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Conquestador Casino Cashback

Conquestador Casino Cashback

Conquestador Casino has cashback and rebates available for existing players as we indicated in our review of this online casino. The more you play, the more you are offered these cashback offers. They increase every month.

These cashbacks are all in a program called Conquestador VIP and are tiered as follows

Level 110% for Casino, 5% for Live Dealers and 5% for Sports Betting
Level 210% for Casino, 5% for Live Dealers and 5% for Sports Betting
Level 310% for Casino, 6% for Live Dealers and 5% for Sports Betting
Level 412% for Casino, 7% for Live Dealers and 6% for Sports Betting
Level 514% for Casino, 8% for Live Dealers and 7,5% for Sports Betting
Level 616% for Casino, 9% for Live Dealers and 10% for Sports Betting
Level 720% for Casino, 10% for Live Dealers and 12,5% for Sports Betting

The Conquestador VIP scheme is accessible to all through a link labelled “Player Perks”, which is a seven-tiered challenge which effectively begins as soon as a new account is opened. This is the Conquestador loyalty program with the levels representing player activity, taking into consideration the total sum of bets wagered within any one calendar month, in a calculation that includes all deposits, payouts, on-going balance, funds lost in live-dealer games and losses on the slots.

Put simply, the more active a player is over a period, the higher they can climb in the program. Naturally, should activity decrease then a player may slip a level or two. As part of a Conquestador promo offer for VIP players there are monthly rewards in the form of frequent rebates and cash-backs.

Loyalty schemes are a fantastic incentive for users to maintain a connection with a brand and Conquestador’s certainly makes great appeal.

The most active players in terms of wagering over the course of the previous quarter are eligible for player rewards. If for whatever reason you are unable to play during a specific month, you do not need to worry since you will still be eligible for all of the awards and special offers that you earned when you played more often.

Inside your Conquestador dashboard, you can access the Promotions section and see which cashback, rebates, and loyalty points are available.

As the cashback or rebate is added to your account, the withdrawal time and process are the same. It is all money inside your account so the withdrawal process of a cashback is not different or singular at all.

However, these cashbacks are not available for new players actually, as they have welcome bonuses and free spins at their disposal.

In the table below we have the rebates and cashbacks from Conquestador

Levels%Rebate (Award Frequency)% Casino% Live DealerCashback (Wagering requirement)Award FrequencyDeposit Requirement
10.05Once per month105x6Once per month100% of cashback
20.1Once per month105x5Once per month100% of cashback
30.15Once per week106x4Once per month50% of cashback
40.17Once per day127x3Once per month50% of cashback
50.2Anytime148x2Once per 2 weeks25% of cashback
60.22Anytime169x1Once per 2 weeks25% of cashback
70.25Anytime2010x0Once per 2 weeksNo deposit

Conquestador Casino Sister Sites And Their Cashbacks

There are no sister sites of Conquestador Casino. The parent company does not have other online casino sites as for example, Bayton Ltd has.

Nevertheless, there are very similar sites that have also an interesting cashback and rebate table with an interesting award frequency.

Genesis Casino

Mobinc Gaming Casinos

Boo Casino


Conquestador Casino Review

We have a complete Conquestador casino review that I suggest you read. Conquestador has many other promotions for new and for existing players and has very good reviews from users.

It is without a doubt a legit casino that is registered in several jurisdictions and has a support service rated very high by reviewers.

It has the highest reviews due to its impressive RTP ratios, except for the fact that outbound payments take an average of one more day than in other sites, and the fact that the mobile version has fewer games.

Conquistador Game Online

There is a Conquistador game online, recently renamed “conquiztador” as it is a series of quizzes that players have to answer. It is a table game, unrelated to gambling, and also not related to Conquestador casino.

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