We are a multidisciplinary and creative team of designers

Since our creation in 2014, we have achieved hundreds of projects.

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Blinkx provides homeowners with the tools and resources they need to complete their home improvement, maintenance and repair projects. With Blinkx, homeowners can view average project costs, find local, pre-screened professionals, and book appointments instantly online if they choose.


Describe your project to us

Select a project category that best fits your repair or renovation needs
We’ll ask you a few important questions to make sure we can match you with the right professional for your needs.

Blinkx has more than a thousand professionals specializing in more than 30 categories

Be matched with pre-screened home improvement professionals
Receive information for multiple pre-screened, local home improvement professionals
Your matched professionals provide the specific service you need and are available to you immediately.
Contact the professionals to discuss your requirements
Once your request is processed, we will send your information to the appropriate professionals
Shortly after receiving your service request, you will be contacted to discuss your project

If you prefer, you can contact them at your convenience.

These specialists know they are in competition with each other, so you will get the best price and conditions to complete your project.


Jan Achenbach. I am an engineer and author of several articles. Please let me know your opinion in the comments section.

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We are always looking for new talents to join our team