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M Kogan

how tall is a 2 story house

Size may not matter, but height does—in a house, that is! With the square footage of houses getting smaller by the day, the vertical space or the height of a house is getting increasingly more important. Moreover, the height of a house pertaining to its overall configuration is one of the most important factors that

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standard closet size

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need to know the parameters and size for a standard bedroom closet? How high should a clothing rod and top shelf be installed? How do you ensure you are building a bedroom closet to code? A standard bedroom reach-in closet accounts for space to hang clothing

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how long does stain take to dry

Each project is different. If you’re planning a wood project, you may be wondering how long does stain take to dry? It’s a critical consideration because the drying time affects how long your overall project takes to complete. In general, most stains take between 24 and 48 hours to dry fully. But you may need

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floor joist spacing

I had a good debate with a friend the other day. He claimed his floor joists were too small for his home, which made his floor wobbly. I took a look and said they looked fine but just needed some added support. I then mentioned that I could prove my point because there are specific

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flights of stairs

Awhile back a friend and I were chatting about his basement reno and how he was installing new stairs. He was switching from two sets of stairs and a landing to one long flight of stairs. He asked me how many steps were in a flight of stairs. In a typical home with 8-foot walls

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plumbers putty vs silicone

Every household toolbox should contain plumber’s putty and silicone to fix plumbing issues like leaks in the tub, toilet, shower, sink, and other drains. The main difference between a plumber’s putty vs. silicone is that putty is easy to manipulate and remove while silicone hardens for better waterproofing. In this article, we will put plumber’s

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laminate on steps

There are so many things to like about laminate flooring. It’s cheap, durable, and it looks good if installed properly. What some people don’t know is that you can put laminate flooring on stairs, too. Below, we’ll go over how to install laminate flooring on stairs so that you can match your stairs to the

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liquid nails dry time

Liquid Nails is one of the most popular brands of construction adhesive on the market. This versatile product can adhere to virtually any kind of material together, ranging from wood to metal to masonry to glass. This makes it a Swiss Army knife of adhesives. But, for Liquid Nails to form a tight bond, it

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Sistering Floor Joists

One of the first homes I ever owned had extremely wobbly floors and I knew when I bought the place that something would have to be done to the floor joists – quick. After much deliberation, I realized that sistering the floor joists was the easiest and strongest way to fix my problem. Sistering floor

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