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rv gas mileage

Whether you rent or buy, knowing your motorhome gas mileage is helpful. Knowing your motorhome gas mileage is super important because you can figure out what to expect in costs of travel. Once you know, you can figure out how to improve the mileage your vehicle is getting. Keep in mind that a motorhome’s gas

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width of a travel trailer

Travel trailers are great additions to any road trip, and they’re one of the most convenient vehicles to tow. Since you can pull them with a wide variety of vehicles, they’ve become popular with people who have cars of all shapes, sizes, widths, and lengths. However, towing a travel trailer might make your vehicle a

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5th wheel weights

Anyone searching for an RV questions themselves as to which one best suits their needs.  To fifth wheel or not to fifth wheel, that is the question.  It’s a dilemma, for sure, and requires due diligence and patience. Fifth wheels vary widely in weight.  From the lightest at 2,400 pounds to the heavyweight champ of

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aluminum framed travel trailers

Aluminum is becoming an increasingly popular building material for RV’s. Most RVs and campers on the market are built with wood frames which adds weight to your journey. Aluminum is significantly lighter and can be beneficial when you have to haul the RV many miles.  RVs that advertise “lightweight” or “ultra-lightweight” are trying to convey

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king size bed rv

The Casita Liberty Small RVs With King Beds: The Best Models For 2022 King beds are a luxury that many people assume are only available in huge fifth wheels and Class A RVs. However, these large and comfortable beds can be found in a variety of smaller RVs including teardrop trailers, travel trailers, Class C

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rv parks near asheville nc

Looking for the best RV camp spot near Asheville, NC can be difficult if you don’t know all the details, so I’ve gone ahead to write out everything you need to know to decide what unforgettable RV campsites to try out. 11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots near Asheville, NC are: Campfire LodgingsFrench Broad River Campground

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rv parks in arkansas

Camp and paddle the Buffalo River in Arkansas RV camping is interesting to me, and as someone from the Midwest, I wanted to learn about the best RV campgrounds in Arkansas. Many great places to camp exist in other states, especially this beautiful place. Here’s what I learned about RVing in Arkansas. Where to Find

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cost of airstream trailer

While looking at Airstream RVs, I was curious about what the prices might be. I found there was a price range of $36,900 to $221,000 depending on size, comfort, and the conveniences provided. Some models sport more luxuries than others. Airstream has long had a reputation for luxury that has only been increased by pairing

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5th wheel vs gooseneck

When you want to pull a fifth wheel, trailer, or any other equipment behind a car, the hitch you choose is very important. Different hitches are built for different purposes, but some of them are more versatile than others. Two of the most common and popular hitches are the fifth wheel hitch and the gooseneck

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rv campgrounds ontario

Ontario is a vastly beautiful area of Canada. With lots of lakes and even the Lake Superior, there is plenty to see and do. Everything from big RV Resorts to more rural and humble areas, Ontario has you covered. Parks This section will be about places that have full hookup. It does not have to

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