate the island’s scenic roads by joining a guided tour or by renting a car for flexibility.
  • Hiking: Embark on hikes through lush levadas or the Laurisilva forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Accommodation Options:

  • Quinta Jardins do Lago: A luxurious retreat rated highly by travelers for its serene gardens and intimate atmosphere.
  • Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel: Offers captivating sea views and access to natural pools, fitting for a memorable stay.

Packages and Offers:

Most luxury hotels provide romantic packages which may include special amenities like spa treatments, romantic dinners, or private excursions. For a comprehensive all-inclusive experience, consider packages that cater specifically to honeymooners, combining accommodation, meals, and activities.

Honeymoon HighlightsDetails
LocationAtlantic Ocean, SW of Portugal
ActivitiesCliff walks, city exploration, wine tasting
AdventureGuided tours, car rentals, hiking
Romantic HotelsQuinta Jardins do Lago, Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel
PackagesSpa treatments, romantic dinners, excursions (hotel-specific)

Choose Madeira for a blend of relaxation and exploration, where timeless memories await amid breathtaking beauty.

Cinque Terre (Italy)

Cinque Terre, a collection of five picturesque villages on the Italian Riviera, is an idyllic setting for a honeymoon. The rugged coastline, accented with terraced vineyards, and the Mediterranean’s azure waters create an enchanting backdrop for romantic escapades.

Romantic Activities:

  • Stroll Through Villages: Wander hand-in-hand through the cobblestone streets of Manarola or Riomaggiore.
  • Sunset Watching: Share a quiet moment while watching the sunset from Punta Bonfiglio.
  • Beach Time: Relax on the pebbly shores of Monterosso’s beaches, embracing the sun.

Adventure and Fun:

  • Hiking: Embark on the famous “Sentiero Azzurro” trail linking the five villages.
  • Boat Tours: Explore the coastline with a private boat tour, ripe with stunning vistas and intimate coves.

Luxury Accommodations: Several luxurious hotels and boutique properties offer romantic settings and amenities designed for couples:

  • Hotels: (Note: For the most current information on hotels and accommodations, refer to reliable travel websites and hotel booking platforms.)

Honeymoon Packages: While specific packages can vary, typical inclusions might feature:

  • A welcoming bottle of Prosecco.
  • A dinner reservation at a local restaurant with panoramic views.
  • A couples’ massage or spa experience.
Activity TypeSuggestions
WalksVia dell’Amore, Vernazza
BeachesFegina Beach, Monterosso al Mare
Local CuisineSeafood in Corniglia, Gelato in Vernazza
ViewsGuvano, Corniglia
AccommodationBoutique Hotels in Riomaggiore

In Cinque Terre, you can expect a blend of relaxation, adventure, and authentic Italian charm, making it a memorable honeymoon destination.


Location: Situated in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is part of the Cyclades, a group of Greek islands known for their stunning landscapes and clear waters.

Romantic Activities:

  • Stroll through Mykonos Town’s old streets, with its white-washed buildings and vibrant bougainvillea.
  • Enjoy sunset views from the iconic windmills or the Little Venice waterfront area.
  • Relax on secluded beaches such as Agios Sostis or Kapari.

Adventure & Fun:

  • Explore the island on ATV tours for a thrilling experience.
  • Take a day cruise around the island or to the nearby sacred island of Delos.
  • Experience the island’s world-famous nightlife with your partner, including many beach parties.

Luxury Accommodations: Mykonos offers a range of luxurious hotels perfect for honeymooners, offering amenities like private pools, spa services, and breathtaking sea views.

Hotel NameHighlight Feature
Hotel AOcean-view suites
Hotel BSpa and wellness center
Hotel CPrivate infinity pools

Honeymoon Packages: Many resorts offer special honeymoon packages that could include:

  • Welcome champagne and fruits
  • Couples massages
  • Romantic dining options
  • Exclusive tours of the island

All-Inclusive Offers may consist of:

  • Accommodations
  • Meals and select beverages
  • On-site activities
  • Airport transfers

To plan your idyllic honeymoon in Mykonos, prioritize arranging accommodations well in advance, especially if you’re visiting during the peak season from late June to early September. Explore the blend of lively and tranquil offerings this island has, ensuring a memorable honeymoon experience rich in enjoyment and relaxation.


Romania offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical intrigue that makes it an enchanting honeymoon destination for romantic couples seeking something off the beaten path. Its blend of urban sophistication and rustic charm can be encapsulated in cities like Bucharest, with its vibrant nightlife and the romance of its Belle Époque buildings, mostly in its old town.

Romantic Activities:

  • Take a stroll through the cobbled streets of Sighisoara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy a serene boat ride in the Danube Delta, one of Europe’s largest wetlands.
  • Visit Peles Castle in Sinaia, a masterpiece of German Renaissance architecture.

Adventurous Exploration:

  • Hike through the Carpathian Mountains and explore the Transylvania region, famous for its connection to the legend of Dracula.
  • Experience the wild beauty of the Romanian countryside on a scenic train journey.

Luxurious Accommodations:

  • InterContinental Bucharest offers premium amenities with striking city views.
  • Poiana Brasov provides a cozy retreat for winter sports and intimate time in the snow.

Honeymoon Packages:

  • Packages typically include romantic dinners, spa services, and sightseeing tours.
  • All-inclusive options might feature transfers, meals, and various activities for couples.
Destination HighlightsDetails
Cultural ExplorationDiscover the medieval charm of Romanian cities like Brasov and Sighisoara.
Scenic NatureThe Danube Delta and the Carpathian Mountains offer unforgettable landscapes.
Luxury StaysBoutique hotels to modern luxury chains like the InterContinental.
Romantic ExperiencesCandlelit dinners in Bucharest or castle tours in Transylvania.
Adventure ActivitiesFrom skiing in Poiana Brasov to hiking in the Carpathians.


Switzerland is an apex of romance and adventure in Europe, offering an array of activities and experiences for honeymooners.

Romantic Activities

From walking along the picturesque lanes of Zurich with its scenic waterfront promenades to enjoying the serene views from the Lake Geneva lakeside promenade in Montreux, romance is around every corner. In Interlaken, known for its tranquil setting, you can partake in couple’s hikes against the backdrop of the Alps.


For thrill-seeking duos, Contra Dam promises an adrenaline rush with the option to bungee jump over the Verzasca River.

Luxury Accommodations

Switzerland boasts luxurious hotels designed for romance, such as those in Engelberg, providing an intimate setting with stunning scenery.

Suggested Tours

Consider a day trip to the snow-capped mountains or the historical heart of Bern to add a post-industrial edge to your honeymoon.

All-Inclusive Offers

Honeymoon packages across Switzerland may include exclusive tours, fine dining experiences, and spa treatments catered to making your stay memorable.

Honeymoon Highlights in SwitzerlandDescription
DestinationsZurich, Montreux, Interlaken
Romantic ActivitiesLakeside walks, scenic hikes, waterfront promenades
Adventurous OutingsBungee jumping at Contra Dam
Luxury HotelsTop-rated hotels in Engelberg and other romantic locales
Tours & Day TripsAlpine explorations, Bern city visits
Honeymoon PackagesTours, dining, spa treatments included

When selecting Switzerland as your honeymoon destination, the fusion of luxury and adventure delivers an unforgettable experience, ensuring you have the ideal start to your married life.


Capri, an Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, offers an enchanting escape perfect for honeymooners. Your experience in Capri can include romantic walks through the bustling Piazzetta, adventurous hikes along the rugged cliffs, and tranquil moments on the pebbly shores.

Romantic Activities:

  • Blue Grotto: Visit the mesmerizing Blue Grotto, where the sea glows with an ethereal blue light.
  • Monte Solaro: Take a chairlift to the island’s highest point for panoramic views that are sure to inspire love.
  • Villa San Michele: Explore this historic villa with its beautiful gardens and awe-inspiring views.

Recommended Tours:

  • Boat tours around the island allow you to discover hidden coves and the Faraglioni rock formations.
  • Day trips to the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum offer a journey through antiquity.

Luxury Accommodation: Several hotels in Capri cater to honeymooners with packages that typically include welcome champagne, romantic dinners, and spa treatments.

Hotel Caesar AugustusCliffside views, infinity pool
Capri Tiberio PalaceLuxury spa, fine dining
J.K. Place CapriPrivate boat tours, elegant suites

For those seeking all-inclusive offers, packages often cover meals, transportation to exclusive beach clubs, and special experiences like private sunset cruises.

Adventure and Relaxation: Beyond luxury and romance, Capri also offers hiking trails such as the Path of the Gods, perfect for adventurous couples. For relaxation, the island’s many high-end spas provide couple’s treatments.

While in Capri, immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Enjoy seafood cuisine, shop for bespoke leather sandals, and let the island’s timeless charm enhance the magic of your honeymoon.

Lake Como

Nestled at the foothills of the Alps in Italy, Lake Como beckons honeymooners with its serene beauty. You can bask in the breathtaking scenery replete with hillside villages, luxurious villas, and crystal-clear waters.

For an enveloping romantic experience, embark on boat tours to explore the hidden coves and picturesque waterfronts. A visit to the beautiful Villa d’Este not only promises opulent lodging but also immerses you in stunning lake views and a sense of timeless elegance.

Indulge in spa services for two or enjoy a candlelit dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. The allure of Lake Como is amplified by its offerings of adventure, such as hiking trails that lead you through verdant landscapes and to panoramic vistas.

Accommodations range from historic hotels to contemporary retreats, with several providing honeymoon packages. These often include exclusive perks such as welcome champagne, private tours, and fine dining experiences tailored for romantic couples.

Honeymoon DelightsDescription
LocationLake Como, Italy – Amid the Alps, known for dramatic scenery and tranquil ambience.
Romantic Activities* Boat tours to explore the shoreline
  • Villa visits for historic charm
  • Spa treatments for couples
  • Gourmet dining in ambient settings | | Adventure | Hiking trails with lake views, water sports on the lake. | | Luxury Stays | * Villa d’Este
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Historic grand hotels
  • Lakeside boutique lodgings | | Honeymoon Packages | Offers may include room upgrades, welcome drinks, private excursions, couple’s spa treatments, and romantic dinners. |

Remember to delve into the local culture by sampling regional fare; the Italian cuisine here is as delectable as the views are stunning. Engage in leisurely strolls through the towns, and capture the essence of luxury and intimacy on this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Lake Como.

Honeymoon Destinations In Europe On A Budget

Europe offers a tapestry of romantic destinations for honeymooners on a budget. You can experience the timeless allure of these locations without overspending.

Porto and Lisbon in Portugal tantalize with their coastal charm, admirable architecture, and affordable dining. You can stroll along vibrant streets and visit iconic sights like the Belem Tower while savoring sweet Pastel de Nata.

In Prague, the Czech capital presents a magical backdrop of gothic architecture and historic bridges, including the famous Charles Bridge. The city’s affordability allows you to delight in rich cultural experiences, such as attending a classical music concert or exploring the Old Town, without breaking the bank.

Corfu is one of the Greek Isles where you can enjoy sun-drenched beaches, turquoise waters, and captivating Greek ruins all on a reasonable budget. The local tavernas offer delicious Greek cuisine at modest prices.

Venture to Budapest, Hungary, where the thermal baths provide a unique spa experience. The city, split by the Danube River, is notable for its majestic Parliament building, romantic river cruises, and vibrant nightlife while being notably budget-friendly.

The table below summarizes affordable honeymoon destinations in Europe, including activities and potential cost-saving tips:

DestinationHighlightsCost-Saving Tips
PortoWine tours, Douro River cruisesStay in guesthouses, eat at local tascas
LisbonTram 28, São Jorge CastleLook for combo tickets for public transport
PragueAstronomical Clock, Prague CastleChoose accommodations in the Lesser Town area
CorfuBeaches, Achilleion PalaceVisit during the shoulder season
BudapestThermal baths, Fisherman’s BastionBuy a Budapest Card for discounts

Remember to track flights early, look for deals, and choose accommodations wisely to extend your honeymoon funds further. Many European cities offer city cards that include free entries to major attractions and public transport, potentially saving you more.

Best European Honeymoon Itinerary

When crafting your European honeymoon itinerary, target experiences that resonate with both you and your partner’s preferences. Whether you’re looking for a weeklong retreat, an extensive two-week adventure, or an immersive one-month journey, your itinerary should mirror the loves you share as a couple, be it sun-soaked beaches, majestic mountains, or vibrant city life.

1 Week European Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas

Begin by choosing a single romantic destination to immerse yourselves in. Paris, France, offers the quintessence of romance and is ideal for a week’s escape, brimming with culinary delights and cultural sights. Alternatively, consider the ethereal landscapes of Santorini, Greece, for a seaside embrace.

For Beach Lovers:

  • Day 1-3: Explore Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and enjoy the urban beaches.
  • Day 4-7: Relax on Costa Brava’s serene coastlines or join water activities.

For Mountain Enthusiasts:

  • Day 1-7: Settle in Chamonix, France. Enjoy alpine adventures or peaceful hikes.

For City Explorers:

  • Day 1-3: Dig into London’s history and modern allure.
  • Day 4-7: Venture to Edinburgh for its castles and Scottish charm.

2 Week European Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas

Two weeks afford you the luxury of exploring multiple destinations. Start in vibrant Lisbon, Portugal, before heading to the enchanting Douro Valley for wine tastings.

  • Days 1-5: Lisbon’s cultural wonders.
  • Days 6-10: Discover Porto’s riverfront charm and vineyard landscapes.
  • Days 11-14: Relax in the Azores amid natural springs and volcanic scenery.

1 Month European Honeymoon Itinerary Ideas

Embrace the breadth of Europe with a month-long tour. Combine the romance of Italy’s cities with the allure of the Greek beaches and the sophistication of French Riviera.

  • Week 1: The Renaissance beauty of Florence and Venice.
  • Week 2: The romantic cliffside villages of Amalfi Coast.
  • Week 3: Sailing around the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini.
  • Week 4: Luxuriate on the beaches of St. Tropez and explore Monaco’s splendor.

How to Pack for a European Honeymoon

Packing for your European honeymoon requires a balance of practicality and romance. Start with essentials for the climate you’ll encounter, layer your outfits for versatility, and remember those unforgettable dinner dates. Include adventure gear if mountains or watersports are on your agenda.

Essential ItemsBeachMountainsCity Life
ClothingSwimsuits, cover-ups, evening wearWarm layers, waterproofs, and bootsStylish yet comfortable walking shoes, versatile day-to-night clothes
GearSun protection, beach towelsHiking poles, sports equipmentCamera, city maps
DocumentsPassports, travel insuranceEmergency contacts, local guidesMuseum passes, event tickets

Keep in mind pertinent details such as transportation within Europe, choosing accommodations, and making reservations for special experiences. Engage in activities that fuel shared passions and remember, your honeymoon is about creating lasting memories together amidst the wonders of Europe.

All Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

When you’re planning your romantic escape to Europe, considering an all-inclusive resort can streamline your experience, allowing you to focus on each other without worrying about planning meals, activities, or outside trips. Europe boasts a plethora of destinations offering all-inclusive packages tailored to create a memorable honeymoon.

Top All-Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts

MaltaA blend of historic sites with modern luxuries, often by the sea.
CreteIdyllic beaches and Grecian hospitality with cultural excursions.
MallorcaMountainous terrain and picturesque beach resorts.
CyprusRenowned for its archaeological sites and resort amenities.

What to Expect

  • Accommodation: Ranging from luxurious suites to private bungalows, European resorts offer diverse options. Many feature special touches like oceanviews or personal plunge pools designed for couples.
  • Dining: Experience a variety of European cuisines with onsite fine dining options. Often, these resorts include multiple restaurants serving both local and international fare.
  • Activities: With all-inclusive plans, you might enjoy guided tours, watersports, or spa treatments. Some resorts also offer special honeymoon packages with romantic extras.
  • Service: Expect attentive service geared towards creating a stress-free and romantic environment. Many resorts pride themselves on personal touches that cater to honeymooners.

When selecting an all-inclusive resort in Europe, consider what sort of honeymoon experience you wish to have. Whether it’s a quiet retreat in the more secluded parts of the Mediterranean or a vibrant getaway on the coasts with plenty of cultural experiences, the continent’s diverse offerings will have something that aligns with your vision.

Luxury Honeymoon Packages In Europe

Europe offers an array of luxury honeymoon packages that cater to the aspirations of every couple. Imagine a personalized journey that intertwines romantic experiences with the allure of Europe’s rich culture and landscapes.

Tailor-Made Itineraries: Your honeymoon should be as unique as your relationship. Luxury travel specialists are available to curate a bespoke itinerary that reflects your shared passions and dreams. You can look forward to days meticulously planned to include private tours, exclusive experiences, and intimate moments across Europe’s storied destinations.

Personalization StepWhat to Expect
Custom PlanningDetailed itineraries tailored to your interests
Specialist MatchingAccess to top travel experts
Booking SatisfactionArrangements confirmed to your delight

Experiences Designed for You: Whether your preference is for basking in the Mediterranean sun, savoring the culinary delights of France, or unraveling the tapestry of history in ancient cities, every aspect of your trip is customizable. A luxury honeymoon can involve staying in castles, private vineyard tours, or even dining under the stars.

Luxury InclusionsExperience Examples
AccommodationsCastles, boutique hotels, private villas
Culinary DelightsMichelin-starred restaurants, private chefs
Adventure & CultureGuided historical excursions, art gallery visits

24/7 Support and Assistance: Travel with peace of mind knowing that from the moment you embark on your journey until you return, you have access to 24/7 support. Local assistance and concierge services ensure that your honeymoon progresses smoothly, letting you focus solely on the experience and each other.

Booking Your Dream Honeymoon: Upon satisfaction with the planned itinerary and experiences, your dream trip awaits confirmation. The meticulous attention to detail by travel experts guarantees a seamless and memorable honeymoon that stands as the perfect beginning to married life.

Your luxury honeymoon package is more than a trip; it’s the opportunity to forge everlasting memories in some of Europe’s most romantic locations. With professional planning and bespoke experiences, your love story gets the exquisite backdrop it deserves.

Best Honeymoon Destinations


In Mexico, discover a fusion of culture, adventure, and romance ideal for your honeymoon. Walk hand-in-hand on the sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen, soaking in the coastal serenity. Watch a breathtaking sunset sail around Cabo San Lucas and immerse yourself in the underwater beauty while snorkeling in Riviera Maya. With luxury resorts offering special honeymoon packages, your stay is ensured to be as indulgent as it is memorable.

Playa del CarmenBeach relaxation, cultural excursionsAll-inclusive resorts
Cabo San LucasSunset sailing, water sportsLuxury suites with spa services
Riviera MayaSnorkeling, discovering Mayan ruinsBoutique hotels


Embrace the Hawaiian spirit with its sun-kissed beaches and legendary sunsets. Indulge in a helicopter tour for an aerial view of the majestic landscapes and embark on a zip-line adventure through the lush trails. Stay at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Hualālai or delve into history at The Royal Hawaiian Waikiki. Honeymoon packages typically feature spa treatments, romantic dinners, and extraordinary tours to ensure a stress-free and unforgettable experience.

Romantic ActivitiesBeach strolls, private dinners on sunset cruises
AdventureHelicopter tours, zip-lining
Luxury HotelsThe Four Seasons, The Royal Hawaiian
All-Inclusive OffersSpa, fine dining, exclusive tours


Aruba’s pleasant climate is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, from a romantic sunset sail to an intimate beach dining. Explore the underwater world or jump into an ATV for a thrilling ride in Arikok National Park. Aruba’s luxury hotels and resorts cater to all your honeymoon desires, with tailored packages that can include adventure sports, relaxation therapies, and gourmet dining.

Activity TypeOptions
RomanticSunset sailing, beachfront dining
AdventureSnorkeling, ATV tours, kitesurfing
ToursCruises, guided tours to Natural Pool
AccommodationLuxurious hotels, all-inclusive resorts

Explore an array of honeymoon destinations that offer bespoke experiences crafted to start your forever after in the lap of luxury and romance. Whether you seek the vibrant heart of Mexico, the tropical allure of Hawaii, or the Caribbean charm of Aruba, each destination promises a honeymoon filled with everlasting memories.

We have analyzed some honeymoon destinations, mostly cheap ones, even overseas, for those couples who are on a budget. These destinations are mainly in Europe and in the US. For us, the best ones are beachfront honeymoon destinations in all inclusive resorts located in exotic and underrated places.

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