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Cost Of a Walk-in Tub Installation

Don’t let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises – understand what the average costs of a Walk-in tub installation is near you by using our easy to use our walk-in tub cost calculator.

As an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, I know first hand what it should cost for various levels — from Basic, Better, and of course the best.

The Walk-in tub estimator will provide you with up to date pricing near you. Simply enter your zip code, click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should cost you in your local area.

Walk-in Tub Cost Calculator
Zip Code Per Unit
Basic Better Best
Material Prices $40.00 – $60.00 $125.00 – $160.00 $250.00 – $335.00
Labor Cost $225.00 – $325.00 $375.00 – $480.00 $785.00 – $930.00
Total $265.00 – $385.00 $500.00 – $640.00 $1035.00 – $1265.00
Total Average Cost of a Walk-in Tub
$325.00 $570.00 $1150.00

How Much Does a Walk-in Tub Installation cost?

A walk-in tub improves a home’s livability. Made with a door instead of a fixed front, it’s ideal for people who can’t safely get into a standard tub by stepping over the edge. Nationally, prices for a walk-in tub plus installation range from $3800 to as high at $11,900. On average, homeowners pay $5800–$8200 for a model with mid-range features.

National Average $3800
Low $2700
Mid-range $5800
High-end $5800 to $11,900

Cost to Install a Walk-in Tub in Detail:

The cost of a walk-in tub, installed, varies based on its features and the complexity of installation.

Basic soaking tubs are available for as little at $2500, but models with hydrotherapy features are the most popular. Walk-ins with air or water jets range in price from $4800–$7500. Luxury tubs with both are the most expensive at $7000–$10,500.

Expect to pay 20–30% more for wider barbaric versions across all styles. Models designed for tight spaces require advanced engineering and cost a little more — prices average $2200–$4500.

Installing a walk-in tub in an existing space is straightforward, but because walk-in tubs are taller than standard models, the existing surround may not be reusable. Plan to re-tile the wall or purchase a single or multi-piece acrylic surround. If you plan to use the tub as a shower, surrounds should extend to the top of the alcove. The costs for this type of finish work is the same for any kind of tub.

Standard installation for a soaking tub takes a day’s labor for one to two technicians at $60–$90 per hour — total costs average $800 to $1200.

Tubs with hydrotherapy jets have motors that require electrical connections, and some require plumbing upgrades. Complex installations range from $1400–$2200. Any tub with jets also requires a dedicated 15-amp circuit — an update that can add up to $1400 to the cost of the project.

Cost of Walk-in Tubs by Brand

Walk-in tubs are relatively new on the market, and some manufacturers have yet to add them to their line. Still, there are plenty of choices, including these top brands.

American Standard

American Standard has been making bathroom fixtures for 140 years. They have a full selection of walk-in tubs with top features ranging in price from $1800 –$5800. Available from contractors and sold through major home improvement stores, including Home Depot and Lowe’s, most carry a lifetime warranty.

Homeward Bath

Founded in 2004, Homeward Bath is an Ohio-based manufacturer offering a wide range of walk-in tubs from $1400 –$5300. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, their products are sold at Home Depot and come with limited 3- to 5-year warranties.

Universal Tubs

Universal walk-in tubs are available through Home Depot for nationwide shipping. Prices range from $1650–$3800 for simple soaking tubs to wheelchair-friendly models. Many have built-in surrounds. Warranty periods range from 1-10 years.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub

Safe Step Tub designed their products with seniors in mind. Prices range from $2500 for their value line to $3800 for full-featured tubs, with 5- to 10-year warranties.

Cost of Walk-in Tub and Installation Upgrades

These select features and installation upgrades will help you get the most of a walk-in tub:

Heated Seats

One drawback to a walk-in tub is that they take longer to fill. Small walk-ins use the same amount of water as a conventional tub, but top sellers use up to 25% more. Unlike a tub with solid sides, you can’t turn the water on and wait until it’s full to get in. Because the door has to be closed, you need to sit inside the tub and wait for the warm water to reach you. It can feel like an eternity.

Better walk-ins offer heated seats but expect to pay a premium price. This feature is rarely available in tubs less costing less than $4000.

Two-seat Tubs

For persons who need a caregiver to help them bathe, two-seat tubs make it a breeze. Prices range from $5000 and up.

Built-in Surrounds

Select walk-ins come with built-in one-piece surrounds. It adds $500–$1000 to the cost of the tub, but it makes it quicker to install, and it’s custom-matched for a sleek, uniform look.

Low-profile Entries

With the door open, standard walk-in tubs have a 6- to 7-inch threshold. Tubs with low-profile entries of 4-inches or less are ideal for anyone with mobility challenges.

Tankless Water Heater

Traditional water heaters may have a total gallon capacity smaller than large walk-in tubs. A tankless water heater offers a full and steady supply for an average cost of $1500 installed.

Rapid Fill Faucets

Rapid fill faucets fill a tub up to 33% faster than conventional fixtures. Results will vary based on plumbing — results are best with ¾-inch pipes.

Slip-resistant Floors and Seats

Shiny acrylic surfaces are slippery when wet. For safety, consider tubs with textured floor and seats — they decrease the risk of falls.

Walk-in Tub Buying Tips

Consider these factors when choosing a walk-in tub.

Measure for Door Swing

Tub doors open to the left or the right — measure your space to ensure there’s enough clearance for the door to open all the way. Openings should be wide enough for the largest person in your home to move through comfortably.

Doors may also swing in or out. Doors that swing in save space, but when bathing, they can’t be opened until the tub is fully drained. The raised threshold on tubs with doors that swing out allows you to exit the with inches of water remaining.

Check Seat Height

Seat height on walk-in tubs varies from 9- to 17-inches. Taller seats make rising from a seated position more comfortable.

Ask About Grab Bars

Grab bars make getting in and out of a walk-in tub easier for those with mobility challenges. Some models come with them pre-installed. Better tubs offer more than one mounting option.

Review Maintenance Requirements

Tubs with jets may require special cleaning agents to prevent clogging, and door gaskets should be checked regularly for leaks. Before buying, find out if preventive maintenance is necessary to preserve the warranty.

Clarify the Warranty

Most walk-in tubs come warrantied against leaks and premature mechanical failures, but while some cover parts and labor, others cover only parts. Extended coverage may be available at an additional cost.

Top FAQ’s

  • Are walk-in tubs covered by medicare?

Unfortunately, they are not covered by medicare because they are not considered “durable medical equipment.”

  • How many gallons does a walk-in tub hold?

Most walk-in tubs hold between 50 and 75 gallons of water. However, standard bathtubs, hold an average of 25 to 45 gallons of water, depending on model.

  • Can you use Epsom salt in a walk in tub?

You sure can and it helps provide a improve a sore and stressed body.

  • How much does it cost to replace a tub?

The average labor cost to replace a tub in similar size is roughly $2,300 on average.

  • How long does it take to drain a walk-in tub?

It takes roughly 2-3 minutes to completely drain with most models. However, this is would depend upon your brand and plumbing setup.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who finds a conventional bathtub cramped will benefit from a roomy walk-in tub — it adds a dimension of safety, convenience and well-deserved luxury to any home.

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